Norbert De Keyzer, Etikhove carried on his series of victories unperturbed in 2010

Whoever has followed the race results in the ‘long distance’ and ‘extreme long distance’ closely over the last few seasons, will have come across the name ‘Norbert De Keyzer’ many times… as he was always at the front of the long distance peloton…

The least we can say is that over the last few seasons Norbert hasn’t had a bad track in both disciplines… with the highlights being, amongst other things, the winning of the ‘zilveren vleugel’ (silver wing) from Barcelona 2009 by the Bruges Barcelona club, the first series ‘international’ from Barcelona with the 1° + 2° nominated in 2009… a success series which was added to during the 2010 sport season with 1° prizes starting from the ‘small middle distance’ from Angerville, Bourges and Montélimar… finally resulting in the ‘highlight’ of the 2010 sport season… namely the winning of the

1° National Zone A Orange against 503 pigeons…

with ‘Schleck One’ (see further)! A new jewel in the already richly filled crown of Norbert!

Born to win

Norbert (68 j.) stems out a ‘warm pigeon nest’… his late father Nestor laid the first cornerstones for a real pigeon family, as he infected all his 4 sons Marc, Roger, Marcel and Norbert (as youngest of the 4) with the ‘pigeon microbe’. And as we all know… once the ‘bug’ bites, it doesn’t let go! Norbert immediately entered the pigeon sport with ambition… he wanted to ‘win’ and score… just like in his sporting career as a footballer… where he was known as a smooth scoring forward.  He also managed to build up a nice so-called ‘portfolio’ in his active career in banking and insurance… and even rose to the position of bank manager. Which immediately illustrates that Norbert is not afraid of hard work… it was the same with the pigeon sport… here he also had a chain of successes. In 1987 he had already won 1° National Tulle… the real breakthrough of real ‘recognition’ came with the winning of the ‘Gouden Vleugel’ (Golden Wing) 1994 by the B.B.C. when he won 2° National Barcelona 12.399 p. (3° internat 27.329 p.) with his 1st nominated! The line of this ‘Gouden Vleugel winner’ directly formed the basis for the expansion of a strain of superior long distance pigeons… which over the last few seasons is clearly growing to a new pinnacle.

Last year we visited the colony of Norbert when he won his ‘Zilveren Vleugel’… we would like then to refer you to this article (in the PiPa-archives under the ‘News’ & ‘Articles’ -> Fanciers index) to read more about the stock building, racing system and the ins and outs behind the colony of Norbert De Keyzer. What you immediately notice is… the leading role which has now been reserved for the super crack of the loft… the ‘Narbonne’… and his mother the ‘First Lady’, which is gradually developing into a ‘stock mother’ out thousands. Let’s take a closer look at both ‘stock pigeons’… these being mother and son:

-‘First Lady’ B01-4280687

She is a 100% pure Georges Carteus… her father is the ‘Carteus 702/96’ (which Norbert was leant) x ‘Granddaughter Artiest’ B00-4266170, a direct Georges Carteus (out the ‘Roden 161/91’ x ‘Daughter Artiest 490/93’… with which she is then a granddaughter of the super cracks ‘Roden Barcelona 820/88’ and the ‘Artiest 662/86’).

This ‘First Lady’ can be considered as the ‘goose with the golden eggs’ in the lofts of Norbert De Keyzer…

so is she mother of:

 -the ‘Narbonne’ B03-4247163:  2° Nat Orange 6.035 p. (see further)
-the ‘Mulder’   B05-4283606: 38° Nat Barcelona 13.503 p.
-the ‘Raket’    B08-4181846: 17° Nat Bourges II 41.783 p.
-the ‘Kleinen’  B08-4181845: 42° Nat Tulle 6.695 p. ’10
                            486° Nat Souillac 7.045 p. ’10
                            884° Nat Limoges 10.448 p. ’10
                            149° Nat Argenton Zone A  5.627 p. ’09
                            470° Nat Bourges Zone A 11.929 p. ’08  

And grandmother of:

 -‘Soustonneke’ B09-4072803: 1° Intnat Soustons 10.190 YL by Martine Van Der Beken
-‘Schlek One’  B07-4185779:  1° Nat Zone A Orange 503 p. ’10 etc.
-‘Schlek Two’  B07-4185780: 37° Nat Orange 4.466 p. ’10 etc. 

-The ‘Narbonne’ B03-4247163

Giant of a super crack and more or less the figurehead of the Norbert De Keyzer colony in the breeding loft at the moment. A few of his primary performances in a row:

 ’05 Bourges Nat 26.679 p. 1578
’05 Narbonne    Nat   4.921 p.  27   (Club 1° of 216 p.)
’06 Bourges     Nat  19.051 p.  210  (Club 1° of 504 p.)
’06 Brive       Nat   9.466 p.  296
’06 Limoges     Nat  13.581 p.  116
’06 Narbonne    Nat   6.033 p.  39
’07 Vierzon   I.Prov 19.103 p.  1755
’07 Montélimar  Nat   7.873 p.  40   (Club 1° of 124 p.)
’07 Orange      Nat   6.035 p.  2    (Prov 1° of 670 p.)
’08 Montélimar  Nat   8.633 p.  137
’08 Orange      Nat   4.587 p.  694
’08 Souillac    Nat   7.315 p.  282 

Since 2009 he has been given his more than earned place in the breeding loft. A ‘good move’ as it turned out, because a few of his sons directly ensured the successors, and demonstrated their enormous racing capacities:

-‘Schlek Two’ B07-4185780,

 ’09 Bourges    Nat   27.506 p.  844
’09 Limoges    Nat   11.869 p.  1281
         Derby Nat    6.138 p.  724
’09 Souillac   Nat    7.597 p.  221
’10 Bourges    Nat   22.476 p.  81   (Club 1° of 500 p.)
’10 Montélimar Nat    7.191 p.  197
’10 Orange     Nat    4.466 p.  37

-‘Schlek One’ B07-4185779(nest=brother of previous):

  09 Souillac Nat 7.597 p. 79
’10 Montélimar Nat    7.191 p.  32   (Club 1° of 98 p.)
’10 Orange     Nat    4.466 p.  5    (Nat Zone A 1° of 503 p.)
’10 Tulle      Zone A 2.571 p.  293 

In addition to these pigeons out the stock line of the ‘First Lady’ and the ‘Narbonne’… there was also another leading role reserved for the ‘Perpignan’

-The ‘Perpignan B03-4247178

Son of the ‘022/99’, stock breeder (and grandson of the 2° Nat Pau) x ‘Blue breeding hen 231/99’ (daughter of the ‘Blue Perigueux 96’ which won 1° La Souterraine, 1° Limoges and 1° Perigueux… x ‘Daughter Blue Vechter624/94’, line old strain)! The ‘Perpignan’ performed as follows:

 ’06 Bourges   Zone A 4.146 p. 63
’07 Perpignan  Nat   5.547 p.  16 (1° Club of 88 p.)
             I.Nat  15.158 p.  30
’08 Montauban  Nat   5.438 p.  217
’08 Perpignan  Nat   7.603 p.  22
             I.Nat  17.624 p.  30
’09 Brive     Prov   3.080 p.  199
’09 Montauban  Nat   7.203 p.  303
’10 Vierzon   Prov   7.030 p.  197 

This is only a small selection of his top performances at provincial and national level. This ‘Perpignan’ has now also been given a place in the breeding loft… and now conjugates the rich Norbert De Keyzer breeding loft!

These are more or less the main lines which at the moment lie at the basis of the current successes achieved in the lofts of Norbert De Keyzer… resulting in a heap of top prizes within the ‘Top 50 National’ (see below) over the last 4 racing seasons. Performances which clearly demonstrate that Norbert De Keyzer is a man to be ‘taken into account’ in the national long distance and international ‘grand distance’! Words which we don’t have to use to convince the heavy competition in his basketting centre in… they have known for a long time what Norbert De Keyzer is capable of! A loft with not only enormous capacities… but with extremely strong pigeons… and real ‘winners’ under its roof. This was proven once again in 2010… and it is Norbert’s ambition to at least equal this again in 2011!

The ‘Top-50’ National 2007-2010

 2°  Nat Orange       6.035 p. ’07
5°  Nat Barcelona   13.502 p. ’09
5°  Nat Orange       4.461 p. ’10
13° Nat Bourges     12.748 p. ’08
16° Nat Perpignan    5.547 p. ’07
17° Nat Bourges     44.368 p. ’08
22° Nat Perpignan    7.603 p. ’08
36° Nat Montélimar   7.187 p. ’10
37° Nat Orange       4.461 p. ’10
38° Nat Barcelona   13.502 p. ’09
41° Nat Tarbes       4.864 p. ’09
41° Nat Tulle        6.585 p. ’10
46° Nat Montélimar   7.187 p. ’10
47° Nat Tarbes       4.864 p. ’09
48° Nat Chateauroux 20.330 p. ’10
Winner Gouden Vleugel Barcelona 1994 B.B.C.
Winner Zilveren Vleugel Barcelona 2009 B.B.C.
Winner Euro Diamond Pigeon Barcelona 2009