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Roger Debusschere (Lokeren, BE): supplier of National Ace Pigeons

With the 3rd National Ace Pigeon KBDB, several ace pigeons in France, and a fantastic series of 1st Prize winners and cracks, the Debusschere pigeons show their exceptional class in 2022.

Continuously searching for the ‘best of the best’…

Not many fanciers will have as much quality on their lofts as Roger Debusschere...even fewer are always searching for better. The focus is mainly on the national races, from heavy middle distance to extreme long distance. Once he has set his mind on certain pigeons, Roger can only rest once he has these quality breeders on his lofts. That these pigeons often cost a fortune doesn't concern Roger. Every hobby - a passion in Roger's case - has a price card. What to think of all the 1st National winners and superior ace pigeons that are part of his 'Royal Collection'. 

Roger is more a breeder than a racer. His goal is to find new pairs which bring forth new super pigeons. Pairs which, with their breeding value, ensure full return on investment. Racing on his own lofts is more to enjoy pigeon sport to its fullest, and to regularly see pigeon friends. His partner Damien Baert - racing under the name Baert-Debusschere - is the first in line to test the top class pigeons which are bred at the Roger Debusschere breeding lofts. A collaboration which benefits both men. It has resulted in 2x 1st National victories, with Mexence: 1st Nat. Tulle in 2014..and with Mexendre: 1st Nat. Bourges in 2020. This not only proves the world-class quality of the Royal Collection which Roger has built, but also the skills of Damien Baert. A true fancier! 

Several other pigeon friends also got the opportunity to test Debusschere racers on their lofts. One of them is Maxime Renaud from Erre (Fr). This turned out quite successfully for this French fancier. The Roger Debusschere pigeons led him to the national top, with an impressive list of national ace pigeons and championship titles to show for it, including; 

1.-4.-5.-6.-8.-9. Nat. Ace Pigeon Young birds Fr. 2020
1. Nat. Ace Pigeon France (100-300 km) 2020
1. Champion ’All categories 1 Region’ 2020
2. Nat. Champion France (500-750 km) 2020
3. Nat. Champion France ‘All categories’
4. Nat Ace Pigeon France 2021
7. Nat Ace Pigeon Young birds France 2022…

We assume that he is satisfied with the reinforcements from the Royal Collection of Roger could do a lot worse...

3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance Yearlings KBDB 2022 with a 50% Debusschere pigeon

in 2022, the descendants of the 'Royal Collection' of Roger Debusschere also played a leading role on the national extreme long distance races. The most noteworthy example is from the East-Flemish municipality Bassevelde on the lofts of Geert & Koen Couvreur. They won the 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance Yearlings KBDB 2022 with their Special Johan (BE21-4122291), with the 39th Nat. Agen against 7,331 YL and 63rd Nat. Narbonne against 6,014 p. in 2022. The father is Son Double Kaasboer (BE20-936) of the PEC (co-bred wit Double Kaasboer of Team BDS, with Daughter Porsche PEC). The mother is a direct Roger Debusschere, Mora's Lexus (BE20-4181389)...a daughter of Lexus FR15-413338 (4th Int. Ace Pigeon 2018, 2nd Nat. Pau 2,830 p., 34th Int. St. Vincent 9,458 p., etc.) x  Mona BE18-4216314 (direct E. Meirlaen from Superbreeder 214/11 x Daughter Starlight 440/11). Mona's Lexus was bought in a PIPA auction (mid-January 2021). Her first breeding results were an immediate success!

Quality always comes first and good pigeons, come quickly. This resulted in a 3rd National Ace Pigeon KBDB!

New quality injection: Willem de Bruijn and Marcel Wouters

Roger Debusschere his career in pigeon sport can be perfectly described as a never ending search for new gems. Always searching for better. Pigeons that can take a leading role in terms of performances, that dominate, excel and above 

In this search for better, Roger came to Westmalle to visit Marcel Wouters (looking for the old stock of 'de Leeuw', 'den Ad' and 'de Extreem') and crossed the border to The Netherlands to see the legendary Willem de Bruijn in Reeuwijk, South-Holland.

Roger found the top class he was looking for in the pigeons of Willem De Bruijn from Reeuwijk. Children from icons such as Uranus, Floris Junior, Apollo Junior, Indiaan, Ozosnel, Garmin and Hunter earned their spot on the breeding lofts, with Broer Jacob as valuable breeder and Golden Willem as the superstar. This son of Gijs x Marianne has bred 2 generations of 1st Prize winners and many Top 10 winners! 

Direct 1st Prize winners and an abundance of cracks

Both Roger and Damien were eager to find out how the first rounds from the newest quality injections - the pigeons from Willem De Bruijn and Marcel Wouters - would perform. Would these pigeons immediately blow away the competition? Would their class lead directly to top results? It didn't take long before this was the case. The results exceeded all expectations. We would like to point out several talents of the young bird team in 2022: 

-Willem 001 BE22-4196001            

2. Pont    831p.              
2. Pont    639 p.     
4. Ecouen  950 p.            
4. Ecouen  692 p.
9. Ecouen  338 p.            
10. Ecouen 508 p.
10. Pont   674 p.            
11. Pont   906 p.
13. Ecouen  786 p.            
19. Ecouen 1,136 p.

A 100% Willem De Bruijn, bred from Big Willem NL17-1279435 x Willempie NL20-982.

- Double O Four BE22-4196004                       

3. Pont   674 p.             
4. Pont   906 p.
5. Ecouen  950 p.             
5. Ecouen  692 p.
5. Ecouen  786 p.
6. Ecouen  508 p.             
6. Ecouen  338 p.
10. Ecouen 1,136 p.
etc., …

Also a 100% Willem De Bruijn from ‘329 Willem’ NL20-329 x Floorke NL21-1194006

-Crackje Willem BE22-4196005.                                

2. Ecouen  508 p.            
2. Ecouen  338 p.
2. Pont   1,076 p.           
2. Pont      819 p.
3. Ecouen  950 p.            
3. Ecouen  692 p.
4. Pont   703 p.            
4. Pont   536 p.
5. Noyon  396 p.           
6. Noyon  382 p.            
11. Ecouen  786 p.     
12. Pont   674 p.
13. Pont   906 p.       
17. Ecouen  1,136 p.
etc., …

A fantastic young bird, who certainly knows how to fly in front of the flock. This too is a 100% Willem De Bruijn from ‘121 Willem’ NL20-221 x ‘141 Willem’ NL18-141.

The pairing between the super lines of Olympic Niels (Van Dijck) x den Ad (Wouters) also immediately led to spectacular results...

-Super 048 BE22-4196048.                      

2. Ecouen    950 p.         
2. Ecouen    692 p.
3. Pont     819 p.            
6. Pont  1,076 p.
6. Ecouen 786 p.  
8. Pont    906 p. 
8. Pont   674 p.
8. Pont   639 p.   
9. Pont   906 p.
etc., …       

A super pigeon! This Super 048 was bred from Grandson Olympic Niels BE20-6103183 (Dirk Van Dijck) x Ad Extreem BE20-6249069 (direct Marcel Wouters).

The absolute winner at Baert-Debusschere is without doubt Primus BE22-4196013, bred from FR16-016 x Blauwke Chateauroux BE17-4180413 (1st Prov. Chateauroux 3,061 p., 4th Nat. Chateauroux 18,499 p., a 100% Bernard Van Renterghem). A crack with 4x 1st Prizes on his palmares.

-Primus BE22-4196013

1. Pont  1.076 d.           
1. Pont     819 d.
1. Pont     831 d.           
1. Pont     639 d.

Also 1st Prize winners and 3 Ace Pigeons in France

Would this abundance of talent also show themselves in France at Maxime Renaud? Maxime received 18 youngsters from Roger Debusschere from new pairs to race with. These pigeons dominated races from start to finish, leading to several 1st Prizes and no less than 3 Ace Pigeons. We would like to introduce 5 stars to you further.

-Ace 210 BE22-4196210.                                                    

1. Ace Pigeon ‘Groupement Douai’
7. Nat. Ace Pigeon France 2022

1. Pont  1,754 p. 
2. Sermaises 1,206 p.
7. Orleans Saran 1,314 p.
13. Pont  1,539 p.
13. Pont  1,270 p.
18. Arcy  267 p.
32. Nanteuil 1,547 p.
etc., …

A 100% Marcel Wouters, bred from Ad Extreem BE20-6163674 x Daughter Ad 742 BE16-6076742 (daughter Den Ad: 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2012, 1st Olympiad pigeon Cat. B 2013 Nitra)

Nest mates Ace Pigeon 211 and Arcy 212 are both 1st Prize winners bred from a cross between Marcel Wouters x Benny Steveninck. 

-Ace Pigeon 211 BE22-4196211                    

6th Nat. Ace Pigeon France 2022
1. Sermaises  1,206 p.
3. Arcy  267 p.
3. Ecouen 1,638 p.
6. Nanteuil 1,547 p.
13. Pont 1,754 p.
14. Sermaises 2,493 p.
etc., …

Bred from a cross between de Ad Kaasboer 023 BE17-6149023 (direct Marcel Wouters, grandson of the worldfamous ‘Den Ad’) x 972 Benny BE19-972 (direct Benny Steveninck).

Nest mate of this 6th Nat. Ace Pigeon in France - named Arcy - also proved he carries 1st Prize winning genes, and even won 2x 1st Prize as a young bird:

-Arcy 212 BE22-4196212

1. Arcy  267 p.  
1. Nanteuil  1,547 p.
5. Bourges  268 p.
24. La Souterraine 422 p.
70. Orleans Saran 1,314 p.

Another new cross which proved to be successful was that between Benny Steveninck pigeons and the world-class stock of the late Dirk Van Dijck. From this pair, a new Ace Pigeon was bred:

-Dirkje 220 BE22-4196220                     

1. Ace Pigeon Long Distance ‘Groupement Douai’ 2022
3. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Young birds Region 2022
2. Chateauroux 182 p.  – 38. Region 2,688 p.
3. La Souterraine 422 p. – 21. Region 5,265 p.
4. Bourges 268 p. – 129. Region 4,527 p.
30. Orleans Saran 1,314 p.
31. Nanteuil  1,547 p.

This Ace Pigeon is bred from a cross between Steveninck x Van Dijck, more specifically ‘Benny 983’ BE19-983 (direct Benny Steveninck) x Granddaughter Olympic Niels BE20-6103200 (direct Dirk Van Dijck).

-Willem 228 BE22-4196228               

1. Ecouen  1,675 p.
4. Arcy  267 p. 
4. Ecouen  1,638 p.
10. Bourges  268 p.
18. Orleans Saran 774 p.
93. Chateauroux 2,688 p.

This winner is from the same breeding pair as Willem 001/22 at Damien Baert-Debusschere and is thereby also a 100% Willem De Bruijn, bred from Big Willem NL17-1279435 x Willempie NL20-982.

Golden Investment

Being able to hand over such phenomenal results after the first rounds of breeding in 2022, it is fair to say the investments were golden. Pigeons that immediately dominate and excel on the results list, and beat the bunch several times with beautiful victories. This was just the start, as these were only the first rounds. With the new golden bloodlines of the Dutch legend Willem De Bruijn, Marcel Wouters and the Olympic Niels lines of Dirk Van Dijck, a new chapter in the success story of Roger Debusschere has begun. 

Golden Willem the absolute star amongst the direct Willem De Bruijn pigeons 
This son of Gijs x Marianne has already bred 2 generations of 1st prize winners and many Top 10 winners!