Loft Cor Leijtens, Oostelbeers (NL) Yet again ‘outstanding’ in 2009!

The chilly Spring hangs in the air, and the new 2010 sport season started during the Easter week… everyone began again with a ‘clean slate’. We all have one thing in common at the moment… each one of us (sometimes with fear) wait for what the coming weeks will bring in the pigeon sport.

Will the pigeons perform just as well, or even better, than previous sport seasons… will the condition be as good, or even better… will the number of prizes won go through the roof… are there nice victories within our reach?... No-one at the moment can think up a good answer… simply because everything depends on a number of factors so as weather, wind, temperature, mass…  and admittedly… often other ‘small details’! One thing is certainly clear… later you will only be able to reap what you have already sewn. The champions of today, are also the champions of tomorrow… some of them sometimes change places… yet ‘real toppers’ are rarely raced out of the pigeon sport. Simply because they have those ‘better pigeons’… often a stock of pigeons which have been bred for many years and with a tougher selection… so that he now lies above the ‘large average’. When fanciers are able to own such a better stock of pigeons, manage to get and keep their pigeons in an optimal condition… then top performances in the races generally the logical consequence… that’s also why year after year… apart from a few exceptions… it is nearly always the same names that jump out, who dominate the pigeon sport happenings at local level… which translates itself for the small majority in superior pigeon game up to provincial and even national level! These are men who not only have that loft of ‘better pigeons’… but also know how to make the business pay off to the full… who know how to approach the ‘hereditary determined performance limit’ of their pigeons, in some cases even manage to exceed them!

People who have managed to succeed for years in this set-up are definitely the Leijtens brothers from the Dutch Oostelbeers… active in the races as the loft ‘Cor Leijtens’… wherefrom Cor & Harry (‘Har’ to his friends) are the real pigeon fanciers.  We wrote in earlier reports that the loft ‘Cor Leijtens’ has already become the ‘Gebroeders Janssen’ of the 21st century. Not only because the family situation is identical and so matches perfectly to that of the famous brothers from the Belgian Arendonk… but also because in Oostelbeers they also shine in the sprint and middle distance…  even up to the 1-day long distance. Although it is difficult to compare the performances of say 30 or 40 years ago to those anno 2010… because the competition is much bigger and tougher, the professionalism that the pigeon sport seems to be taking more and more into its grip… etc.  In addition, Cor & Har have in the meantime managed to win several National Ace pigeon titles (as far as we know this was never achieved in Arendonk)… so as LAMMERT (1° Dutch Olympiad pigeon Sprint S.A. 2001), PENTIUM (also known as “2° WK” as 2° World Champion Long Distance), BENICIA (1° Nat Pigeon Champion Middle Distance 2005)… “907 from Amore’s Dirk” (the ‘Best cock ever from the Netherlands WHZB 2007’)… in addition to a heap of close places of honour! Last sport season, 2009, was no exception, the following ‘new toppers’ in the Leijtens lofts which in 2009 managed to win an ‘Ace pigeon title’ prove this:

-‘Kleine Bram’ NL06-4070064
Beautiful athlete and son of the ‘Bram 193/02’ (self son of the ‘Witpen Engels 865/01’, son of the famous top breeder ‘178’ by Jos & Jules Engels… x ‘Daughter Mandela 359/98’) x ‘Kleintje 005/03’, self 1° Ace pigeon Sprint C.C. Midebo 2006 (daughter of the top breeder ‘De 128’ 128/97 x ‘Briljantje 558/00’). This ‘Kleine Bram’ is the new pearl of the Leijtens colony and in 2009 achieved no less than 3 ‘Teletext’ notations… he won:
6° Nat Ace pigeon 1-day Long Distance 2009
2° Ace pigeon 1-day Long Distance Prov East-Brabant 2009

Blois        1.102 p.   1
    NPO      8.164 p.  10
Montluçon      992 p.   1
    NPO      7.926 p.   4
Blois          952 p.   2
    NPO      7.185 p.  11
Argenton     1.012 p.   3
    NPO      8.046 p.  18
La Souterraine 716 p.   7
    NPO      6.981 p.  29

-‘Kleintje Bram’ NL05-4004791
Also coming from the ‘Bram 193/02’ (self son of the ‘Witpen Engels 865/01’, son of the famous top breeder ‘178’ by Jos & Jules Engels… x ‘Daughter Mandela 359/98’) x ‘Kleintje 005/03’, self 1° Ace pigeon Sprint C.C. Midebo 2006 (daughter of the top breeder ‘De 128’ 128/97 x ‘Briljantje 558/00’). The ‘Kleintje Bram’ is a wondrous top racer with, included in her honours list:
1° Ace pigeon Middle Distance p.D.B. 2006
3° Ace pigeon 1-day Long Distance Prov. 33 in 2008
7° Ace pigeon C.C. Midebo 2009

La Souterraine 764 p.   4
Chateauroux    707 p.   6
Menen          992 p.   6
Strepy         976 p.   7
Morlincourt  1.072 p.   8
Blois          952 p.  15
Chimay       3.942 p.  16
Chateauroux    669 p.  17
Bourges      1.344 p.  18
Strombeek    1.363 p.  19
Haasrode       795 p.  20
Pommeroeul     560 p.  20
Strombeek    2.410 p.  23
Nantes       1.461 p.  23
Haasrode     1.401 p.  24
Chimay       1.197 p.  38.. etc.

-‘Aladin’ NL07-4101812
Daughter of the ‘Donkere 079/03’ (self grandson of the super breeder ‘Mandela 141/83’ with the ‘Koopman hen 414/99’… with as mother the ‘Blauwbont 156/97’, self 1° Ace pigeon Navl. C.C. midebo Ray 2 1999) x ‘Blauwband 112/02’, winner 1° Epehy 3.686 p., 3° La Souterraine 969 p., 7° Limoges 797 p., 8° Houdeng 4.015 d… etc. (and coming out ‘Son Pikkert 171/94’ from Boxmeer x ‘Daughter 2° WC Pentinum 445/99’). This ‘Aladin’-hen performed as follows:
1° Ace pigeon C.C. Midebo 2009 (with no less than 23/23!)
4° Best Hen National WHZB 2009

Bourges      1.344 p.   2
Montluçon      992 p.   4
Peronne      2.672 p.   6
Laon         1.408 p.   6
Morlincourt    904 p.   6
Nantes       1.637 p.   8
Lessines       992 p.   8
Pommeroeul   1.100 p.  12
Epehy        3.191 p.  15
La Souterraine 716 p.  16
Morlincourt    559 p.  16
Lessines     1.263 p.  18
Nanteuil     1.788 p.  19
Creil          550 p.  20
Lessines     1.137 p.  23
Nantes       1.461 p.  26… etc.

-‘Corry’ NL08-4107604
Daughter of the ‘Cor 091/04’, who is also father of the 1° Ace pigeon Late races Youngsters 2006 (a 100% Ad Scharlaekens pigeon) x ‘Daphne 259/02’, self 1° Ace pigeon CC Midebo 2005, 4° Ace pigeon CC Midebo 2004, 4° Nat. Best Hen WHZB 2005, winner 1° Nat Limoges NPO 5.927 p., 1° Vervins 4.243 p… (out super breeder ‘Mandela 141/93’ x ‘Tineke 313/98’). This ‘Corry’ has already laid down the following performance card:
3° Ace pigeon C.C. Midebo 2009

Nanteuil     1.207 p.   5
Peronne        467 p.   8
Nanteuil     1.788 p.   9
Pommeroeul   1.100 p.   9
Creil          550 p.   9
Peronne      2.057 p.  18
Chateauroux    707 p.  28
Morlincourt    904 p.  33
Strombeek    4.539 p.  52… etc.

-‘6° Asduif’ NL08-4107540
Excellent cock with the following honours list:
6° Ace pigeon C.C. Midebo 2009

Pommeroeul   1.175 p.   4
Strombeek    1.040 p.  6
Strombeek    1.363 p.   16
Epehy          729 p.  19
Morlincourt    904 p.  21
Pommeroeul   1.100 p.  31
Nanteuil     1.788 p.  39
Peronne      1.144 p.  40
Pommeroeul   3.504 p.  85… etc.

-‘Geschelpte Asduif’ NL07-4101265
Coming out the ‘Chequered 028/04’ (son of the ‘De 128’ 128/97 x ‘Licht Geschelpt 463/96’) x ‘Daughter Reneris 166/04’ (so out super crack ‘Reneris 523/99’ x ‘Oude Ring 2’ 352/99). The ‘Chequered Ace pigeon won amongst other things:
8° Ace pigeon C.C. Midebo 2009

Creil        1.559 p.   2
Nanteuil     1.207 p.  2
Menen          992 p.  16
Peronne        550 p.  23
Creil          467 p.  23
Strombeek    3.746 p.  30
Nanteuil     1.788 p.  32
Strombeek    2.419 p.  45
Morlincourt  2.745 p.  52
Pommeroeul   1.426 p.  57
Peronne      2.057 p.  66
Epehy        3.474 p.  77… etc.

What an opulence, to have such exceptional crack pigeons and ‘Ace pigeons’ at your disposal … at pigeon level it is… bathing in luxury!
So as we stated earlier, every year all the pigeon fanciers join in the dance with the ambition of being just as good, if not ‘better’, than the previous year! Although by some top colonies of the calibre Cor Leijtens the goals are at a lonely height… making it to obtain ‘higher’ and ‘better’. Whoever looks closely at the title wins (see bottom) will see that doing ‘better’ is almost impossible, let alone equalling the performances of 2009. The ‘supremacy’ of the modern Leijtens pigeon in its own area in 2009 has escalated to exceptional grandiosity.. the opponents were raced round in circles… in 2009 it was impossible to race against the Leijtens pigeons! Superior pigeon game and title wins at club level (C.C. Midebo) , which also translated into prominent title wins at provincial and national level so as:

1° Loft Champion Middle Distance ‘District A’ Prov East-Brabant
2° Loft Champion 1-day Long Distance Prov. East-Brabant
2° Ace pigeon 1-day Long Distance Prov. East-Brabant
6° Nat Ace pigeon 1-day Long Distance

Being ‘top’ in the Sprint to the ‘1-day Long Distance’ every week… is not for many! It must be about 3 years ago that we first met the Leijtens-brothers for the first loft report… and we dare to admit, that we have not met many fanciers who can ‘take care of the pigeons’ as well as Cor & Har… real ‘toppers’ at that level… real ‘stunners,’ to put it in Dutch terms! When you also know that the current Dutch toppers so as Gerard Koopman and a certain Bas Verkerk have sat by them on the ‘learning chair’… then you will understand what we mean. Especially when you see the gratitude of both ‘grandmasters’ for what they have learned from the Leijtens family, because this ‘further education’ in Oostelbeers… has given them direct success and result in their own lofts! Admittedly, since we have got to know Cor & Har, they have also taught us the necessary pigeon wisdom, which has contributed to an improvement of our won loft performances… credit where credit’s due! Maybe this ‘feeling’ for pigeons (or for animals in general) was imparted to them as children… by coming from a ‘farming family’, and so interacting with animals on a daily basis. There seems to be no doubt that these people can therefore put themselves in the place of the animals (in our case: the pigeons) better… and handle them more… with a positive influence on the performances! People who understand the art of not only exploiting the ‘full return’ of their pigeon stock… but also continuing to breed the ‘super genes’, which their pigeon stock obviously contains,  into the descendants! A stock built up with pigeons from Jos Van Limpt (alias the ‘Klak’) from Reusel, say the pure ‘Janssen-Arendonk’-pigeons… in crossing with later reinforcements of pigeons from Ad Schaerlaeckens, Flor Engels & Sons, Gerard Koopman, Co Verbree, Gerard & Bas Verkerk! For anyone who is interested in the goings on behind the scenes of the Leijtens colony… how they manage to keep achieving top performances… we would like to refer you to our previous loft reports, where we have already explained these themes in great detail! You can find them in the PiPa-archive!

Final conclusion: just ‘top’!
Cor Leijtens, a name that is gradually becoming A1 in the Netherlands… belonging to the absolute top in Sprint and Extreme Middle Distance! For our part, call it ‘top performances’ based on an old reliable stock of super pigeons, coupled with a healthy dose of ‘pigeon feeling’ from the carers … which apparently forms the fitting combination for achieving a ‘maximum return’ with astounding performances in the pigeon sport! Congratulations Cor & Harry… and we wish you a just as successful 2010!

Summary of the top [performances from 2009 achieved in C.C. Midebo

10/5 Creil      3.730 p. 8-15-16-22-34 (40/54)
23/5 Bourges    1.344 p. 2-3-10-18 (7/19)
         NPO   11.535 p. 6-7-51-102 (8/19)
24/5 Peronne    2.057 p. 3-9-18-27 (22/36)
31/5 Nanteuil   1.788 p. 1-2-7-9-11-19-20 (42/50)
07/6 Argenton   1.012 p. 3-4-8-15 (13/17)
         NPO    8.046 p. 18-19-50-86 (13/17)
07/6 Creil      1.633 p. 7-13-16-19-20 (16/35)
20/6 Blois      1.102 p. 1-8-24-34 (13/20)
         NPO    8.164 p. 10-49-110 (13/20)
21/6 Nanteuil   1.207 p. 1-2-3-5-10-11-14-16 (15/34)
04/7 La Souterraine 716 p. 7-8-16 (7/20)
         NPO    6.918 p. 29-32-70 (8/20)
11/7 Creil        550 p. 9-20-23 (6/10)
13/7 Strombeek  1.040 p. 3-6-7-9 (13/41)
18/7 Chateauroux  707 p. 2-6-25  (9/20)
         NPO    5.677 p. 14-71 (10/20)
19/7 Pommeroeul 1.175 p. 1-4-9-16-17 (17/33)
01/8 Morlincourt  904 p. 6-12-13-15 (33/49)
09/8 Strombeek  1.363 p. 9-10-11-12-16-17 (32/50)
16/8 Lessines   1.263 p. 3-18-20-21-22 (23/49)
22/8 Orleans      877 p. 10-20 (4/10)
23/8 Pommeroeul 1.100 p. 6-7-9-10-12-13 (27/49)
29/8 Epehy      2.447 p. 7-8-9-10-12 (25/68)
29/8 Epehy        930 p. 1-2-11-12 (29/49)
05/9 Orleans      606 p. 1-4 (6/10)
05/9 Epehy        729 p. 2-3-8-15 (30/49)
12/9 Peronne    1.463 p. 3-4-5-13-14-15-16 (39/66)
12/9 Peronne      467 p. 2-4-8-9-11 (27/40)

(prizes achieved 1:4 or per 4)

Championships C.C. Midebo  + District 2 from 2009

1° 1-day Long Distance C.C  Not nominated
1° 1-day Long Distance C.C. Nominated
1° Super Champion 1-day Long Distance C.C.
1° Long Distance Youngsters C.C. Not nominated
1° Middle Distance Old birds C.C. Nominated
1° Super Champion Middle Distance Old birds C.C.
1° Sprint/Middle Distance 2 Old birds C.C. Not nominated
1° Sprint/Middle Distance 2 Old birds ‘District 2’ Not nominated
1° Sprint Old birds C.C. Not nominated
1° Super Champion Sprint Old birds C.C.
1° Late races Old birds C.C. Nominated
1° Late races Old birds ‘District 2’ Nominated
1° Late races Old birds C.C Not nominated
1° Late races Old birds ‘District 2’ Not nominated
1° Super Champion Late races Old birds C.C.
1° Super Champion Late races Old birds ‘District 2’
1° Super Champion Total C.C.
1° Sprint Old birds District 2 Not nominated
1° Super Champion Sprint District 2
1° Late races Youngsters ‘District 2’ Not nominated
1°-3°-6°-7°-8° Ace pigeons C.C. Old birds
2° Long Distance Youngsters C.C. Nominated
2° Super Champion Long Distance Youngsters C.C.
2° Super Champion Sprint/Middle Distance 2 Old birds C.C.
2° Super Champion Sprint/Middle Distance 2 Old birds ‘District 2’
3° Middle Distance Old birds C.C Not nominated
3° Sprint-Middle Distance 2 Old birds C.C. Nominated
3° Late races Youngsters C.C. Not nominated
3° Sprint Old birds District 2 Nominated
4° Sprint/Middle Distance 2 Old birds ‘District 2’ Nominated
5° Sprint Old birds C.C. Nominated