Umm Birka Loft also successful in Africa Pro Series

Race 8 in the Africa Pro Series became a prey to a new phenomenon in International one loft races: Umm Birka Loft from Qatar. In the sport since recently and already excelling at Victoria Falls OLR, Emirates OLR, Pattaya OLR and now Africa Pro!

Race 8 was marked as the last serious test before the grand finale on September 17 over 600 km. The 528 pigeons in competition had to make a great effort with more than 6 flying hours and a winning speed of 1282 mpm, yet the groups of arriving pigeons followed each other in quick succession and the differences were therefore not great. A sign of the top condition of the pigeons. Again the losses were minimal with 441 pigeons on the first day (please note: darkness sets in in South Africa at 6 p.m.) at the home base. This time no South African victory but a battle between Qatar and the United States for the win, with the ZA21-MOUN-57 of the Qatari Umm Birka Loft just the first to push its beak over the line:

1st Umm Birka Loft, Qatar
2nd HI-CAL-TBW Connection, USA
3rd Ebraheem Mohammed, South Africa
4th Webster Lofts, South Africa
5th Team Majestic 10, South Africa
6th Nils Gerdemann, Germany
7th All-J Loft, South Africa
8th JJM Loft, South Africa
9th Koekemoer & Joe Gomes, South Africa
10th Gavin & Anthony Lamprecht, South Africa

Sensational winner from Qatar

The followers of One Loft Racing will immediately resonate with the winner of flight 8. The Qatari fancier Abdullah of Umm Birka Loft only started the pigeon sport in 2020, entered one loft races for the first time in 2021 and has already won:

1st Ace Pigeon Emirates OLR 2022 (with Desert Prince)
1st final 390 km Emirates OLR 2022 (with Desert Prince)
1st Race 8 over 480 km Africa Pro OLR 2022 (with Qatar Horse)
2nd Race 1 over 213 km Emirates OLR 2022 (with Desert Prince)
2nd Super Ace Victoria Falls OLR 2022 (with Boeing 747)
3rd Grand Average Victoria Falls 2022 (with Boeing 747)
3rd Grand Average Victoria Falls OLR 2021 (with Golden Grizzle)
3rd Race 2 over 183 km Africa Pro OLR 2022 (with Ummbirka 5)
4th Super Ace Victoria Falls OLR 2021 (with Golden Grizzle)
4th final 600 km Victoria Falls OLR 2021 (with Surprise)
4th Team Competition Victoria Falls OLR 2022
5th Race 1 over 120 km Pattaya OLR 2022 (with Ummbirka 55)
9th Race 2 over 315 km Emirates OLR 2022 (with Desert Prince)
The Desert Prince, top racer for Umm Birka Loft
Golden Grizzle, 3rd Ace Pigeon Victoria Falls 2021 for Umm Birka Loft

So many highlights in less than 2 years. He himself thinks that quality is the key word in his success: “First of all I wanted to be sure that I would get unique bloodlines in my lofts. I contacted Nikolaas Gyselbrecht of PIPA and bought directly from Porsche 911 via an online auction. I chose the Harry lines from Jan Hooymans, the Black Power lines from Hardy Krüger and some performance pigeons from Peter Van De Merwe to cross. Most recently I get pigeons from the phenomenal Best Kittel family from PIPA Breeding and I try to get pigeons that have put in top performances at One Loft Races!”

The winner in Africa Pro comes from a collaboration with South African Mountain Lofts, who bred the pigeon. ZA-MOUN-21-57 bears the name Qatar's Horse and has already won the 17th of 383 km, the 30th of 430 km and the 53rd of 280 km … a strong pigeon and son of top racer Dark Horse (Houben x Vandenabeele) x multiple top 10 winner In Full Force (Desmet x Wouters).

The winner of Race 8 in Africa Pro
The lofts of Umm Birka Loft in Qatar

Ebraheem Mohammed takes matters into his own hands

The ranking 'Best Fancier overall' (Black Jacket) can go either way with 2 weeks to go ... the standings are now:

1st Ebraheem Mohammed (South Africa) 62 hrs, 10 mins, 22 secs.
2nd Triple J Lofts (South Africa) 62;16;43
3rd Diamond Pigeon Lofts (S Africa) 62;18;17
4th JJM Loft (South Africa) 62;38;26
5th Knoetze Lofts (South Africa) 62;40;58

The Blue Jacket – ace pigeon over all flights based on average speed – has the same leader; Ebraheem Mohammed. The top 5 in this competition are:

1st Ebraheem Mohamed with Karayel (1417 mpm)
2nd Koekemoer & Gomes with Romeo (1397 mpm)
3rd Diamond Pigeon Stud with Grace (1371 mpm)
4th Douw Steyn Racing Pigeons with Siya (1357 mpm)
5th Douw Steyn Racing Pigeons with Million (1357 mpm)

The name has already been dropped; Karayel by Ebraheem Mohamed. Leader in the Blue Jacket for 5 weeks in a row and this week, together with Jabbr, she took the title Fancier Of The Week (highest speed with the first 2 pigeons) … Karayel keeps on holding on to the leading group, week in week out. Whatever the last weeks bring; this is truly a jewel in the Africa Pro Series. she wins now:

5th prize Race 1 against 986 p.
5th prize Race 5 against 594 p.
17th prize Race 8 against 528 p.
39th prize Race 3 against 633 p.
44th prize Race 4 against 619 p.
55th prize Race 6 against 515 p.
84th prize Race 7 against 549 p.
207th prize Race 2 against 629 p.

She also won 2x top 10 at Trainingraces… Mother is Aktogali, herself 1st old ace pigeon Federation and coupled to Rex, a direct Hooymans. Aktogali has already bred several good pigeons in one loft races.

The 3rd prize at Race 8, co-winner of Fancier Of The Week and an important contributor to the standings of 1st Black Jacket is Jabbr. His father is a direct Luc Van Mechelen out of super lines direct Gebr. Janssen x Gustaaf Van Gorp … Mother is Miss Kannibaal and she carries noble bloodlines of King Ali (Koopman), Rambo (Dirk & Louis Van Dyk) and Schaerlarckens.

Juna, sire of Jabbr, 3rd prize at Race 8

Ebraheem concludes: “It is a huge honor to take first place in the Black Jacket competition. It really feels like I'm wearing the yellow jersey in the Tour De France. For me it is also an encouragement to focus more on breeding One Loft Race toppers.”