Noël Lippens (Aarsele, BE) found a world player where heredity is concerned in his ‘Vital’!

The golden stock pigeon ‘Vital’ from Noël Lippens lies at the basis of remarkable performances up to national and international level in numrous lofts, he was a world player where heredity was concerned… with 'top references’ by the boat load!

When we speak of long distance and extreme long distance, we can’t avoid the name Noël Lippens, as owner of one of the richest breeding stocks of our country at that level! Top successes in both disciplines have never held any secrets for Noël… who found an ideal outlet in the pigeon sport, in addition to his busy job as a wholesaler in the import and export of fruit and vegetables. In the ‘Blois 374/73’ (a pigeon from August Taveirne) he immediately found a stock breeder of format, which put the success train straight on the rails… both his sons, the ‘901’ and the ‘Draaier’ helped pulled the carriage, as will be shown later! What followed… still shimmers in the catacomb of our pigeon sport, with the golden ‘Vital’ as absolute attraction. In the period 1982 to 2000 the Noël Lippens colony managed 18 notations in the national ‘Top 10’, including 2 x 1° National, 2 x 2° National , 2 x 3° National… and 91 pigeons in the national ‘Top 100’! That resulted in the following figures: 

1° Nat. Champion Long distance KBDB ’93
1° Nat Ace bird Long distance KBDB ’93 (with ‘Vital’)
2° Nat Ace bird ‘Grand distance’ KBDB ’04
5° Nat Ace bird Long distance KBDB ’93 (with ‘Zwarte Narbonne’)
1° Nat Souillac Derby 2.925 p. ’02
1° National Brive 4.831 p. ’94
3° Nat Ace bird Long distance KBDB ’00 (with ‘Figo’)
Olympiad bird South Africa 2001 (with ‘Figo’)
4° Nat Champion Long distance KBDB ‘92
5° Nat Champion Long distance KBDB ’87 + ‘99
6° Nat Champion Long distance KBDB ’02
11° Nat Champion Long distance KBDB ’03
2° Nat Montauban 6.814 p.
2° Nat Montauban 7.352 p.
3° Nat Brive 7.412 p.
3° Nat Narbonne 6.531 p.
3° + 8° Nat Souillac 7.358 p. ‘02
4° Nat Montauban 6.711 p. ‘02
6° Nat Montauban 7.203 p. ’09
8° Nat Perpignan 7.603 p. ’08

With no less than 28 x ‘Top 100’ National notations in the period 2006-2010! Here the basis was laid to the rich exploits, which then subsequently manifested itself in other lofts.

Golden ‘Vital’ 

Not surprising that the current stock goes back for more than 80% to that ‘golden’ stock pigeon the ‘Vital’, at the time crowned as 1° National Ace bird KBDB 1993, with a.o. the following performances:

-‘Vital’ BE88-3389798

1° Nat Ace bird Long distance KBDB ’93 (with 0,49%)
’93 Montauban Prov 1.477 p. 1
              Nat  6.814 p. 2
’93 Cahors    Nat  8.078 p. 9
’93 Brive     Nat 23.510 p. 83
’92 Narbonne  Nat  6.513 p. 6
’91 Montauban Nat  6.721 p. 75 

Later in the breeding loft he grew to become a real ‘basis pawn’, a real ‘stock bear’… which in the 2nd generation especially lay at the basis again in the origin of a new series of phenomenal crack pigeons!

Although it was a direct son, in the form of ‘Figo’  (out ‘Vital’ x ‘Christine’, a daughter ‘Wittenbuik’ Vandenabeele) which immediately set the tone with 

-‘Figo’ BE96-3314050

1° Millennium Ace bird Long distance Entente Belge ‘00
3° Nat. Ace bird Long distance KBDB ‘00
Olympiad bird South Africa 2001
’00 Montauban Nat  7.220 p. 16 (1° Nat Zone A)
’99 Souillac  Nat  6.035 p. 61
’00 Souillac  Nat  7.154 p. 70
’00 Cahors    Nat 11.838 p. 134
’99 Limoges   Nat 10.737 p. 294
’00 Brive     Nat 27.081 p. 313
’99 Brive     Nat 25.824 p. 1569 

The current ‘figurehead’ in the lofts of Noël Lippens, super crack ‘Cancellara’  is one of the greatest super cracks of the current generation, which flew over our country! As grandson of ‘Vital’ he is the perfect example of the ‘domination’ of this breeding line… as 3-time 1° Provincial winner, with a.o.

-‘Cancellara’ BE04-4422698

’09 Montauban Prov 1.105 p. 1
               Nat 7.203 p. 6
’07 Montauban Prov   921 p. 1
               Nat 6.187 p. 31
’09 Brive     Nat 17.478 p. 66
’08 Souillac  Prov 1.712 p. 1
               Nat 7.315 p. 207 

He is a son of the ‘As Turbo’ x ‘Tracy’ (daughter ‘Vital’). The ‘As Turbo’ (self also 9° Nat & 25° Intnat Perpignan 18.192 p., 47° Nat & 76° Intnat Dax 17.526 p., 97° Nat Limoges 8.618 p.)  is self a grandson of the ‘Turbo’ (son of the ‘Draaier’)… as a result of which this ‘Cancellara’ is in fact partly bred in line to the time-honoured stock father by Noël Lippens… the ‘Blois 374/73’!

Wonder bird ‘Bliksem’ Gaby Vandenabeele 

Racing and breeding legend 'Bliksem' by Gaby Vandenabeele 

The ‘Vital’ is (via his daughter ‘Rita’) also grandfather of the fabulous ‘Bliksem’ by Gaby Vandenabeele… and what an impact this ‘Bliksem’ has had (and still has) on our current pigeon sport, firstly as a racing pigeon, but moreover later as a breeding pigeon. To begin with the ‘Bliksem’ was a giant of a ‘crack pigeon’, he excelled with 

Poitiers    Prov 1.488 p. 1
Chateauroux Prov 4.662 p. 2
Ruffec      Prov 1.778 p. 4
Périgueux   Prov 1.119 p. 5
Poitiers    Prov 2.975 p. 8 

The ‘Bliksem’ was at the time the best pigeon of our country, and the moral ‘National Ace bird ‘ in the ‘Grand Middle Distance’…  he didn’t get the honour he deserved, as the race from Périgueux was not taken into account as a middle distance race. If Gaby had entered him for Bourges the same day… the chance would have more than likely have been very real. In the breeding loft he immediately followed in the footsteps of both his illustrious grandfathers…  breeding legends ‘Wittenbuik’ and of course ‘Vital’! His descendants are magnificent and unparalleled… a few of his most famous grandchildren are without doubt

-‘Harry’(by Jan Hooymans in Kerkdriel-NL):

1° National Ace bird Long distance WHZB 2009
1° NPO Chateauroux 5.979 p.
1° NPO Blois 5.553 p.
3° NPO Chateauroux 8.781 p.

-‘Yvan’(by Deno-Herbots in Leefdaal-B):

1° Nat Ace bird Middle distance KBDB 2009
4° Nat Ace bird Middle distance KBDB 2008

-‘Marieke’(by Rik Cools in Ruiselede-B):

1° Prov Ace bird Long distance Youngsters KBDB 2008
1° Nat Zone A Gueret 5.166 p. ’08

-‘Gil’(by Gommaire Verbruggen in Kaggevinne-B):

1° Nat. Bourges 11.215 p. ‘06

-‘Paola’(by Gaby Vandenabeele self):

1° Nat Argenton 7.390 p. ‘10

-‘Barnaby’(aso by Gaby Vandenabeele):

2° Nat Bourges 22.499 p. ‘09

The ‘Bliksem line’ is still, at the end of 2011, writing history in numerous lofts at home and abroad… and the ‘Vital’ definitely plays a leading role here!

The ‘Blois 374/73’ and his sons, the nest brothers ‘901’ and ‘Draaier’ as stock breeders! 

Out that same breeding line as ‘Cancellara’ stems that other ‘figurehead’ in the Noël Lippens lofts, namely ‘Gorki’… a real Perpignan crack with

’08 Perpignan I.Nat 17.643 p. 10
’07 Perpignan I.Nat 15.087 p. 49
’10 Perpignan I.Nat 15.756 p. 125
’09 Perpignan I.Nat 18.354 p. 229

The ‘Gorki’ is a grandson of the ‘Zwarte Narbonne’ BE90-3376006 (self 5° Nat Ace bird Long distance KBDB ’93 and a.o. 3° Nat Narbonne 6.531 p., 8° Nat Cahors 8.078 p., 58° Nat Brive 23.510 d…) also a clapper out the line of the stock bird ‘Blois’. That we are dealing with a real pigeon stock is even more apparent when we analyse the pedigrees. Almost everything goes back to the absolute stock father the ‘Blois 73’. Both his sons from 1983, the nest brothers ‘De 901’ (a.o. father of ‘Vital’)  and the ‘Draaier’ play the leading role here! So is the ‘Draaier’ self a.o. father of the ‘Turbo’, which in turn is grandfather of the stock breeder ‘Noël’ by Erik Vermander, which a.o. 

-is father of the ‘Clijsters’: 2° Internat Pau 7.871 p. ’01
-is father of ‘Falco’ BE03-3003445, which won by Gaby Vandenabeele
2° Prov Orleans       3.021 p.
2° Intprov Souillac   1.291 p. ’07
7° Nat Brive         16.007 p. ’07
24° Prov Souillac     1.712 p. ’08
29° Blois               467 p.
72° Nat Limoges Derby 6.617 p.
105° Nat Brive       20.310 p.
106° Prov Chateauroux 5.991 p.
132° Nat Limoges     12.266 p. ’07
141° Nat Montauban    6.187 p. ’07
199° Nat Brive       14.521 p. ’08
408° Nat Cahors       9.275 p.
462° Nat Souillac     5.985 p.
-grandfather of the ‘As du Rhone’ by Eric Vermander
-grandfather of the 2° Nat Souillac 7.045 p. ’10 by Norbert Ally! 

In numerous other lofts the Noël Lippens pigeons also lie at the basis of national top successes… think of 

-the ‘Derby’ from Roger Vereecke
-the 1° Nat Montauban by Noël & Serge Decroix
-the 1° Nat Albi by Georges Bolle (with the ‘Kolonel’)
-the 1° Nat Pau by Luc Vandenplas
-the 1° Nat Montauban 2003 by Gaston Dewulf
-the 1° Nat La Souterraine & 2° Nat Cahors by Boudewijn Jonckheere
-Antoine van Landuyt won the 3° Nat Ace bird Long distance KBDB2 years in a row
-Antoon Vandenberghe was 1° Nat Champion Long distance KBDB
-Frederik Everaert won 1° Prov & 1° Nat Zone A Libourne ‘09, 

Frederik also has a phenomenal super crack out the ‘Vital-line” in his ‘Mirage’ (winner 12° Nat Brive 16.007 p. ‘07, 27° Nat Brive 17.456 p. ’09, 30° Intprov Vierzon 11.399 p., 36° Nat Narbonne 7.156 p., 75° Nat Limoges 15.507 d…) etc…

This is just a limited selection from the wealth of current ‘super pigeons’ produced by the Noël Lippens pigeons…  ‘top references’ which give us an idea of the ‘potential’ of ‘top class’ present there in the lofts in Aarsele, and what a leading role a golden stock pigeon so as ‘Vital’ has played as world player at the level of ‘heredity’…  he is one of those ‘white blackbirds’ which has managed to pass on his ‘dominant breeding genes’ to the next generation and so lay at the basis of the origin of a superior and dominant breeding line from which phenomenal ‘cracks’, real ‘winners’ and ‘Ace birds’ were bred with the regularity of a clock!

Stopping at  70!

Noël always said to his wife Rita that he would stop with the pigeons when he was 70. Not that Rita really believed him… Noël without pigeons… she couldn’t imagine it. But Noël kept to his word and decided some time ago to sell his pigoens at the end of 2011. A phone call to PIPA… meant that everything went quickly. At the moment the beautiful Noël Lippens collection is in full regalia in a PIPA- internet- auction (which ends on Sunday 27 november)… the ‘world class’ which allowed him to climb the highest rung of the pigeon sport ladder, which gave him so many nice and intense ‘pigeon moments’ is now within everyone’s reach! The golden breeding lines of the ‘Vital’ and the ‘Turbo’… with super crack ‘Cancellara’ as figurehead, as one of the greatest long distance cracks of our country! The phenomenal breeding line which has produced numerous ‘crack pigeons’ with airs and graces in his own loft… and also in other lofts lies at the basis of several ‘1° National winners’, and wondrous super pigoens as the ‘Bliksem’ and ‘Falco’ (via E.Vermander) by Gaby Vandenabeele, ‘Clijsters’, ‘As du Rhône’, ‘Noël’ by Eric Vermander, the ‘Mirage’ by Frederik Everaert, the two 3° Nat. Ace birds by Antoine Vanlanduyt… and so much more! Whoever wants to jump on the bandwagon that this success line pulls… has until Sunday the chance, when the auction of this magnificent collection of long distance athletes ends! A chance not to be missed, for people who dream of ‘national success’ starting with the long distance!