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Verreckt-Arien (Tessenderlo, BE): Catalogue with top pigeons online

Next week, the total auction (minus a few young birds) of one of the best Belgian racing lofts in the past decade: Verreckt-Arien.

Below you can download the pdf version of the catalogue, presenting a few of the best birds.

Click here to download the pdf.


PIPA presents

Verreckt-Ariën from Tessenderlo (B)

Total auction (minus a few youngsters 2011)

This auction will take place via the internet in 2 parts, and can be followed on …

Part I : Start 28 November – End 11 December

Part II : Start 5 December – End 18 December

The auction which the entire ‘International pigeon world’ is eagerly looking forward to

This internet auction will be organised by PIPA ( and can be followed there ‘online’!  

More information?

Send us an e-mail auctions@pipa.beor call  0032 472 71 77 28 or 0032 9 374 38 87