The last shipment for the Derby Arona Tenerife is coming

The Derby Arona Tenerife, one of the most beautiful one loft races in the world. The pigeons fly over the Atlantic Ocean. The Canary Island with a great climate, full of beautiful volcanic landscapes, makes Derby Arona a unique experience for both man and pigeon.

Don't miss the last shipmnents to Derby ARONA:

  • USA: 5-14 October
  • Germany. 8/9 October
  • Romania: 8/9 October
  • Belgium: 15/16 October
  • Netherlands: 15/16 October
  • Slovakia: 20 October
  • Portugal/Spain: 30 October

1 active + 4 reserve pigeons incl. transport: € 370

The 4 reserve pigeons can be activated after 5 races.

Participate and win!