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Kristof Mortelmans (Ranst, BE) discovered a fantastic team of yearlings in the past season

With fantastic results on Agen and Narbonne with his yearlings, Kristof Mortelmans can start the 2024 season with a lot of confidence.

After the top results of National Ace Pigeon Barcaras Red Ace, National Marseille winner 'den Dave' and many provincial vicrtories, everybody knows the veterinary-fancier from Ranst. This year he discovered a super team of yearlings for extreme long distance racing. 


Agen was the first chance for the yearlings (born in 2022) to prove themselves on an international classic, the start of their extreme long distance careers. A total of 57 yearlings were basketed and it immediately became clear that Kristof was working with a talented generation. 

Results Agen

National (6,667 Yearlings)

Zonal (3,096 Yearlings)

Provinciaal (945 jaarse duiven)

The first pigeon from Agen this season was BE22-6049391. She is a sister of the first pigeon clocked by Kristof a year earlier as 2nd Prov. Agen against 1,164 yearlings. Both a half-sisters of Daan, Best Old bird Belgian Extreme Long Distance races across 3 races in 2022. 

Daan won this PIPA Ranking in 2022 after winning 3x National Top 100 on the races from Pau, Sint-Vincent and Perpignan. A phenomenal bloodline! 


Narbonne had to confirm what the yearlings had previously shown at the end of June on their first international classic. Kristof was not disappointed by the 44 yearlings which made the journey to Narbonne. 

Results Narbonne

National (6,100 Yearlings)

Zonal (3,135 Yearlings)

Provinciaal (777 jaarse duiven)

The first yearling from Narbonne was BE22-6049384 bred from son Red Ace.

The second yearling which arrived, BE22-6049463, is a son of Dave, 1st National Marseille 2021! 

Kristof Mortelmans his best pigeons are also bred from proven cracks, that much is clear. 

Dave, 1st National Marseille against 1,882 p. 2021


Kristof only sent 4 pigeons on the long journey to Zimbabwe, for the Victoria Falls OLR. Despite this small team, the results were phenomenal! With his pigeon Jolly, Kristof won 6th Final, 10th Super Ace and 11th Grand Average across 27 races! 

Father of Jolly is Son Red Ace (NL17-1261928), a son of Kristof's 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Extreme Long Distance Barcaras Red Ace paired to a daughter New Laureaat x Kleine Jade. 

This pair was part of a deal between Kristof and Hugo Batenburg after Barcaras Red Ace moved to Hugo's loft after winning the National Ace Pigeon title. Co-breeding which resulted in an amazing achievement! 

Mother of Jolly is Sister Jamie (BE15-6204712), a daughter of Dannie Narbonne (Raemdonck-Ruys) and Donker Vetsje (Paul Vets). 

Stock pigeon Jelle

Kristof build on his strong stock of pigeons, year after year. He builds this stock around Jelle: "He is present in almost all my pigeons' pedigree", Kristof explains. 

"The pigeon that won the title of 1st Ace Pigeon Antwerp Flying Club this year is also a son of Jelle." 

Many stars from past seasons are now parents of a new, talented team of yearlings. We will undoubtedly hear more from Kristof and this talented generation from 2022 in the years to come!