New auctions: Etienne Meirlaen, Rudy Van Reeth Special, Pallatt KBDB Elite, One Loft Race Special & Big Andy's OLR.

Monday the 26th of September these new auctions will start: Etienne Meirlaen, Rudy Van Reeth Special, Pallatt KBDB Elite, One Loft Race Special & Big Andy's OLR.

Etienne Meirlaen (BE)
Ace Pigeon special

Etienne Meirlaen has ruled extreme long distance races in Belgium for many years. If it isn't the grandmaster himself who manages a top result, it is one of the many descendants of his champion colony on other lofts. With Yelena as absolute stock hen, Etienne knew many successes, including National KBDB Ace Pigeon titles with amongst others Cor, Marathon Lady, Perpignan Lady, Best Of Belgium, All In One, Olympic Monar, VIPau etc., etc. In this auction, a select group from parents, children, brother and sisters of National Ace Pigeons will be available; an auction of exceptional quality!

Rudy Van Reeth Special
Children from top breeders

As a speed specialist, the world-famous Rudy Van Reeth shines on the short and middle distance races...those who went to get pigeons from this star, were never disappointed. Countless examples across the world confirm this. The super breeder Pitbull runs through the whole of his colony, supplemented with the best lines of Dirk van den Bulck, Stefaan Lambrechts and Leo Heremans. Available in this auction are original Rudy Van Reeth breeders, bred from the best pairs such as Inbred Kittel x Daughter Sister Bolt … Son Kittel x Daughter Brother Goede Rode … Son Nieuwe Olympiade x Daughter Pitbull … Goede Rode x Sister Superke … Den 2000 x Half sister 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon … Son Kittel x Daughter 2000 … Den 2000 x Daughter Sister Bolt … and De Vale x De Super Duivin.

Pallatt KBDB Elite (UK)
Youngsters from children National KBDB Ace Pigeons

The English star Dean Pallat houses a majestic collection of quality pigeons on his breeding lofts. Besides his unique Jelle Jellema collection, he also owns many children of 1st National KBDB Ace Pigeons. Dean has put together some beautiful pairs and will offer their youngsters here on PIPA; exceptional KBDB quality. These include children from brother and sister New Kim, 1st Nat. KBDB at Gaston Van De Wouwer...from brothers and sisters of Nadine and Sara, both 1st Nat. KBDB Ace Pigeons at Willy Daniëls...from Porsche 911 and Louise, PEC superstars...(double) grandchildren from 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Armando of Joël Verschoot...grandchildren from the 1st Nat. KBDB Ace Pigeon Golden Prince of Gino Clicque...and (double) grandchildren Bonte Crack, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Anthony Maes...

One loft race special

One Loft Races across the world are the season highlight for many fanciers. Top fanciers more and more chose to test their pigeons on a global stage. They send youngsters from their best pigeons to amongst others the Victoria Falls Classic, Derby Arona, Golden Algarve Classic, Pattaya OLR, etc., etc. Some pigeons turn out to have specific qualities for this specific discipline, which is often characterized by selective conditions. In this auction on PIPA, a selection of super One Loft Race pigeons from known fanciers will be on offer. This edition includes pigeons from amongst others Mike Ganus, Alfons Klaas, Hardy Krüger, Jürgen Altmiks, Kemper Pigeons, Samuel Mbiza, Pieter Veenstra, etc.

Big Andy's OLR
Final winner and ace pigeons

Andy Larentzakis has a great impact on pigeon sport in North-America. As middleman, Andy ensured that top quality pigeons were regularly shipped from Europe to North America. Descendants of these imported pigeons often found their success at one of the many One Loft Races held in America. Andy decided to organize his own one loft race, and for some years now Big Andy's International One Loft Challenge is held in Spring Hill, Florida. Children from the best breeders and racers from the best fanciers participate. The winners and ace pigeons of this new prestigious one loft race will be on offer in this auction, here on PIPA!