Koen Crucke from Geraardsbergen General Provincial Pigeon Champion East-Flanders - 2010

The thirty-two year old Koen Crucke from Onkerzele has just learned that he has been proclaimed General Provincial Champion of East-Flanders 2010 as well as having the first provincial Ace pigeon middle distance with his 4071520/09

Many pigeon fanciers can only dream of becoming provincial champion, but for Geraardsbergener Koen Crucke it is a dream come true. "I started in the pigeon sport in 2004 under the name of my father, Crucke Ivan. The interest began during the period that I got to know my wife. Her father, Depuydt Freddy, was active in the pigeon sport. This meant that my earlier hobby, cycling, took a back seat and the pigeon sport came into the picture more and more. In 2004 and 2005 I took care of the pigeons, together with my father, at my parent's house in Sint  Maria Oudenhove, sub-municipality of Zottegem. At the end of 2005 I moved to the Onkerzelestraat in Geraardsbergen and built a loft in the garden, together with my father-in-law. I started here independently in 2006." 

Koen has raced extremely well over the past few years and has already won many first prizes, he performed especially well in the extreme middle distance. This season was a top year for Koen. No less than eleven first prizes were achieved in the middle distance and long distance. The topper this year was a hen with ring number 4071520/09 which also won provincial Ace pigeon middle distance old birds, this with a coefficient of 1.167%. The hen raced thunderous results so as a 2nd against 660 pigeons from  Angerville; 3rd against 1113 pigeons from Bourges; 10th against 7613 pigeons from  Chateauroux; 1st against 942 pigeons from Chateauroux and an 8th place against 2230  pigeons from Bourges. This pigeon was also classified as 6th national Ace pigeon Grand Middle Distance. Koen also achieved the 8th place long distance youngsters, 9th middle distance youngsters and 12th sprint youngsters in the province East-Flanders .
Since Koen classified in four different subdivisions in the provincial championships, he was proclaimed general provincial champion and this will be made official on the 12th of February in the Salons Mantovani in Oudenaarde in front of more than 1000 guests.
Fancier Koen doesn’t leave anything to chance. All the pigeons receive the best care and all the pigeons are followed closely .

To make the Geraardsbergs success in the pigeon sport complete, Eric Brootcoorens from Idegem was proclaimed third general champion .