Wendy and Sophie Doldersum (Almelo, NL) triumph in the Grand Prix of Juniors Nanteuil in Province 9 against 3,204 pigeons

The Grand Prix of Juniors Nanteuil, held last Sunday 11 September, was won in Department 9 by Wendy and daughter Sophie Doldersum. And fittingly they also won the 1st Quievrain Department 9 against no less than 10,576 pigeons, on the same day.
Enrico with his wife Wendy, the children Sophie and Twan and (the late) Jan Doldersum

Once again the Doldersum family can look back on a wonderful season. For several years now, two combinations have been played from 1 yard. Enrico, even after the death of his father Jan (on August 20, '21) plays under the name J. Doldersum & Zoon. Wendy is playing, after she first played under the name Wendy Doldersum, this year, together with daughter Sophie (10 years) under the name Wendy and Sophie. Daughter Sophie is a real animal lover and loves to work with animals, including the pigeons, rabbits and the dog. Pampering, grooming and taming the youngsters is one of her favourite pastimes. Every day she spends at least half an hour between the youngsters. In addition, she has a number of decoy pigeons that she also breeds with and also tames. She also helps with the basketing of the youngsters for training and actually always goes along to the club.

Both combinations have been racing hard for years, especially in the sprint races. "Best Fancier of the Netherlands", 1st and 10th Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance (Comp. De Allerbeste) and the 9th Nat. Ace Pigeon Youngsters WHZB/TBOTB are some of the highlights of 2021. You can read all the highlights of recent years in this report. Now, too, in 2022, they again performed excellently, which resulted in the following championships (CC Midden Twente):

1st Young Nominated: J. Doldersum & Zoon(11th year in a row)
2nd Young Nominated: Wendy & Sophie
1st Speed Not nominated: J Doldersum and Zoon
2nd Speed Not nominated: Wendy & Sophie
1st Speed Designated : J. Doldersum & Zoon
1st Vitesse Not nominated
2nd One Day Long Distance Designated
2nd Middle Distance Designated
4th Middle Distance Not nominated
4th One Day Long Distance Not nominated

It goes without saying that a whole series of great results were achieved in these championships. You can see some of these below:

Quievrain 299 km 4.223 p.: 1-4-5-14-15-16-36-49-72-85-87-etc. (22/23)
Beek en Donk 114 km 4.277 p.: 1-3-7-28-37-38-40-41-46-47-67-71-83-etc. (57/102)
Bierges 229 km 2.535 p.: 1-3-6-10-13-17-23-27-36-37-38-46-64-66-71-etc. (45/75)
Nanteuil 450 km 1.574 p.: 1-7-11-13-20-22-23-36-64-67-74-87-99-etc. (32/68)

With the old pigeons a prize percentage of no less than 80% (1:3) was achieved and in addition 1st prizes were won no less than 7x in the CC or Department:

1st Weert Dept 9 CC3 3.615 pigeons
1st Quievrain Dept 9 CC3 2.035 pigeons
1st Beek en Donk Dept 9 CC3 4,277 pigeons
1st Bierges Dept 9 CC3 2,535 pigeons
1st Bierges Dept 9 CC3 824 pigeons (also fastest of 3,217 p)
1st Nanteuil Dept 9 3,204 pigeons
1st Quievrain Dept 9 10,576 pigeons

As read from the title of this report, the Grand Prix of Juniors Nanteuil in Department 9 was won by Wendy and Sophie. Responsible for this achievement was the NL22-5128831.

NL22-8128831, 1st Nanteuil Dept. 9 (3.029 p)

The hen that delivered this top performance has a number of parents and grandparents that would make anyone jealous. Her sire is Son Best Kittel out of Best Kittel x Jackpot's Diamond, in other words, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Sprint 2017 KBDB X 10th Nat. Ace Pigeon Sprint 2017 NPO. Mother is a daughter of Koperen Co (4th Nat. Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance 2016) X Annemarie (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon 2018).

On the same day, September 11, that the Grand Prix of Juniors Nanteuil was won, another impressive victory was booked by Wendy and Sophie. At Quievrain the NL21-1564099 won the 1st Department 9 against no less than 10,576 pigeons. The overall performance of Wendy and Sophie was also one for the books. They had 11 pigeons with them and achieved 100% wins. This earned them the title of Grandmaster in Department 9 and the National Baste Clean Sweep.

NL21-1564099, 1st Quievrain Dept. 9 (10.576 p)

With the 1st Quievrain against 10,576 pigeons, this hen was definitely has definitely proven her mettle, as the following performances show:

1st Quievrain 10,576 p.
14th Quievrain 2,070 p.
24th Arlon 2,092 p.
57th Nanteuil 1,881 p.
58th Chalons 2,640 p.
79th Chalons 1,544 p.

This top hen is a half sister of the 2nd Olympiad pigeon Middle Distance Romania '22, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance '21 (Comp. The Allerbeste) and the 10th Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance '21 (Comp. De Allerbeste).

On August 6, Enrico (J. Doldersum en Zoon) won a 1st prize with NL22-8129381. This hen was victorious at Bierges against no less than 6,752 pigeons (Dept 9, Combination Kr.1).

NL22-8129381, 1st Bierges (6.752 p)

With Son Best Kittel as father, this blue white feather hen is a half sister of the winner of the Grand Prix der Juniors Nanteuil Province 9 on presentation above. She is also a half sister of the previous 1st Ace pigeon Prov. 9 and the previous 5th Nat. Ace pigeon.

Another wonderful performance was delivered by NL21-7056462. This cock, raced by Wendy and Sophie, won a 2nd Quievrain Dept. 9 against no less than 11,801 pigeons. The total result in Department 9, with a 100% score 1:3 (18/18), was also worth looking out for.

NL21-7056462, 2nd Quievrain Dept. 9 (11.801p)

In addition to this 2nd Quievrain, he has shown often that he is made of the right stuff. He won, among other things:

2nd Quievrain 11,801 p.
8th Quievrain 1,537 p.
31st Nanteuil 1,881 p.
64th Beek en Donk 3,535 p.
90th Arlon 2,092 p.

The sire of NL21-462 is a son of Junior (son Best Kittel) x dam Best Kittel. Mother is a top breeder who also had a good idea of what prize racing was. She won a.o. 2nd NPO Dept. 9 Morlincourt (3,065 p) after 1 loft mate and 3rd NPO Dept. 9 Melun (1,493 p) after 2 loft mates.

A family, with love and passion for the pigeon sport

The pigeon sport has been practised by the Doldersum family for decades. In the distant past, there were two grandfathers and various relatives of Enrico, who were active in the pigeon sport. Father Jan, who unfortunately passed away way too young, took over, and through his father Jan, Enrico also ended up in the pigeon sport. Through Enrico, Wendy also gained more and more interest in the pigeon sport and as the youngest member of the family we now see their daughter, Sophie making her debut in the pigeon sport. Top pigeons, and certainly also this love and passion of the whole family for the pigeon sport, have ensured the many successes at a National level for years, especially in the sprint races.