Best international Ace bird 2011 in the grand distance (2 prizes) - Update 2

The top 500 of the best international Ace birds in the grand distance with 2 prizes is known. The best Ace bird comes from Stefan Van Grootel from the Dutch Helmond. Second is Karl-Heinz Koers from Mandel (Germany) and third place goes to Harrie & Zonen Wijnands from Maastricht (Holland).

The following races counted for the classification: Bordeaux, Pau, Barcelona, Tarbes(BV), Marseille, Narbonne, Perpignan. For Tarbes only the results were taken into account from those who had liberated together with the Belgische Verstandhouding (BV). Seeing as how the Netherlands raced alone and it was not an international race for them, their results didn't count.

Click here for the classification with the 2 best prizes.

In addition there was also a top 3 per country compiled for Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. These can be found on the following page. For the UK, no pigeons having won 2 prizes were found.

More classifications from Steve Vanoverstraeten can be found here.