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Verreckt-Ariën auction ends with 971,800 EUR! The second most successful internet auction!

Today was the grand finale of the Verreckt-Ariën auction, which proved to be the internet auction with the second highest proceedings ever. The auction which brought in most was that of H.P. & P. Brockamp, passing the 1 million barrier.

123 pigeons have been sold today, 90% of which were descendants of the super pair “Dikke Lowet” X “Lang Lowet”. Top pigeons such as the “Moluca”, “Tullo”, “James Bond”, “Gina” were auctioned; you can find a report below.

The first pigeon on sale was “Moluca”, of which the auction ended at 12 o’clock. It was Zhan Zhi Lin who won the bidding against Thornton & Family from England. Zhan Zhi Lin had already been successful earlier this week, winning one of Verreckt-Ariën’s best hens, worth 46,200 EUR.

Last week, one of the most expensive hens ever was sold: Marc De Cock purchased “Norma” for 70,000 EUR. Today, Norma’s parents, “James Bond” and “Gina”, were sold for 70,000 and 40,000 EUR respectively. The winning bidder was Kai Er, who is also the owner of Chris Hebberecht’s famous “Ike”. Marc De Cock also participated in the auction for both pigeons, but he finally lost the bet.

About an hour later, “Tullo” was auctioned, a super pigeon and half brother of “Moluca”, who had been sold earlier. “Tullo” has won no less than 4 x top ten National Zone and was sold for 38,200 EUR to Zhan Zhi Lin, who won the bet against Premier Stud, who could not manage to bring the pigeon to England.

Today’s auction earnings amounted to 404,675 EUR for 123 pigeons, or approximately 3,290 EUR per pigeon. When adding the earnings of the first part to those of the second, we reach 971,800 EUR or 4,000 EUR per pigeon in average! This makes Verreckt-Ariën the fifth most successful auction ever (including both public and internet auctions). What follows is a brief overview of the auctions with the highest earnings ever (they were all organised by PIPA).

1. Pros Roosen – January 2011 (public auction)  – 1.368,000 EURO
2. Jos Thoné – December 2010 (public auction) – 1.323.780 EURO
3. Erik Limbourg – December 2009 (public auction) – 1.250.000 EURO
 4. Dr. H.P. & P. Brockamp – November 2010 (internet auction) – 1.017.750 EURO
 5. Verreckt-Ariën – December 2011 (internet auction) – 971.800 EURO
 6. Ludo Claessens – April 2009 (internet auction) – 905.450 EURO

A report of the auctions that ended yesterday:
To begin with, Bengt Haeck offered twelve wonderful youngsters of his De Rauw-Sablon pigeons. The auction had good results, with an average winning bid of 1.617 EURO per youngster. His most expensive pigeon, a child of the last son of the Limoges, went to Ferdi Vandersanden of BIFS, who made the winning bid of 5,200 EUR.

After that, the auction for the ten best breeders and flyers of Korf-Wakker came to an end. With a winning bid of 2,105 EUR per pigeon on average, it was a success for sure. Remarkable:  five out of the ten pigeons on auction will be moving to Taiwan.

The final auction of the day was the selling of 42 young birds of G&S Verkerk. This combination, which managed to perform at the highest level in 2011 despite a move shortly before, offered a couple of youngsters of all their best breeders. They had never sold any of their top pigeons in the past, and this allowed them to gather a group of young pigeons of exceptional quality, most of which directly descend from 1° National Ace pigeons and Olympic pigeons, or their parents.

It was clear that the bidders appreciated the true value of these pigeons, as the auction was highly successful! The most expensive pigeons went to Mr. Dong (in the name of Cici Wang) for 20,000 and 15,000 EUR. These pigeons were bred from Olympic Survivor and Olympic Solange (a son of Olympic Survivor) respectively. The 42 young pigeons were sold for no less than 138,250 EUR (3,292 EUR per youngster).

The 42 young pigeons will be moving to nine different countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Bangladesh, France, Italy, China, Taiwan, Germany and France.