Rudi Diels (Beerse, BE) winner 1° National Ace bird Small middle distance Youngsters KBDB 2011

The colony of Rudi Diels definitely belongs to the circle of leading lofts in the middle distance in the province Antwerp. His ‘Goudhaantje’ paved the way to ‘national fame’ in 2001… in 2011 it was his grandson ‘Blue Gold’ which pulled out all the stops and put Rudi Diels on the highest throne as ‘national Ace bird small middle distance’ !

The ‘Goudhaantje’ BE04-6105159 is one of the principal shareholders in the successes booked down in Beerse (near Turnhout) over the last few seasons. He was self a very good racing pigeon… was even 3° National Ace bird Sprint KBDB 2005, 4° National Ace bird Sprint KBDB 2006 and with the results with which he won these titles he was proclaimed 1° Olympiad bird Sprint for our country in the Olympiad in Ostend in 2007! During his career the ‘Goudhaantje’ won 5 x 1° prizes, 4 x 2° prizes, 2 x 3° prizes… and was bred out the phenomenal top couple  ‘De Peet’ BE03-6033216 (Ace bird Middle Distance Beerse 2003) x ‘Blauw Klein’ BE03-6033221 (1° Ace bird Noyon Youngsters 2003)! That there is sometimes an ill wind in the pigeon sport, was also the case with ‘De Peet’… because due to an eye injury in 2004 he was placed in the breeding loft early, where he immediately developed into a powerful top breeder, and when we look at the composition of the Rudi Diels colony at the moment we can say that the line of this superior stock couple, together with their superior son ‘Goudhaantje’ and numerous brothers and sisters of this super crack… runs through the colony like a ‘central theme’. The (pigeon)saying that ‘Ace birds’ originate from ‘Ace birds’ is certainly in place here, not only the ‘Goudhaantje’ proved this, but also the further descendants of this excellent breeding line, so is: 

-1° National Ace bird Small middle distance Youngsters KBDB 2011 a grandchild of the ‘Goudhaantje’
-6° National Ace bird Middle Distance KBDB 2011 a grandson of the stock couple  ‘De Peet’ x ‘Blauw Klein’
-‘Miss Poznan’, the Olympiad bird from Bart Van Oeckel a daughter of ‘Sister Goudhaantje’ Rudi Diels
-4° Nat Ace bird Sprint KBDB 2009 from Herman Lenaerts from Merksplas is a grandchild ‘Goudhaantje’
-1° Nat Ace bird Middle Distance KBDB 2009 from Fernand Mariën from Tielen is also a grandchild of the ‘Goudhaantje’

For anyone not yet convinced… prizes and titles as ‘proof’, often say more than hollow slogans! When we ask Rudi about the basis of his colony, the pigeons with which his built up his stock, we are given the following explanation… the first pigeons actually came from Joske Wouters from Vorselaar, she bred wonderfully with the pigeons from Andre Bellens from Zandhoven which came to reinforce the ranks at the beginning of the nineties… especially then the youngsters out the ‘35’ and the ‘Quiévrainman’. In 1995 a new start was made from the current address, with this basis. Later there were successes with descendants out the best from Mariën Royberghs, Jos Van Riel, Antoine Jacobs (a.o. de mother of the 6° Nat Ace bird KBDB 2011), Herman Lenaerts and Cyriel Verbeek. Something was bought every year… the latest acquisitions came from Antoine De Graeve from Waarschoot (who was also very successful with descendants of his 1° Nat Ace bird  Sprint ‘Blue Champagne’ x ‘Daughter  Goudhaantje’), Benny Steveninck, Raf Den Haese, and Gebr De Scheemaecker. 

The pigeons have allowed Rudi Diels to Excel in the sprint and middle distance over the last few seasons… which in fact is his chosen field of action, and where Rudi ihas grown to become a  ‘national topper’… although he sometimes  dares to enter a pigeon for the grand middle distance… in particular a few youngsters, with a special preference for ‘Bourges’. Disciplines where Rudi Diels can’t be pushed off the top of the competition happenings, and that resulted in the following titles  in 2011, which brought him to the highest position in Ostend:

1° Nat Ace bird Small middle distance Youngsters KBDB 2011 (with BE11-6023005)
4° Nat Champion Yearlings KBDB 2011
6° Nat Ace bird Small middle distance O.b. KBDB 2011 (with BE10-6200593) 

The following pigeons signed for the ‘Ace bird titles’ or played a large role in the other prominent title wins achieved at national, provincial and local level! 

1° National Ace bird KBDB Small middle distance Youngsters 2011 

-‘Blue Gold’ BE11-6023005

1° National Ace bird Small middle distance Youngsters KBDB 2011
1° Angerville  2.063 p.
1° Angerville    336 p.
3° Angerville  2.305 p.
77° Orleans    4.873 p. 

The results with which the national Ace bird title was won. In the pedigree of this classy hen we see on father’s side a pigeon from Gebr De Scheemaecker, namely ‘De Zot’ BE07-6007324 (self out ‘Grandson Rambo 301/01 Dirk Van Dyck x ‘Daughter Lobbes 037/00’ John & Jan Baeck), whilst the mother is a ‘Daughter Goudhaantje’ BE06-6360433 is (out ‘Goudhaantje 159/04’ x ‘Blauw van Bourges hen’ 447/01).

The clapper which managed to class itself between the national Ace birds in the middle distance is the 

6° National Ace bird KBDB Middle Distance Old birds 2011 (source: Hugo-De Duif) 

-‘Asduif’ BE10-6200593

6° National Ace bird Middle Distance KBDB 2011
1° Ace bird Union-ZAV Yl 2011
1° Angerville    605 p.
1° Angerville    489 p.
2° Marne L/V     276 p.
6° Angerville    990 p.
9° Angerville  2.974 p.
17° Noyon      1.027 p.
33° Noyon      1.841 p.
34° Angerville   943 p.
42° Angerville 1.678 p.
59° Angerville 2.216 p.
73° Angerville 1.596 p. etc…

He is then again a son of a full brother of the ‘Goudhaantje’, namely the ‘Abraham’ BE05-6453212 (and so son of the stock couple ‘De Peet 216/03’ x ‘Blauw Klein 221/03’) x ‘Jacobsduivin’ BE06-6149063, a direct Antoine Jacobs (out ‘Son Miniem 035/04’ x ‘Zacht Pluimpootje 007/04’).

More middle distance

Rudi intends to race more middle distance in the ZAV-Union in 2012, he has also set his sights on the titles in Union Antwerp… the opposition has been warned. The widowers normally take part in winter breeding, with coupling around Christmas Day. After raising their youngsters the widowers are separated, and go into widowhood. They are sometimes coupled again for a few days so that they remember each other… but they certainly don’t lay eggs. The training starts when the weather permits it… in 5 stages up to Quiévrain, so that the pigeons can be entered for Noyon at the middle of April. From May they then go to the middle distance and this normally continually until the beginning of August. Before leaving they are normally only shown their nest dish… except for the yearlings which are sometimes shown their hen in the beginning until they understand how it works. The racing hens are also coupled in December and raise a round of youngsters… and then start widowhood. Before leaving they are shown their partners, in the beginning for just 5 minutes… later in the season it can be up to half an hour. At the beginning of the season (usually after their first Quiévrain) the youngsters are separated and raced with the sliding door, if the ‘drive’ starts to vanish, usually just before August… they are given a nest so that they have the necessary motivation for the end of the season.

Important according to Rudi, is keeping the racing pigeons eating until the day of basketting… having them ‘competition ready’ at the right moment! In the beginning when they return home it is diet, and in the evening sport or breed. On Sunday and Monday it is very light with first depurative and later diet… to gradually start feeding the pigeons up on Tuesday with Vandenabeele-mixture and sport mixture (100% on Thursday). When they are called in after their training there are nibbling seeds in the boxes. On the day of basketting (Friday) it is then again plenty of diet until just after midday. What is noticeable in his coaching scheme is his abhorrence to medicine. Only when necessary… says Rudi. A fancier has to see this in the loft or feel when something is wrong is is about to go wrong. Then I visit Dr. Fernand Mariën or Dr. Vincent Schroeder… their advice is then followed. For the rest I rely on the ‘natural health’ of the pigeons. Look… in 2011 everything ran like a train, everything went smoothly… just before the start of the season the pigeons ere given a cure for the head for 3 days (snot), and in the middle of the season a ‘quarter’ Flagyl… and that’s all! The pigeons are given tea often, normally 2 days per week… by the homecoming some electrolytes and on Wednesday oil and minerals (from Mariën) are added to the food and further only fresh grit, pickstone and vitamins regularly… that’s it. A strong selection on natural health is the guideline to success… and that selection begins as a youngster! Pigeons with a super health and the necessary resistance don’t only develop the indispensable‘form’ easier… they can also keep it for longer! And condition… you see it by the training, says Rudi… not out the length of the training, but out the ‘intensity’! That is what a fancier has to see and feel… in other words an important element of being a ‘fancier’.  Rudi likes to see pigeons which are nice to hold, so with a good ‘model’, very soft or ‘fatty’ plumage, and also attaches importance to a fine wing and good muscles. Pigeons with faults or other defects… don’t usually live long in Beerse!

The most prominent provincial and national titles out 2011 : 

1st National Ace bird KBDB small middle distance youngsters
4th National Champion KBDB yearlings
6th National Ace bird KBDB small middle distance o.b.
1st Provincial Champion middle distance o.b.
1st Provincial Champion middle distance youngsters
2nd General Champion Provincial