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Passing of Silvio Mattacchione (CA) (Update: obituary)

We learned of the passing of Silvio Mattacchione, a very well known Canadian pigeon fancier. He wrote a lot of articles regarding the pigeon sport. Silvio died on Monday 1-29-2024

Update: you can find his obituary here

The daughter of Big Andy wrote this text that we like to publish: 

With our deepest sympathies goes out to Silvio Mattacchione’s family. Someone so special will not be forgotten, wonderful memories that you have left behind will live in forever. You were always so kind,patient and helpful to so many around you.You were an amazing writer, and wrote so many wonderful articles for the pigeon community. You always were a wonderful sports man, you will always be in our hearts forever and always

May our friend, Silvio's soul rest in peace .. prayers 


And also Jim Gabler sent a text about this great personality:

It's with great sadness that Silvio Mattacchione from canada  ( icon of racing pigeon sport ) passed on 1-29-2024 .

Silvio, may have been one of most knowledgeable pigeon racers in canada as his birds were around the world ...

Silvio, for over 5 decades was the number 1 writer of pigeon history , racing and stories related to our pigeon sport  ( over 130 different most interesting articles that were so well done that they were published around the world ... one of his most recent articles was on  belgium's Racing Sensation mr Jelle RoZiers and his very last (to be published in march 2024)

USA.. Texas legend 

Silvio's family was at his bed side  when he pass peacefully..

Prayers for Silvio and his family will be shared by millions around the world .. his writings will be saved forever !!!

Jim Gabler, USA 
A friend forever