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Lotterman Kathy had a very strong 2007 season!



One of the greatest talents in the Dutch pigeon sport is without doubt the 18-year old Kathy Lotterman from the Drents New Amsterdam. In the category of the prestigious Gouden Duif (Golden Pigeon) competition she won silver in 2003 and 2004 and gold in 2005 and 2006. An unparalleled result! She can even hold her own between the seniors. Last year she was 3rd Emperor General in the strong Division 10 from province 10 against 200 members, including men such as Koopman, Vredeveld and the Gebrs. Leideman and she kept her position the following year. Although father Jan Lotterman is always in the background, Kathy takes care of her colony all by herself and she does it very tenderly. The 2007 season was her last season by the juniors and it was a glittering departure year. Week after week super results were achieved, with the end result being two provincial victories, a cartload of fine championships and once again 3rd Emperor General Championship in Division 10.
During the last few months the following was added:
- 1st West European Nations cup Juniors the Netherlands
- 1st West European Nations cup Juniors West Europe - 2nd Gouden Duif Junior 2007! Talk about class! We spoke recently to this youthful champion who passed her school exams this summer and has now started her further education in Ede!

A good relationship with the pigeons is essential
Father Jan Lotterman took Kathy into his lofts when she was 3 years old and she fell in love with the pigeons. When she was twelve she started taking care of the pigeons and for the last three years she takes care of the racing colony all by herself. The bond with the pigeons is very important to Kathy. It begins with young pigeons who are regularly spoiled and made tame. She puts in a lot of time in order to achieve this. Sometimes she lies on her back in the loft and lets the pigeons walk over her. But she also has a very strong bond with her widowers. When she is in the loft she plays with every cock in the box. It is wonderful to see, the intimate bond between Kathy and the pigeons. Our youthful champion is very clear about the purpose of all this: 'I'm convinced that a good bond between the pigeon and the fancier yields better results. They don't only return home for their hen'. The training of the widowers is something that Kathy looks forward to. These daily observations determine which pigeon is entered for which race and the order in which they are nominated.

Basis pigeons and racing method
The basis of the loft is formed by pigeons from Bertie Camphuis, Eefde, Dirk van Dijck, Zandhoven (B), L.B.J. Geerinx, Wommelgem (B), C. & G. Koopman, Ermerveen and Günther Prange, Meppen (D) (line 'Ringlose', who is a grandson of the 'Betarixdoffer' from C. & G. Koopman).
The latest acquisition is a hen from Harm Vredeveld out the 'Silver Boy' ( 1st NPO Orleans 2006) x a granddaughter of 'Boy' x 'Queen'). Top pigeons are often coupled with their own son or daughter or brother or sister. The youngsters produced from these couplings are then again crossed against other good bloodlines from a different sort. Kathy only has a limited amount of time, because of her schoolwork, so she only races widowhood with her cocks. This season she started with 24, which she races the whole programme of sprint, short middle distance and middle distance. These include a lot of double races so that the racing team has to race every week. The division into two teams is played by ear every time.
The team of widowers consists for a minimum of 50% out yearlings. The selection is a problem for Kathy. Because she has such an intimate relationship with her pigeons, it hurts her to have to part with a pigeon, even though it is necessary. A very tame pigeon is sometimes kept for an extra year.

Good results in 2007:
Pommeroeul 2.925 p. 19, 40, 53, 122, 125 etc. 20/17
Heteren 5.151 p. 3, 12, 15, 53 etc. 10/06
Orleans 1.136 p. 23, 26, 53, 55, 64 10/05
Arras 2.339 p. 19, 27, 67, 152 etc. 15/11
Duffel 3.235 p. 9, 12, 54, 66, 68, 69 etc. 20/15
Duffel 9.801 p. 1, 9, 50 etc. 08/07 .

Preparations and care
In November the pigeons are given a 12-day cure of Parastop against paratyphoid. Four weeks before the first race the pigeons receive a paratyphoid vaccination. This began in 2007. Coupling takes place in the first week of January, and they are given a cure for Trichomoniasis by the first brood. When the youngsters are 16 days old, the hen is removed and the cock raises both youngsters. In the first week of March they are coupled once again and after brooding for ¾ days widowhood begins. They are given more than enough to eat. The pigeons can eat 24 hours a day. Whatever is left over in the morning is removed and fresh food is given. The pigeons train once a day in the evening. After the training they are given a mixture of sheep fat, peanuts and cheese and then a spoonful of nibbling seeds. Two weeks before a race the pigeons are given a 12-day cure of Prange Suppe, wherefrom the last five days something is added for the head.
Every four weeks they receive a cure against Trichomoniasis, and also after a race where they have been basketted for two nights. Before the start of the season the pigeons are trained well a few times up to a distance of 100 km. ( Arnhem). This ensures that the pigeons are directly in the rhythm at the beginning of the season. Father Jan Lotterman, who thought of this scheme, receives medical advice from various veterinary surgeons. He also exchanges ideas with sport friend Harm Vredeveld from Coevorden.

Championships won this year is District 10 Province :
- 1st Sprint Not Nominated
- 1st Sprint Nominated.
- 5th Sprint pigeon
- 2nd Short middle distance Nominated.
- 5th Late races Nominated.
- 8th Youngsters Not Nominated.
- 5th Youngsters Nominated.
- 3rd Youngsters
- 4th General Not Nominated
- 3rd General Nominated.
- 5th General pigeon
- 3rd Emperor

General Championships won in the Long Distance club North Netherlands :
- 8th Youngsters Nominated
- 5th Youngsters

The future for Kathy
After achieving her VWO diploma, everything changed for Kathy. Up until the holidays, she used to cycle to school in Emmen, but after the holidays she will have to travel to the 'Chr. Hogeschool Ede' in Ede where she hopes to become a Bachelor of Social Work. This is suited to her, because apart from being in the company of pigeons, Kathy also enjoys the company of people. She comes home every Friday afternoon and has to be back in Ede at noon after the weekend. In 2008 Kathy will start racing against the adults and will race in combination with her father Jan. We will regularly come across the name Lotterman in the results. I'm convinced of it!