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Stéphane Depasse-Lardenoye (Wagnelée, BE) - Super star on Barcelona

They always come to the fore on the yearly big appointment and they allows other fanciers to do so: the pigeons from the Depasse-Lardenoye combination are always on the Barcelona classic.

The members of this combination are known to be true specialist of this fantastic race since the early 2000's. Indeed, we can find them back ranked early on the national result of this race for the first time in 2005 with the 87th & 96th national prizes against 12.998 pigeons. Since then, they missed a price inside the national top 100 only 5x on the 19 last editions of this legendary race, winning at the same time the 4th-7th & 9th (2x) national prizes with no less than 22x into the national top 100 as well as a Bronze Wing. Quite remarkable as well, the prize percentage close from the 70%. 

The name Depasse-Lardenoye sounds familiar to the ears of the people following closely this race especially knowing that Jo Lardenoye is himself a former national winner of the race & considered as a true specialist of it in The Netherlands. Their performances were likely seen by many fanciers seeing the amounts of references to the names of Stéphane & Jo. Indeed, each year represents for them an opportunity to strengthen the list of their references. Last year, Ludovic Sempos won the 5th national Barcelona against 6.533 pigeons thanks to 'Penelope'. The basic lines of the Depasse-Lardenoye combination are running through the veins of this hen. 

While browsing through the pedigree of 'Penelope', we can find back the traces of 'Darka Barca', tremendous breeder for the combination and still in top condition despite his 15 years. 'Dark Barca' is also a half-brother of 'Adrien' (4. Barcelona nat 11.802 p.) and of 'L'Espoir' (9. Barcelona nat 12.612 p.). But if we are talking about him today, it is for his great abilities as a breeder: he is himself father of 'Amby' (9. Barcelona nat 7.874 p.) and of the '197/18' (13. Perpignan nat 2.643 p.) but he is also grandfather of 'Penelope' raced by Ludovic Sempos.

'Dark Barca'.

In 2020, Patrick Lhoest won the 2. Barcelona national against 6.178 pigeons with a 100% Depasse-Lardenoye pigeon while the same year, Joel Alexandre won the 1. Aurillac national against 2.849 pigeons with a pigeon whose origins were from Depasse-Lardenoye. Let's remember that on the same race, the Depasse-Lardenoye combination won the 2nd national place thanks to 'Luchi'.

The 'Blauwe Dure'

Those who already paid attention to this combination knows perfectly that the colony was built around their own strain and that the new introductions are very seldom. Talking about this, one of the pigeons who brought a major input into the stock loft was the 'Blaude Dure', a original hen from Bert Saarloos who is managing one of the best marathon loft of The Netherlands and whose breeding loft is built around the Noel Peiren pigeons. This 'Blauwe Dure' is a granddaughter of several famous pigeons from Peiren: 'Magic Barcelona' (1. Barcelona nat & 2. International 19.089 pigeons) & 'Prins Barcelona' (7. Barcelona nat en 2000). She is also a great-granddaughter of the famous 'Artiest Barcelona' (2. Barcelona nat & 4. International en 1993).

The 'Blauwe Dure'.

What are her references in the breeding loft ? This 'Blauwe Dure' has several significant breeding references to her name since she is mother of the following pigeons: 
1. Agen Nat ZLU against 5.578 pigeons in 2020
11. Marseille Nat ZLU against 2.735 in 2019
9. Agen Nat ZLU against 5.578 pigeons in 2020
24. Agen Nat ZLU against 5.449 pigeons in 2023

That's what we can call a quality purchase! With such a breeding material, we have not yet finished to hear about the performances from this loft!