Jos and Jacqueline Martens - Stein (NL) win International Tarbes 2010

At the start of the evening, just before seven o’clock the 08-1913978 arrived home. This cock had just flown for more than 12 hours from Tarbes to Stein, 963 km, a fantastic performance.

The honours list of the 08-1913978
· 1st International Tarbes 2010 against 15028p
• 1st National Tarbes 2010 against 2950p.
• 666th Provincial Periqueux 2010 against 3619p. • 109th National Bordeaux 2009 against 18023p

The 08-1913978 is extremely well cared for by Jos and Jacqueline. Every morning at half past five Jos lets the widowers train. They train until about seven o’clock. Whilst they are training Jos cleans the lofts. When the widowers go back inside the lofts there is a full soup spoonful of food in their dishes. These dishes are in all the boxes. Then it is time for Jos to hand over the care of the pigeons to his wife Jacqueline. When Jos goes to work, as support in the implementation of a landscaping business, his other half takes care of the pigeons. She removes any leftovers and around half past nine she gives the widowers nibbling seeds and peanuts. At four o’clock she gives the widowers a soup spoonful of food and the widowers then train again from five to six. Jos then takes over again. He removes any leftovers and checks everything over. When the time has come to basket the widowers then the hens are shown for an hour to half a day.

The pigeons are coupled in the middle of March. Youngsters are raised from the breeders and good racers. When the cocks show signs of wanting to pair again the hens are removed from the loft. The cocks then raise the youngsters. When the youngsters are weaned, the cocks go into widowhood. Prior to the widowers being entered for the long distance races they have already flown 1000km in the ´normal´ races. Then the widowers are divided over the races. Jos and Jacqueline race their pigeons in the ZLU National races. This year they began with 54 widowers, wherefrom twenty widow cocks are yearlings. Jos breeds approximately seventy youngsters. He has just less than twenty metres of lofts. In the winter Jacqueline and Jos take care of about 140 pigeons.
The pigeons here are coached extremely well. Jacqueline and Jos make sure that the pigeons receive an optimal sport coaching. They both fully trust Norbert Peeters for check-ups and where necessary, medical.
The sort of pigeons that Jos and Jacqueline Martens have in their lofts has been crossed, mixed and put together from good pigeons. They have pigeons from Busscher Alberts, out the 711. There are pigeons which originate from the Kuijpers brothers from Neer, pigeons originating from J. Steyns and Hein Janssen, in short, several sorts of pigeons which pushed up the quality of the Martens loft.  It’s not surprising then that several early pigeons arrived home early. Last year a ninth National Tarbes, 23rd Nat. Marseille and this year an eighth provincial Periqueux.

The widow cock and winner first International Tarbes 2010 comes out the 04-1249458 (m). This cock won 14th Bergerac province and 39th Cahors province as a yearling. In 2006 he was put to breed. The mother of the first International Tarbes is the 04-1249441.  The special thing about this couple is that a youngster, a full brother of the 08-978 has also won early prizes. And full brothers from 2006 have not yet missed a prize in the overnight races. The fact that the 08-1913978 has now won is then no coincidence or surprise. Jos and Jacqueline Martens have a magnificent breeding couple surrounded by a good stock of pigeons.