Long distance icon Remi Gyselbrecht (Knesselare, BE) has passed away - update mourning card

The Gyselbrecht family and the entire PIPA team are in deep mourning as the news of the passing away of father and grandfather Remi Gyselbrecht reached us this morning!

Remi with his international winner of Barcelona

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Remi was born on October 1 1925, and passed away shortly before his 86th birthday, on 29 September 2011. With the death of Remi Gyselbrecht, we lose another legend in Belgian pigeon racing. Remi was a passionate amateur who was deeply involved in pigeon racing, devoting his life to it. He was in many respects a pioneer, not only as an amateur, but also as chairman of the local pigeon racing club of Knesselare, which he presided for over 60 years. In 2008, he was honored by the KBDB for contributing 50 years of his life to pigeon racing. This honoring could be considered homage to his fifty years at the very top of pigeon racing! His career was a succession of great successes, including numerous victories and great achievements, with ace pigeons, and both regionally and nationally, and even internationally. His list of victories turned ‘Gyselbrecht’ into a family of great fame in international pigeon racing! We honor Remi with a short summary of some of the highlights in his career… including of course his most important achievement, winning the

1st prize at the Barcelona international race in 1995!

Remi Gyselbrecht was also known for being a warm person and a great personality! The Gyselbrechts were famous for their hospitality, as they were always willing to advise and assist fellow pigeon amateurs. Numerous amateurs, coming to Knesselare for the invaluable advice of Remi, were able to achieve successes themselves, both nationally and internationally! Remi was always there, ready to be helpful! His passing is not only a great loss for his family, but also for the pigeon tradition, which loses a true legend.

Remi was a family man as well, who always took great care of his family of nine children, and who was a great “grandpa” for his grandchildren later on. And although he was in poor health in the past few years, his children were still of great importance in his life. In the last two years, he also faced tragedy with the loss of his son Johan, and later on with the passing away of his wife Julia. These events inevitably marked his ongoing life, although he never really showed this to family and friends. His numerous triumphs and wonderful memories in pigeon racing might be of help in the mourning process of his family.

At the moment, Remi was still active in pigeon racing as a teammate of his youngest son Georges. In the past season, they obtained some great victories, such as first prizes in Ablis and Vierzon with the old birds  (21st of May) and in Argenton with the yearlings (13st of August). These joyful moments still meant a lot to Remi! At that time, no one could anticipate that this would also be his final success as an active pigeon amateur, although we could consider this victory a fine way to end his highly successful career.

To us, and to many other sports enthusiasts around the world, Remi was a true friend to pigeons. The numerous great moments and memories will be cherished by many… ‘sjalom’ my friend!

On behalf of PIPA and many friends, we want to express our deepest condolences to the family. We wish them every strength in coming to terms with their loss.

(Further information on the funeral service will appear later on)

The highlights of the successful career of 'pigeon fancier icon' Remi Gyselbrecht

1° Prov Ace pigeon Long Distance Old Birds KBDB 1970 with “De ZWARTEN”
2° National Ace pigeon Long Distanc KBDB 1970
Elected by the KBDB for the Olympiad in Brussels in 1971
1° Prov Angoulême 1.449 p. in 1976 with the “VOORUIT”
1° Prov Ace pigeon Long Distanc KBDB 1976 with the “VOORUIT”
2° Prov Ace pigeon Long Distanc KBDB 1977
3° National Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 1977
1° Champion of Belgium Long distance KBDB 1977
General Champion Long distance OVV 1977
1° National ace pigeon “Belgian Pigeon Racing” 1977
2° Long Distance prize KBDB East Flanders 1977
6° General champion of Belgium 1977
4° General champion of Belgium 1978
5° General chamion of Belgium 1979
8° Provincial long distance champion KBDB East-Fl. 1981
1° General marathon champion of East Flanders  1982
1° Provincial long distance champion  Young birds   1982
2° Provincial long distance champion Old birds   1982

Golden Barcelona trophy of the Gyselbrecht family
With superior 1° Prize winners on this classic race in Spain!
1986 Spoete Barcelona      292 d. 1
        Internat.       18.079 d. 86
1987 Prince Barcelona      235 d. 1
        Internat.       21.545 d. 31
1991 Blue Barcelona        345 d. 1
        Internat.       27.167 d. 7
1994 King                  166 d. 1
        Internat.       26.807 d. 92
1995 Turbo                 167 d. 1
        Internat.       20.925 d. 96
1995 Laureate Barcelona    277 d. 1
        Internat.       20.925 d. 1
1996 Black Barcelona       165 d. 1
        Internat.       20.129 d. 104
1999 Son blue Barcelona    410 d. 1
        National        13.966 d. 76
1999 Sampras               464 d. 1
        National        13.966 d. 2
        Internat.       28.017 d. 10
2000 King Junior           308 d. 1
        National        13.659 d. 78
2007 The ‘St.Vincent’      355 d. 1
        Internat.       25.716 d. 106