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The Leideman brothers are unmatched in 2023

The Leideman racers powered through the 2023 racing season like a hurricane! With an incredible thirteen (!) large victories - occupying the complete podium 10 times - we conclude they are the best performing allround colony in the Netherlands.

Although that isn't all; the Leideman pigeons ensured success for other fanciers in the Netherlands and abroad! Bert: "This is a great confirmation of our successful breeding strategy. A strategy in which three breeding lines - Goed Grijs, Silver & Golden Dream and Wolfgang Roeper - create a perfect synergy. The fact that these pigeons succeed on the highest level, not only on our lofts but on countless others, under varying conditions, proves what we have known for years: the quality of the pigeon makes all the difference!" 

Before André and Bert go into the Top 3 highlights (with a lot of pride) of Leideman pigeons on other lofts, we would like to first give and overview of highlights achieved on their own lofts in 2023. "Short and concise, if we must", André says humbly. In this case these results say more than enough; the best loft of the Netherlands brought down to a beautiful Delftware tile:

The brothers are ‘hot’

André and Bert are not easily embarrassed but after saying they are 'hot' within pigeon sport, they begin to smile and blush a little. Nonetheless, it is something we can't ignore; everyone is talking about the Leideman brothers. Everyone knows they win a lot, but the way they win - with a phenomenal lead and often followed by a sensational series of top results - is something people can't stop talking about. Something which is also remarkable; the successes of other fanciers with Leideman bloodlines. There were countless examples in 2023, but for Bert and André there were three absolute highlights. 

- Foppe Van Der Meer (NL): Olympiad pigeon with Olympic Femke

André and Bert talk about Foppe Van De Meer's performances with a lot of praise. He is a family friend and gifted reporter, but certainly also an excellent pigeon fancier. Foppe has a great eye for top quality and Leideman pigeons now form the most important share in his stock. This has resulted in countless top performances, but most glorious Leideman contribution was NL22-8022236 Olympic Femke. A fantastic yearling that achieved the following incredible results:

  •       1st Nat. Olympiad pigeon Cat. G Yearlings 2023 
  •       1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance World Best Pigeon 2023
  •       1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Allround World Best Pigeon 2023 
  •       1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance PIPA Ranking 2023 
  •       1st Etroeungt 5,066 p. / 4th TXT 14,071 p. 
  •       1st Chalons 2,069 p. / 4th - 6,110 p. 
  •       1st Arlon 1,764 p. / 3rd – 8,536 p.
  •       2nd Arlon 2,374 p. / 10th – 11,396 p.
  •       10th Weert 4,047 p. / 27th – 18,442 p.

Olympic Femke is a full sister of the 11th Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance NPO 2023 (with a/o 1st Arlon 2,374 p., 1st Weer 2,116 p.) and half-sister of 1st Zutphen 11,284 p., etc., etc., ...

Father is a direct Gebr. Leideman from  ‘590 Son Goed Grijs’ x ‘Sister Douglas’. 

Mother is Elaine, a top racer herself and winner of 1st Beek en Donk 15,023 p., 2nd Zutphen 11,284 p., 7th Duiven 11,339 p. and 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Speed Young birds PIPA Ranking. She is a granddaughter of the Leideman pair, Gustavo x Eva (daughter Goed Grijs).

- Ype Hemstra (NL): 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon NPO/WHZB/TBOTB with Nieuw Goed Grijs

Another phenomenon in 2023 which took on Dutch pigeon sport is the NL22-8018685 Nieuw Goed Grijs of Ype Hemstra. The name already hints at her descent. This super hen is blessed with the genes of Goed Grijs; her father is a double grandchild of this Leideman legend! Nieuw Goed Grijs reached the highest step of the National podium in the competition NPO/Wie Heeft Ze Beter/The Best Of The Best:

  •       1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance NPO/WHZB/TBOTB 2023
  •       1st Etroeungt 1,299 p. / 6th TXT 14,071 p.
  •       1st Arlon 1,039 p.
  •       9th NPO Chalons 6,112 p.
  •       49th NPO Dizy Le Gros 5,029 p.
  •       50th NPO Sourdun 5,703 p.

So far in her short career, Nieuw Goed Grijs has won 1st-1st-1st-2nd-2nd-4th-4th against an average of 300 pigeons. 

 - Neuhaus & Zoon (DE); 1st National Champion Yearlings 2023

Not for the first time, father and son Neuheus have the brother Leideman to thank for another highlight in their pigeon sport career. Blue Princess became Olympiad pigeon Cat. A 2020-2021 with a/o 1st Prov. 291 km 7,891 p. and 2nd Prov. 394 km 9,368 p. Winning the prestigious title of 1st National Champion Yearlings Germany 2023 means a lot to Friederich and Frederick. "This title is owed to Leideman pigeons for at least 50%", says the elder Neuhaus. 

Recently, two sensational One Loft Race achievements can be added to these references; 1st Super Ace AS Golden One Loft Race Greece 2022 and 3rd Final AfrikaPRO OLR 600km 2023. Underlining the notion that Leideman pigeons win often, all around the world, and under all circumstances!