Wouters Annie, "1ste international Perp 2002, 3.921 Yearlings"

Annie WOUTERS - Olen (BE)
1st international Perpignan 3921 YL Wouters Annie (Olen) By Johan Kempen (Geel)

Olen :
It does not happens every year that I can go for an article of an international winner and have to drive less than 15 minutes to get there. I could have taking the bike. Annie Wouters, from Olen, won 1st prize national Perpignan 3530 pigeons and 1st international 3921 yearlings. At 20.58 PM she clocked the hen Cirina 6434279/01 and won 1st international. She started racing in 2000 on this address. A woman who wins 1st prize! I did not know who she was. But after my visit, some things became clear to me. Annie Wouters is the partner of Johan Van Der Sterren, also from Olen. I know Johan for many years, I written some articles about him because he won many times on the long distance races. A few years ago he won Montauban in the province Antwerp, in 1980 he won Montauban national! Annie Wouters takes care of the birds, but the strain is Johan Van Der Sterren. A few weeks after the international victory Annie was successful again, she won 1st provincial La Souterraine (also more than 600 km) against 288 birds, 6th national 3277 birds with a yearling hen. How good can the birds be? Hw does she do this?

Johan Van Der Sterren : Johan, born in 1955, started racing when he was 10 years. In 1970 racing pigeons became he passion. In the beginning he entered the speed races, than the middle distance and since 1978 he only races long distance races. On the long distance he had success with birds from Verscheuren (Olen) and J. Mannaerts (Geel). From this strain he bred his super bird 6815632/80. This cock won on many long distance races: 5th national Brive 60th national Cahors, 135th national Brive, 84th national Montauban, 437th national Cahors, 238th national Cahors, 369th national Brive…the fancier Johan Van Der Sterren became famous on the long distance in Belgium. With the help of his friends Noël Peiren (Zedelgem), Hilaire Verhellen ('s Gravenwezel) the famous fancier with his products Hilaire Verhellen! H. Smulders (Valkenswaard, NL), Joop van de Vrede (NL) , he had some excellent results during the last years: 1st national Montauban 1980, 8th national Montauban 1985, 3rd national Brive 1980, 6th national Limoges 1994, 9th national Limoges 2-Y 1994, 7th national Marseille 1995, 5th -11th national Montauban 1996 (I made an article of Johan on this race!),18th national Bourges 1987, 6th General Champion of Belgium KBDB 1988 etc. Johan is with no doubt one of the best long distance racers in Antwerp. He also owns a shop and sells all kinds of things for pigeon sport, from a regular mixture to a whole loft. In his shop "Bouwelse Duivencenter" he sells his famous multi-function nest boxes. The can be used for widowhood, natural system, youngsters, breeding…see the photo!

Annie Wouters : When I visited Annie, Johan was not present at the time. So Annie told me the whole story. "I had already pigeons many years ago. My ex-husband brought one pigeon from his work. He found it and I took care of the poor thing. I did not know anything about birds; I gave it food of canaries. But I became attached to the pigeon; I wanted to own more bird and the following year I made a loft in the garden. I wanted to enter the races. Some fanciers helped me. I started on speed races, later on middle distance. I've had some good results. When I got divorced, I moved to another house and stopped racing. I met Johan but he could not convince me to start racing again. I stopped for 12 years. In 1999 Johan convinced me to put his breeding stock in my garden. He builds some lofts and brought his breeders. But when I had the birds again, I wanted to race again. In 2000 I started racing again. Now I wanted long distance. The birds of Johan should do it! Now I do most of the work here, Johan still has his own loft only one mile from here. Don't tell Johan, but I think I have better results than Johan." In the meanwhile Johan arrived but he does not agree with the last words of Annie.

Method :
In 2002 Annie had 24 widow cocks, 10 pair on natural system, 34 racing hens on widowhood and 100 youngsters. The stock birds of Johan stay on Annie's loft during winter and breed two rounds of youngsters. Than the stock birds go to the loft of Johan again. All racers are matched on 15th of December. The youngsters and the hens move to another compartment so the hens do not lay eggs for a second time. The racers are matched again in February, just for 4 days. Annie does the same in March. Only 4 days together. The season can begin and Annie starts tossing the birds. She uses the system total widowhood. She races the cocks on widowhood but the partners also. The hens stay in a compartment next to the cocks. They sit in small boxes. In the beginning of the season, the hens race every week, later when they race long distance, the can rest sometimes. The cocks train twice a day, the hens only in the morning. When the hens enter the loft, they see the cocks for a few minutes. The must pass the compartment. Johan says still helps them not pairing with other hens. The love for the cocks is important. Annie also races 10 hens on natural system. They are matched in the winter once- matched again in March but the can not have youngsters the second time. On the third nest they go to a very long distance race on babies 3-4 days old. Some hens race another long distance race later but Johan thinks that one big race a year is enough. During breeding, the birds get 100% breeding mixture of Van Robaeys. Than 60 % barley for the next weeks. When the racing starts, 50 % mouthing mixture and 50% diet mixture Van Robaeys. On widowhood 40% racing mixture and 60% barley. A few days before a big race, 100 % racing mixture and one days before basketing extra corn. A few times a year a visit to a vet but Annie and Johan give many products of Interlabo, especially Topform 1, multivitamins and Energy Oil.

International winner : The hen 6434279/01, now called Cirina, was raced on widowhood. On Bordeaux she won 63rd against 206 pigeons and on Chateauroux 569th against 8360 pigeons. In 2001, as a youngster, Argenton 23.493p-288 and La Souterraine 17.315p-1781. On the St-Vincent race, the partner got lost, so Annie had to give her another cock before basketing. This could be the reason for her good result; it must have been a good motivation. The sire of Cirina is 6503480/00, the Breton. His sire is NL 863/95, direct H. Smulders from two direct birds of Kuypers brother from Neer in the Netherlands. These birds of Kuypers are a golden pair, strain Beatrix! The dame of Breton is 140/96; direct Noël Peiren (sire won 2nd national Barcelona and dame is daughter of 1st national Limoges.) The dame of Cirina is 'Black Beauty 640/00'. She is a daughter of the basic pair of Johan Van Der Sterren. The sire is Black Jack, 100 % Hilaire Verhellen, the dame is old strain Johan Van Der Sterren (Bankier, 6th national Limoges). Annie had some other good birds in 2002. This is the cock 6557242/99, which won 72nd national Castres this season. The sire of this cock is a brother of the grandsire of Cirina, direct H. Smulders from his golden Kuypers-blood. The dame is direct Noël Peiren. Another cock won 12th provincial Marseille in 2002. The 449/99 is 100 % Noël Peiren. The cock 242/01 won 30th provincial Bordeaux and his full sister 292/01 won 71st provincial St-Vincent. Both are bred from 'El Varo' (direct P. Lazaroms X K. Oosterhof) and 779/92 (other brother from golden pair Kuypers from H. Smulders).
On the second last race of the season, Annie won again 1st provincial. The yearling hen 6435835/01 won on youngsters 8 days old on La Souterraine provincial 288p-1 and national 3277p-6th. The sire is Cobra (100 % Peiren) and dame is Carmen (M. Jacobs X Ducheyne-Scheirs). The loft Annie Wouters is well known is Belgium now, maybe all over the world. She will not forget the year 2002!