Jeroen van Vugt : Joke brings the victory from Nanteuil la Haudouin (10703 pigeons) to Ammerzoden (NL)

Province 7 begins under the smoke of s- Hertogenbosch. Names such as Hans Dekkers, Jan Hooijmans and Dick van Oort have made the big results there for years. Not many can compete with such violence.

The now 27 year old Jeroen van Vugt, whom we make this report about, is someone who seemingly doesn’t worry about this. His small blue hen, Joke, named after his deceased mother , brought home the12th teletext notation.
Jeroen van Vugt :

Jeroen came into contact with the pigeon sport in 1996, through a stray pigeon. Jeroen was so besotted with this bird that he was allowed to keep it. This resulted in Jeroen building a pigeon loft by his rural dike house on the Maas. In 1997 a start was made met the youngsters and it would have been in 1998 when Jeroen came into contact with Hans van Dal from Den Bosch. Hans had raced by the champions for years and thought that the youth should be helped. His pigeon lofts were built up with Houben pigeons and pigeons from Martien and Jan van Engelen from Hedel. At the time Hans had his 92-4007593, a real crack. In 1998 two hens from this pigeon moved to Ammerzoden. One of these is the grandmother of the Joke. Once started with these pigeons, Jeroen won a first national championship by the NPO youth championships 7 times. He was even crowned as best youth fancier WHZB of the Netherlands. So you could call him a champion at a very early age. I can further say that Jeroen is always busy for his pigeon club and is a specialist with the Unikon registering system.

He can always be found by the celebrations, parties and all events concerning the pigeon sport as Jeroen is always on the look-out for good pigeons. And when are they good here in Ammerzoden ? When the pigeons perform well. Names are not important. Early at the trap is what he likes. This is how he came into contact with fellow club member van de Luijtgaarden. The man bought Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons from Jos Huygens in Belgium. The man had a loft full of Freddy Vandenbrande pigeons, who in turn had them from grandmaster Gaby Vandenabeele.

Although the new pigeons were successful by Jeroen, a hen was purchased in the total auction of Piet Broeders, who was later loft carer by Jan Hooijmans.  Piet had been given this pigeon and it comes out the brother of Harry. This line gave Harry: 1st, 1st ,3rd NPO, Cees: 2nd,5th, 11th NPO, Laatje: 2nd, 12th NPO, Donkere Herman: 3rd NPO, Cheryl: 10th NPO. All this in the extreme  middle distance.

Sorrow and joy are close together:

Once it was known that mother Joke van Vugt didn’t have long to live Jeroen didn’t spend much time with his pigeons. Yet he had to carry on with the pigeons and so he coupled them. Jeroen soon noticed that his good Belgian breeder couldn’t breed anymore and had to find another cock for the hen from Jan Hooijmans. As a youngster the 06- 944 was already 3rd Ace pigeon youngsters in the Maasbode. He was then placed in the breeding loft and as a yearling bred the 613. This 613 won an 8th NPO from Ablis.

This could be a good coupling with the Hooijmans hen whose pedigree includes good performing pigeons. The coupling went well, but on the 28th of March 2010 fate stepped in. Mother Joke passed away and all the family was very upset and the pigeon sport took a back seat. After everything had been dealt with and things got back to normal the pigeons were once again taken care of extremely well. It had its effect of course but towards the end of the season for old birds things picked up.

The youngsters are darkened and lighting is also used. Lighting is used from 5h00  to 8h00 and in the evening from 20h00 to 23h00. The usual case of doing more. I saw that the general condition was improving over the last few weeks when I received the club results digitally.

The week prior to Nanteuil le Haudouin Jeroen also raced 1 to 4 in his club against 388 pigeons with a total of 50 % prize. The victory was the icing on the cake because Jeroen hadn’t actually seen the motivating factor for the small blue hen. She had come across a young long distance cock and that was the reason for all this violence. She was basketted for the fifth time and with this victory has earned her 4th prize and what a prize, i.e. the 1st against 10703 pigeons.

You deserve it