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Peter van de Merwe - Dordrecht (NL) crowns sensational weeks with National victory!!

Undisputed champion wise … that is how the last two weekends for Peter van de Merwe, the wonder man from Dort, can best be characterized.

After a double young bird semi provincial victory against 12,000 birds last week, this weekend he wins 1. provincial Peronne with young birds and as cherry on the pie … 1., 4. & 9. Nat. NPO Blois against 4,004 birds … also 1. National in section II … again Peters wondrous World strain writes pigeon history.

Winner on this National NPO Blois - also section winner - is the NL09-1192857 ‘Marcel’ … a blue yearling cock from Peters magnificent base. Father is no one less than ‘Cocktail’, winner of a/o 1. Peronne against 3,332 birds and 1. St. Ghislain against 1,815 birds … He already bred some phenomenal descendants …  like ‘Jaimy’ (1. Nat. yearling Best of the Best 2004 and 2x National top 10), ‘Miranda’ (1. prov. acebird middle distance 2002) and ‘Calipso’ (3x top 20 provincial). Mother to ‘Marcel’ is bred from two other toppers, ‘The Promise’ (2x 1. provincial against 44,240 birds and 25,745 birds) and ‘Replay’ … this ‘Replay’ is bred from the best Koopman lines (grandson ‘Lei’, ‘Mister Ermerveen’ and ‘Yi Min’) through sports friend Marcel Sangers.

Top breeder ‘Replay’
‘Replay’ showed to posses golden genes … up to 2009 he bred a/o already:
- ‘Nathalie’ with 1. NPO Chantilly against 30,074 birds
- ‘Pikeur’ with 1. provincial Ablis against 40,268 birds
- ‘Amigo’ with 3 x 1. prize, 1. acebird Drechtsteden 2007 and 9. Nat. racing cock WHZB 2007
- ‘Graz’ with 3x 1. prize and 9. NPO 12,905 birds, 29. NPO 10,976 birds, 37. NPO 10,909 birds

Furthermore grandchildren to this miracle already won:
- 1. Nat. section II Blois against 12,422 birds (‘Miss Lucky’)
- 1. Nat. section II Ablis against 18,911 birds (‘Mister Ablis’)
- 1. NPO Ablis against 15,871 birds
- 2. NPO Sezanne against 21,720 birds
- 5. NPO Chalons en Champ against 26,175 birds

More ‘Replay’ successes
And now again in 2010, another grandchild to ‘Replay’ grabs 1. Nat. section II Blois … but that is not all … Because nest brother to the mother of Blois winner ‘Marcel … therefore a direct son to ‘Replay’ x ‘The Promise’ … is again father to NL09-1192894, winner 4. Nat. NPO Blois. A close family of top breeders therefore. Mother to 894 is ‘Miss Lady’, winner of 1. Ablis against 3.484 birds, 4. Nat. Troyes against 9,981 birds, 7. Nat. Chateauroux against 12,074 birds, et cetera. ‘Miss Lady’ is a/o half sister to ‘Nathalie’ (1. NPO Chantilly against 30,074 birds), ‘Pikeur’ (1. provincial Ablis against 40,268 birds) and ‘Fleur’ (1. young acebird Drechtsteden 2002 and 7. Nat. young acebird 2002).

1. provincial 25,458 birds
The National success on Blois had a delicious meal for starters, offered by Peters NL10-1689236. That morning this little diamond staid ahead of a hunting crowd of over 25,000 juniors to become provincial winner on the race from Peronne. A great performance, backed up by great parents. Father is ‘Bauer’, the top cock that won 1. acebird middle distance Western European Nations Cup in 2004 and already father to 1. prize winners against 3,029 birds and 2,496 birds … He is already grandfather to winners of 1. NPO Ablis against 15,871 birds and 2. NPO Sezanne against 21,720 birds. Mother is ‘Sjoukje’, bought in auction of Foppe van de Meer and winner of 1. St. Quentin against 2,123 birds, 1. Boxtel against 1,308 birds, 3. Boxtel against 3,371 birds, 5. St. Quentin against 3,437 birds and 6. Heteren against 3,040 birds.

1. & 2. provincial (East) 12,000 birds
The top weekend of July 24th at Peter was preceded by an extremely successful Young birds race from Pommeroeul on July 17th … In combine Drechtsteden against 4,369 birds this top fanciers listed the super performance 1-2-6-8-9 (143 entered, 70 prize cards)  … it means 1. and 2. East and circa 12,000 pigeons in competition. Winner is NL10-1689372, from ‘Golden Classic’ (3. prov. Ablis against 40,268 birds, fastest Menen 27,000 birdsa and 1. Chantilly against 2,225 birds) x ‘Cher’ (5. Nat. Ablis 15,028 birds, from 1. prov. acebird ‘Miranda’) … Three seconds later and winner of silver medal is NL10-1689174, from ‘De Driebander’ of Foppe van de Meer (in big competition 1., 1., 2., 5., 6. prize and reserve Olympiad birds speed 2007) x a daughter to super founding father ‘De 608 Tournier’ …