Dave van Zon (NL) wins, with his top pigeon "Joop", 1° National Ace pigeon Sprint WHZB-competition 2010

About 4 weeks ago the definite end results of the National ‘Wie Heeft Ze Beter’ Competition 2010 were published. A moment which many top pigeon fanciers had been eagerly looking forward to for weeks.

Included amongst them, the sympathetic Amsterdammer Dave van Zon, with the submission of the performances of his "Joop" he knew that he would be among the contenders. He eventually turned out as the 1° National Ace pigeon in the category Sprint .

Over the last few years Dave van Zon has belonged to the real toppers in North-Holland. He has achieved something unique every year for the last four years :

 2007      1°NPO Bourges against 8.593 pigeons
2008      1°NPO Chateauroux against 5.491 pigeons
2009      1°NPO Bourges against 6.819 pigeons
2010      1°Nationale Ace pigeon Sprint W.H.Z.B . 

The best performances of the NL 08-1349377 alias “Joop” are :

 Morlincourt      1/16454
Chimay           1/ 3366
Nanteuil         1/ 1219
Meer             1/  855
Strombeek        2/ 4471
Chimay           7/ 4249
Chimay           8/ 4505
Peronne         11/ 1032
Nijvel          19/ 1022
Morlincourt     24/ 2581
Nanteuil        27/ 8293
Nijvel          32/ 2982
Nijvel          33/ 4101  

In total this topper won 32 x prizes in 2009 & 2010 .

A few results from the last few years :

 Morlincourt       1–6–7–10–41–48-52-62-75-108-etc. against 16.454 pigeons
Breuil            1-4-15-16-18-25-41-55-66-71-etc. against  2.486 pigeons
Bourges(NPO)      1-10-19-40-54-141-155-159-etc.   against  6.819 pigeons
Chateauroux(NPO)  1-4-5-8-20-45-62-95-156-etc.     against  5.491 pigeons
Bourges(NPO)      1-2-4-137 against 8.564 pigeons s 


For the last few years Dave van Zon has also been successful in the 1-day long distance races. After having a  1st NPO victory for 3 years in a row, and now the consecutive 1st National Ace pigeon Sprint W.H.Z.B., we are very curious as to what Dave van Zon will achieve in the next racing year 2011 ……