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New auctions: Collectors Items, Jos Cools, PIPA Breeding, Europa Masters OLR & Wim De Troy

Monday the 10th of October these new auctions will start: Collectors Items, Jos Cools, PIPA Breeding, Europa Masters OLR & Wim De Troy

Collectors items
International top-class pigeons

Children of icons - which are often no longer alive - or pigeons from renowned bloodlines that have developed intro fantastic breeders. PIPA aims to track down these "collectors items" and bring them to auction. In this auction, a beautiful selection of unique pigeons - especially for the connoisseurs! The lots include direct pigeons from the best of Gaby Vandenabeele, Batenburg-Van De Merwe, Norbert Ally, Ken Easly, Gino Clicque, Mike Ganus, Davy Tournelle, N. & F. Norman, PIPA Elite Center and Verweij-De Haan.

Jos Cools (BE)
Youngsters from the best breeders & racers, in addition to performance pigeons

Jos Cools has been one of the stars of the sprint races in the strong Tienverbond for years. It has already earned him numerous national ace pigeon and championship titles. The fantastic stock couple Miel x Octavia is anchored in the colony and generations of descendants are breeding new top racers. The ace pigeon Jonge Winnetoe, from the famous Raket … but also children of top pigeons such as Remco (3rd Nat. Ace pigeon), Primus (3x 1st ace pigeon with 7x 1st prize), Cher Ami (1st ace pigeon & super breeder) and mother Remco.

PIPA Breeding (BE)
Children from the best breeders

How the Best Kittel family has quickly risen as one of the most influential bloodlines in the speed disciplines and One Loft Races worldwide is simply sensational. PIPA Breeding cherishes the foundation that led Dehon-Demonseau to several 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Speed KBDB since 2015. Available in this auction are some exclusive gems, such as the first brother in auction of the newest phenomenon Grizzle Best Kittel (5x 1st and 6x 2nd behind loftmate); bred from 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Best Kittel II x Daughter Goed Grijs Leideman...son of 1st Super Ace Victoria Falls Victory Best Kittel x his own mother...and children from super pairs such as Best Kittel x Shakira and Blue Best Kittel x Shakira...from Junior x Mother Best Kittel and Junior x Mother Victory Best Kittel...from Daniel x Super daughter Best Kittel and Best Kittel x own super sister...and from Blue Best Kittel x Mother Best Kittel II. 

Europa Masters OLR
Final winners and ace pigeons

The Europa Masters in Romania is a OLR flown under selective conditions. It is a prestigious OLR with a program which separates the men from the boys. Training flights up to 95km in the warm summer months are followed by 4 Hot Spot races, varying from 122 to 333km. The final race was flown on September 1st across 420km with 577 pigeons participating. The pigeons didn't have it easy, the winner reached an average speed of 937 m/min whilst only 45 pigeons returned to the loft on the day of release. Pigeons from across the world race here to win, and the toughest most successful pigeons are on offer in this auction on PIPA. 

Wim De Troy (BE)
Children from the best racers and breeders

In 2020, the Belgian super loft of Wim De Troy wrote history with the 1st-2nd-3rd Nat. Argenton against 23,280 pigeons. Wim De Troy is not a new name in pigeon sport, he has excelled with his pigeons in Berlaar for years and years. Exclusive pairs were put together especially for PIPA, which led to this unique auction. Amongst others children from Wout x Iron Lady (both 1st Nat. winners) and Wout x Nafi (both 1st Nat. winners), from Moonshine (1st Nat. Argenton), from Miss Anvers (1st Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB) … and from super breeders King Boudewijn (father 1st-3rd Nat.), Mister X (father 1st Nat.), Hercules (grandfather 1st-2nd-4th-6th Nat.), Den 092 (father 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB) will be available. A greater collection of class is not easily found!