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Father and sons Cuffel (Montivilliers, BE) join the select club of International Perpignan & Barcelona winners!

Only very few fanciers can say that they have won both International Perpignan and Barcelona. The Cuffel family have recently joined this select club, after having won 1st International Perpignan with ‘Juda’ last summer.

In 2015, they won 1st International Barcelona with The Special One, which later became a breeding star on the lofts of Batenburg-van de Merwe. The two international races were comparable; slow speeds with very few arrivals on the day of release. The Cuffel pigeons thrive in such conditions! 

The Special One versus Juda

In contrast to The Special One, who was sold and received countless breeding references in Klaaswaal, Juda (FR20-0002343remains on the breeding lofts in Montivilliers. Father Gerard Cuffel and his sons will breed with this 1st International Perpignan 2022 against 12,302 pigeons themselves. 

Perpignan '22 was not the first race on which Juda showed himself. As a yearling, he was the first to reach the loft on the interprovincial race form Perpignan. It was a taste of what he would achieve later in his career, with the international victory as the absolute highlight. 

Juda is a son of Le Bleu Batenburg, a grandson of the New Laureaat (1st International Barcelona 2013) and New Witbuik (1st National Barcelona 2012). 

Mother is Megan Fox, a granddaughter of Blauwe Artiest (De Zutter and son) and Boris, 1st Int. Marseille 2003 (Robert Vaneycken). 


Juda was not the only pigeon which ensured success on Perpignan as Emballeur (FR17-0150070) - a full brother of Juda - also managed a phenomenal result, winning 6th International Perpignan!

The brothers Juda and Emballeur were the absolute stars, but the other pigeons basketed on the international race from Perpignan (27 in total) also performed extremely well. They managed the following result: 

1-6-8-216-251-680-725-801-1015-1719-1897-2677-2809 (13/27)


They were already very close in 2020. Gerard and his sons Sylvian and Mathieu were just beaten and their top racer Delpeche won 2nd International Perpignan against 11,237 pigeons. 

Xander XXX, father of Delpeche

The (breeding) loft of the Cuffel family houses a lot more quality than the pigeons mentioned above. Amongst others, several half-sisters of The Special One, a sister of Delpeche (Yelena), a sister of Juda and Emballeur (Justine), etc strengthen the stock. Find some of these cracks from the Cuffel family below. 

With two international victories on the extreme long distance classics, the Cuffel family became world-famous. Undoubtedly, we will hear a lot more from this family of ambitious fanciers and their strong stock of pigeons in the years to come. The quality on the lofts is certainly there!