Sakis Minovgioudis (Alblasserdam, NL) and his Claessens breed have had a wonderful season

Sakis Minovgioudis has been very satisfied with his Ludo Claessens descendants, which have won several prizes both in his own loft and the lofts of his colleagues. He quickly realised that he had to look for pigeons of Claessens in Putte if he wanted to achieve good results in the most important races, and he has never regretted his investments.

Sakis Minovgioudis was born in Greece but he moved to The Netherlands at an early age, and that is where a few friends of his introduced him to the sport. He came into contact with the famous Ludo Claessens a few years later and the two got along very well. This was shortly after Ludo’s big auction in 1995. Sakis visited him in 1996 and he was happy to obtain two of his late youngsters. He continued to introduce Ludo’s pigeons in his own breed over the years, and he quickly started to make improvements. It was in Ludo’s loft that he learned the ropes, making him a successful fancier and bringing success to other lofts as well. Ludo Claessens’ biggest asset is his understanding of how to breed special pigeons.

The first major success came in 2000 when Sakis won the title of best young bird in The Netherlands in the WHZB competition and the title of Vredesduif with Akropolis NL00-5053016. This unique pigeon won a 1st Menen 3,045 pigeons and a 1st Peronne 3,075 pigeons in its year of birth.

Sakis moved in 2004 and he started keeping a team of old birds’ in his new loft, which is when the first real top class racing hens started to appear in the results. He invested heavily in Claessens pigeons in 2003, with notably the Meeuwke 12 NL03-1272712. This pigeon proved an essential investment, as she has now become his best breeding hen.
He also obtained Super Crack Talent NL08-1660055, which is a son of Jonge Supercrack, the number one breeder of Ludo, who had also advised him to get this pigeon. This Super Crack Talent has become a real eye catcher in the loft of Sakis, and he was joined by another son of Jonge Supercrack later on, the Bont Beauty NL07-1935832. Sakis owns three phenomenal stock pigeons, which are all directly bred from the world famous Supercrack ’69 and Jonge Supercrack 941.

The 2014 season

Sakis focused on the races of over 300km in 2014, and he was particularly successful with the following pigeons:

Greek Power NL12-1609176 has won the following prizes:

Mantes la Jolie 28-6-2014  380 km    1 -   1,302 p. Drechtsteden
                                     6 -   5,940 p. Rayon East
                                     9 -  11,883 p. South Holland (9th fastest release)

Beauty Santorini NL13-1229543 achieved a number of great results this season:

Sens  12-07-2014  419 km            1 –  1,543 p. Drechtsteden  
                                    5 - 12,993 p. South Holland (5th fastest release)

The Great Corban NL14-1050867 managed to win a top result in the following two races:

Sens      419 km  13-09-2014        1 –  2,257 p. Club Med and also:
                                   11 - 16,965 p. Sector 2                                 
Nanteuil  331 km  23-08-2014        5 -  1,445 p. Rayon A Drechtsteden 

This is a son of Bont Beauty. Greek Rod NL11-1733420 (Meeuwke x Bont Beauty), a highly talented breeder for Tomasz Wiczling from Poland, was in fact bred from Bont Beauty as well.

His best result came in the last young birds’ race from Sens, where he achieved a 61% prize percentage in a fairly difficult race. Sakis won a 1st, 21st, 27th, 36th, 39th and 40th prize against 2,257 pigeons in middle distance club MED, with two youngsters of Bont Beauty winning an early prize. He had 14 pigeons finish in the top 50 in the district against 1,109 pigeons, achieving a 68% prize percentage.


His number one stock hen is Meeuwke 12 NL03-1272712, which was purchased in Ludo Claessens’ 2003 auction and bred from Supercrack 69 x Golden White. She is a full sister of Yeti and a half sister of Jonge Supercrack. The Supercrack 69 and his son Jonge Supercrack can be found in the pedigrees of most of the champions of Sakis Minovgioudis. Click here for an overview of pigeons from the line of Supercrack.

One of the sons of Meeuwke is Pure Gold NL05-1387609, which is the sire of:

Mantes la Jolie           1 -  1,302 p.
Moeskroen                 1 -    575 p.
Strombeek                 2 -  1,739 p.

He is also the sire of NL10-1678315, and one of his daughters, the NL11-1733342 (Black Shadow) did really well:

Peronne          247 km   1 -    898 p. 
Pommeroeuil      170 km   1 -    728 p.
Ronquires        144 km   3 -    800 p. 
Sens             419 km   5 -    521 p. 
Quievrain        175 km   8 -    890 p. 
Meaux            347 km  10 -    723 p. 
Chateauroux      600 km   5 -     166 p. 
Mantes la Jolie  380 km   5 -     168 p.
Nanteuil         331 km   8 -     351 p.
Sens             419 km   8 -    173 p.
Peronne          247 km  10 -    403 p.

She has won an impressive 22 prizes per ten.

Pure Gold is also the sire of NL08-1533604, which in turn has bred thee different first prize winners:

Nivelles    1 - 828 p.
Pommeroul   1 - 247 p.
Meer        1 - 400 p.

Pure Gold has also bred Super 155 NL 06-1062155, which is the dam of several first prize winners:

Sezanne     1-  632 p. 
Creil       1 - 591 p.
Peronne     1 - 552 p.  
Pommereoul  1 - 429 p.
Creil       1 - 196 p.
Chateauroux 1 - 166 p. (Misses Thessaloniki II NL12-1609170)


Sakis is an honest man and he thinks that, besides the invaluable advice of Ludo Claessens, a lot of his success can be attributed to Henk De Weerd. He often turns to Jelle Roziers for advice as well.


The impressive career of Sakis tells us that his continuous dedication, discipline, devotion, as well as some stubbornness, and of course a great love of pigeons, have allowed him become such a successful fancier.