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Kristof Mortelmans (Ranst, BE) set the standard for extreme long distance racing in 2022

Kristof Mortelmans has been a renowned name when it comes to extreme long distance racing for some time now. Titles and victories on the longest distances are regularly added to his already impressive palmares.

2022 was another confirmation for Mortelmans

Kristof Mortelmans will have another busy winter, with many award ceremonies of various championships to attend after another super season. It is the price of performing, as in 2022 the name Mortelmans is well represented at the largest competitions and championships in the extreme long distance category. Amongst the most prominent achievements from the past season we find: 

  • 1st Provincial Champion KBDB Extreme Long Distance 2022 (just like in 2021!)
  • 7th National Champion KBDB Extreme Long Distance 2022 (3rd in 2021)
  • 1st General Champion Antwerp Flying Club 2022
  • 1st PIPA Ranking across 3 International races 2022
  • 1st National and 3rd International Best Perpignan pigeon 2021-2022

Time and time again, it were Kristof's stars who showed themselves when it counted. Especially when things got tough, these pigeons were in their element and could be found at the top of the charts:

  • 2nd Prov. Agen
  • 2nd Prov. Marseille
  • 3rd Prov. Perpignan
  • 3rd Prov. Pau
  • 4th Prov. Cahors
  • 5th Prov. Libourne

In addition to the results above, there were top results on Pau, Agen and Perpignan, also in terms of prizes percentages. 

A rock-hard stock 

Kristof houses several athletes on his lofts which can do just that little extra, compared to 'normal' racers. These pigeons are rock-hard and will stop at nothing to reach their home It is something that separates them from the flock. A beautiful example of one of these cracks is Jelle (BE12-4019241), one of the first pigeons to put the name 'Mortelmans' on the map. Jelle managed to take 3 provincial podium spots on the most prestigious long distance races and was crowned 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB. The following top results shine on this beautiful cock's palmares: 

  • 1st Provincial Libourne
  • 2nd Provincial Limoges
  • 2nd Provincial Montauban

After his racing career, it turned out that Jelle was also capable of breeding racers that perform at the highest level. He is father and grandfather of several top racers who have made winning their trademark. 

Jelle: a Mortelmans phenomenon

A grandson of the above mentioned Jelle, is Dave (BE19-6187554): winner of 1st National Marseille 2021. Dave was the only pigeon in the province Antwerp to reach his loft on the day of release, an exceptional feat. He was clocked late in the evening after nearly 900km and more than 13 hours of continuous flying. This shows that Dave must have exceptional stamina; a typical Mortelmans pigeon. 

Dave: 1st National Marseille

Barcelona continues to be the holy grail of (inter)national pigeon racing. A race every fancier dreams of. This race is followed world-wide by everyone with the slightest interest in pigeon sport. It was from this Spanish release site that Pauline (BE19-6187565) took the victory in the province Antwerp: 1st Provincial Barcelona against 909 p. and 22nd National against 6,916 pigeons on one of the countries furthest distances. As a yearling, Pauline already showed herself on the 2 international classics from Agen and Narbonne, later taking the victory on the iconic race from Barcelona as a 2 year-old. A truly fantastic hen, in which Kristof sees a lot of breeding potential. 

We could go on and on. Besides Jelle, Dave and Pauline there are plenty other cracks on the Mortelmans lofts. What to think about the Best Belgian Marseille pigeon that goes by the name Kobe (BE14-6193173).

Superb results at the One Loft Race in Mira

A fantastic quality measure for a pigeon stock are the well-known One Loft Races, as many top fanciers participate with descendants of their best pigeons. Kristof Mortelmans sent 2 pigeons to Mira for the European championship and finished with a fantastic 5th place.  

With all these sensational results, it seems like the Mortelmans colony has a bright future. This young stock of pigeons in the hands of a skilled fancier, who has a tough selection procedure and thought out breeding strategy. We will undoubtedly hear more from this champion in the coming seasons.