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Announcement Viewing day Verreckt-Ariën (Tessenderlo, BE)

Questions come into our PIPA-offices almost daily regarding the imminent auction from the Belgian success formation Verreckt-Ariën which will start on the 28th of November! The interest in this internet auction is already enormous, and grows day by day.

Not surprising… the Verreckt-Ariën duo is about the best that our country has in the national ‘grand middle distance’ to ‘extreme middle distance’! This was more than proven last year with the winning of the title 1° National Champion ‘Grand Middle Distance’ 2010, the ‘Olympiad bird’ in Poznan with ‘Olympic Wacko’ and ‘Proudo’. It was the icing on the cake for a blitz career which up until then was peppered with a recital of provincial victories (more than 40 in total), and national victories from Argenton (2008) and Tulle (2010)!  They continued at this level last season, with the abslute highlight being the ‘double’ Semi-National victory from Montluçon and national victory from La Souterraine youngsters in 2011, and the winning of the 4° National Ace bird ‘Grand Middle Distance’ with ‘Norma’! Stunt work which once again had to result in the winning of a ‘national title’ KBDB, this time in the ‘long distance’ with the youngsters… an administrative error, however, decided otherwise .

We can all agree on one thing, the duo Verreckt-Ariën has raced through the national pigeon happenings like a "steamroller" over the last few seasons… no-one could ignore this! Central to everything stood that wondrous stock couple, christened the ‘Golden Pair’… the ‘DIKKE LOWET’ x ‘LANG LOWET’! They are (grand)parents of more than 40 x 1° Provincial winners, and the ‘thread’ going through the top successes of Verreckt-Ariën! They lie at the basis of wondrous performance hens so as ‘Olympic Wacko’, ‘Proudo’, ‘Argentully’, ‘Moluca’, ‘Norma’ and so much more!

As stated above, the interest for these pigeons increases every day. In answer to the much asked question as to whether there was to be a ‘viewing day’ organised, we can answer this positively… even better, Agy & Pascal will hold 2 ‘viewing days’. They will take place on:

Viewing day 1: Saturday the 3rd of December 2011 from 10a.m. to 4 p.m.!
Viewing day 2: Saturday the 10th of December 2011 from 10a.m. to 4 p.m.!

Important information:
We would like to request that you confirm your attendance in advance (including the date on which you will be present) via email to   You will then be added to the guest list for one of these unique viewing days. Only the people who have confirmed their attendance in advance will be allowed entrance to one of these viewing days.

Location viewing day Verreckt-Ariën:
Schoterheide 45
3980 Tessenderlo

This internet auction is in 2 parts:
Part 1:
Start: 28th of November  2011 – End: 11th of December  2011
Part 2:
Start: 5th of December  2011 – End: 18th of December  2011