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Doc Team Delhove (Villers-la-Ville, BE): the latest Barcelona sensation

With the International victory on Barcelona against 16,897 pigeons, Doc Team Delhove confirmed their status on international extreme long distance races.

Dr. Delhove experienced the highlight of his rich career this past season with an international victory. It was the ultimate reward for the whole Doc Team Delhove-Paesmans Bouffa, which is made up from a total of 5 people. 

The winning hen, Blue Night (BE19-1067685), is a small hen which managed to beat the whole flock with a speed of 998,40 m/min. A beautiful performance that becomes even more impressive knowing that Dr. Delhove decided to go all in on this Spanish classic only 4 years ago. To realize his goal so quickly, is nothing short of pure class! 

Blue Night was bred form a son of Red Messi and Miss Milos from Verweij-de Haan. The mother is a hen from co-breeding with Noël Peiren and is a 100% Cor De Heijde. She is a granddaughter of Don Michel from De Heijde. Don Michel won a/o 17th Perpignan 5,479 p. and 21st Perpignan 7,195 p.

Blue Night was raced Barcelona 2022 on a youngster of 4-5 days old, after having flown several preparatory races, including the national races Bourges I and Valence. 

That the international victory doesn't come out of the blue, is proven by previous results on earlier editions of Barcelona. In 2021, 10 pigeons were basketed of which 9 won prizes. However, the pigeons were not prepared well enough. They had flown too few kilometers in advance to battle for the win. In 2020, Dr. Delhove and his team won 3rd Nat. and 12th Nat. Barcelona against 6,178 pigeons, good for a 12th and 52nd International against 12,315 pigeons! They were already close to the victory in Villers-la-Ville back then. 

The 3rd Nat. Barcelona 2020 was won by Diva Barcelona, BE18-1160367. This diva was bred from Black de Heijde, another direct cock from Cor De Heijde and also a grandson to his Don Michel. Mother is a daughter of Donna Lena from Nico Volkens. Donna Lena won 4th Int. Barcelona against 20,699 pigeons. 



Let us give an overview of the results achieved by Dr. Delhove in the past 3 years on Barcelona with the following national prizes: 

2020: 3-12-340-509-684 against 6,178 pigeons (5/11)

2021: 468-510-581-825-843-918-1378-1541-1548 against 6,913 pigeons (9/10)

2022: 1-79-92-130-188-329-429-433-707-720 against 6.560 pigeons (10/14)

It is clear that Doc Team Delhove are the ones to watch in the coming editions of the Spanish classic...


Working towards his Barcelona victory, in the past years Dr. Delhove sought the best pigeons for extreme long distance racing. In his search, he went by amongst others Cor De Heijde, Noël Peiren, Jelle Jellema, Verweij-de Haan, Nico Volkens…in short; investments were made in the highest quality, with the preference for the best marathon racers from the Netherlands. Especially the introduction of pigeons from De Heijde, Volkens en Peiren were highly successful. From Cor de Heijde, as we have learnt in the meantime, it is mostly the bloodline of Don Michel which ensures success, together with a/o Super Barca 986 and Violet Barcelona. Both Jewel Barca One and Jewel Barca Two are daughters of this breeding pair. 

From Nico Volkens the lines from a/o Donna Lena and The Don do especially well. From Peiren we find mostly the lines of Nero and Magic Barcelona. 

Dr. Delhove & Cor de Heijde

The targeted purchases from Jellema (Silke, Evi) and Verweij-De Haan (Chanel Messi, Red Messi, Miss Milos) did the rest. Please enjoy the follow breeding gems which were collected by Dr. Delhove in Villers-la-Ville: 

A strong and motivated team 

Despite the love for the game, it is not evident for Dr. Delhove to practice pigeon sport at its fullest. Due to a lung infection caused by pigeons, he is forced to enter the lofts with a face mask. This isn't always pleasant, for example in warm weather. Nonetheless, Dr. Delhove as the manager, can rely on his other team members including his nephew Diego and granddaughter Maxima. Many hands make light work and despite the high ambitions, Dr. Delhove could make his dream reality thanks to the help of his great team. The international victory on Barcelona is therefore all the motivation Team Doc Delhove needs to continue their great work!