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Klaus Stieneker (G) a dead certainty

Whoever follows the news closely knows that it is rumbling in the Eurozone. There is instability on the financial market and some banks have collapsed. It is quite the opposite with the pigeons from Klaus Stieneker.

They can be associated with the former German Mark. Just like this currency, the pigeons from Klaus Stieneker stand for power, health and above all, certainty. The worth of Klaus’s pigeons is well known. That’s why the ‘Stieneker bank’ was raided. In December 2007 forty three pigeons were stolen. Anno 2010  Klaus is showing that his pigeon consistency is firmly back at the niveau of  2007.

Klaus Stieneker lives in Lengerich, a place near Osnabrück, Germany. It is not just Klaus who races well with the pigeons. His daughter Franziska, together with her niece Lisa Rose, also race deservingly with the pigeons. This year the ladies raced first five times. Klaus raced first eight times. From 2001 up to and including 2010 the first prize was won 100 times from the entire competition. Klaus races against 270 members in the region .

Klaus forms the LBS-team, together with 2 other fanciers. During the car race in the Million Dollar Race, with pigeon  “Darja”, Klaus Stieneker, Frank Lehmkuhl and William Boes were, as a team,  given the keys to a brand new Mazda. “Darja” stems from two Stieneker pigeons. With this Klaus has proven that they are at home on this highest international podium. Klaus had demonstrated this earlier with his cock Carlos, which could be seen at the Olympiad in Oostende in 2007 .

DV 01654-04-1612  Carlos

 Olympiad pigeon 2007
3rd national ‘Ace cock’ 2006
3 x 1st
5 x 2nd
1 x 3rd
2 x 4th
etc. 29 prizes in 33 competitions 

Carlos is father of :

 DV 08-497    18 p18 prizes  1st, 1st, 3rd, 6th, 8th, 16th, 19th, etc.
DV 08-366    18 prizes  1st, 4th, 19th, 24th etc.
DV 07-1156   1,2,3,5 in 2010
DV 10-2600   1,21,40  6/6 in 0
And what about the DV 01654-95-1020 father of the
 DV 06-20     17 prizes
DV 08-488    14 prizes
DV 04-1617   33 prizes
DV 99-1019   31 prizes
DV 97-12     24 prizes
DV 06-7020   20 prizes

Direct pigeons of Klaus Stienker have been included in ‘Jewels of the sky’ by PiPa, including two children of Carlos. We encounter ‘German virtue’ here. In opposition to the uncertainty that there is with the euro, the Stieneker pigeons are stable in quality. The purchase of one of these pigeons will probably not yield a car immediately, so as by the LBS team, but will offer the real fancier plenty of chances to take advantage .