In Memorandum: The ‘Laureaat Barcelona’ is no longer with us…

This morning one of the most famous international Barcelona-winners in history, the ‘Laureaat Barcelona’ from the Gyselbrecht family, was found dead in the loft. This famous classy pigeon reached the ripe old age of 19 years.


Remi Gyselbrecht holding his 'Laureaat Barcelona', flanked by his sons Dr. Andre (l) and Dr. Carlo (r) 


Has it something to do with ‘telepathy’ or not… the fact is that the ‘Laureaat Barcelona’ BE92-4428350 left this life just 2 days after his owner Remi Gyselbrecht… it’s as if he felt this loss, wanted to be with his owner for eternity, wanted to be united with him, wanted to accompany him on his journey to the afterlife! 



1° International Barcelona 20.925 p. in 1995

197° National Brive  21.390 p. in 1995

With this he was also winner of the ‘Gouden Vleugel’ from the Bruges Barcelona club! He later grew to become the figurehead of the colony. He stems from the “Laureaat 972/86” (direct A.Vanbruane) x “Jupiter-hen 847/91” (direct Andre Brouckaert, Wervik). But most of all, he developed into a sensational ‘super breeder’, who in turn was to lie at the basis of numerous phenomenal crack pigeons in the long distance and extreme long distance… even several (inter)national winners have the golden blood of this wonder pigeon flowing through their veins!

The ‘Laureaat Barcelona’ has been infertile since 2000, but enjoyed his retirement in the aviaries of the breeding lofts of Dr.Carlo Gyselbrecht… until this morning, when he breathed his last breath!