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A report on the British International Championship young bird race from Guernsey on 10th September 2022

Lance Gunn
2,520 young birds went to Guernsey with the British International Championship Club. They were liberated at 10.07CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

First open and first CS section was a young hen on 1390mpm over 138 miles for Lance Gunn of Southwick. Lance's winner was bred by Kevin Gillam of Croydon and the sire and dam were bred for Kev by Les Pinfield and Bob Carter. Racing back to a four day old squeaker this hen trapped well on arrival home. 

Topp & Mann

Topp and Mann of Rayleigh were second open and first ES section with a young bird on 1347mpm over 200 miles. Mitchel's first pigeon was a Gaby x Zwols hen containing Mark Evans and Formula One bloodlines. On the Gaby side it was Pre-Olympic and Lady Lucas, with the Dream Pair on the other side. It was sent just paired and having built a large nest. 

Sparks & Dallas

Sparks and Dallas of Gravesend timed a young bird on 1346mpm over a distance of 185 miles to take third open and second ES section. Tommy and Pauline's pigeon was bred by Brandon Webb of Wales with the sire being an inbred Planet Brothers' Van Loon. The dam came from Norman Sibley and is a half-sister (inbred) to the fed cock that won 38 x firsts and contained pure Coulleman bloodlines. 

Tim Pierpoint

Tim Pierpoint of Sheerness was fourth open and third ES section on 1345mpm over 197 miles. Tim timed a Belgian hen bred by a small Antwerp loft and sourced by his friend Bob Fenech. Tim had two pigeons arrive together and the second one was bred from stock from Colin Fagg of Hartlipp. 

Mr and Mrs Hume from Rochford timed a young bird on 1342mpm over 203 miles to take fifth open and fourth ES section. 

Freddie Hadley & Family

Freddie Hadley and Family of Leigh on Sea were sixth open and fifth ES section with a youngster on 1341mpm over 200 miles. Freddie's young cock was bred by Dean Garrett from Feltham in Middlesex. It had races with the Thames and North-Eastern Counties FC before being sent to Guernsey with the BICC three weeks previously. It also had plenty of private training in between. 

John Cowlin

John Cowlin of Hullbridge was seventh open and sixth ES section on 1340mpm over 202 miles. 

Darren Simmons of Mayland timed a young bird on 1332mpm over 209 miles to take eighth open and seventh ES section. 

Lee Bastone of Burnham on Sea was ninth open and eighth ES section with a young bird on 1331mpm over a distance of 208 miles. 

Completing the top ten and in ninth ES section is Dave Bastone of Althorne with a youngster on 1321mpm over 208 miles. 

Around the sections 

D & J Novis

D and J Novis of Brighton were second CS section on 1277mpm over 142 miles. The partner's winner was bred by Peter and Leon McMahon and purchased in the Reigate breeder buyer sale. The breeding is three quarters Brockamp and one quarter Gaston van de Wouwer. The bloodlines are James Parker's National Beauty when paired to a Brockamp hen from Crammond and Langstaff. 

Malik & Khan

Malik and Khan of Tolworth timed a young bird on 1270mpm over 163 miles to take third CS section. The sire of third section was the Unrung Cock, bred from Tipsey x Beauty Blue, when paired to a daughter of Malik and Khan's two national winners when paired together. 

Tomasz Fedyk

Tomasz Fedyk of Melksham was first WS section and 122nd open with a young bird on 891mpm over a distance of 131 miles. Tomasz timed a dark chequer hen, the sire of which is a grandson of a son of New Laureat x Kleine Jade and Black Shadow Daughter. The dam is Black Shadow Daughter x Daughter of Julie from Steve Slade. 

Stuart Treharne

G Treharne and Son of Nantyglo were second WS section on 834mpm over 160 miles. Stuart's first on the clock was a blue cock, with the sire being Son of Kain, his number one Eijerkamp Van Loon. The dam is bred from Alan's Lad, first national Saintes, when paired to a daughter of Rocco from Rutz and Son. 

John Halstead

John Halstead of Kington Magna was third WS section with a young bird on 443mpm over 103 miles. John timed a Hardy Kruger x Vandenabeele cock on its first ever race. 

David Paine

David Paine of St Neots clocked a young bird on 952mpm over 212 miles to take first NC section and 109th open. David timed the same pigeon that won the first Guernsey race, a joint bred hen containing Little Big Man x Ariel and Foxy Lady bloodlines. The dam was purchased from James Parker of Reading and is a Stefaan Lambrecht containing Saturn and Den 05 bloodlines. 

Kevin & Lauren Grace

Kevin and Lauren Grace of Kneesworth were second NC section with a youngster on 907mpm over 209 miles. This pigeon is bred from J and K Jellema pigeons that the partners bought direct from Holland. 

John Black

John Black of Hitchin was third NC section on 905mpm over a distance of 201 miles. John timed a blue, J and K Wim Muller hen bred by Kevin Grace and flying to the perch. 

David Fisher's pigeon

D Fisher of Ipswich was first NE section and 61st open with a young bird on 1135mpm over 241 miles. David's first on the clock was a blue hen, bred by Ben Oakley and a grand-daughter of Skyfall. It was a darkness youngster, sent flying to the perch. 

Mr and Mrs Cridland of Stowmarket timed a young bird on 1016mpm over 245 miles to take second NE section. Trevor and Valerie clocked a hen bred by Jimmy Wickham of Ipswich and containing Heremans Ceusters breeding. 

Jeremy Nicholson's pigeon

Jeremy Nicholson of Ipswich was third NE section on 1010mpm over 237 miles. Jeremy's first pigeons was a blue hen, flown on the darkness system. The sire is a retired racing cock which was bought for £10 in 2013 and was bred by Ron Prewer from his Soontjens. The dam was a home bred Cooreman. 

Lionel Brewer

Lionel Brewer of Worcester was first NW section and 146th open with a youngster on 715mpm over 184 miles. Lionel timed a young bird bred by Booth and Roper from their family of Dordin, Van Den Bosche and French Hen bloodlines. Both sire and dam have scored in the BICC this season. 

Dave & Kyle Harris

Dave and Kyle Harris of Newport timed a young bird on 649mpm over a distance of 226 miles to take second NW section. The Harris' winner is a red pied cock, the sire of which came from Mark Simpson of Wolverhampton and contains his Marcel Sangers' bloodlines. The dam is on load to them from Glyn Preece of Telford and contains Lambrecht blood. 


John Rodway

John Rodway of Rushwick was third NW section with a young bird on 295mpm over a distance of 185 miles. John timed a small, dark chequer hen, hatched in the middle of May and flown on the natural system. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club young bird race from Guernsey.