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A report on the Central Southern Classic Flying Club young bird race from Guernsey on 27th August 2022

Dave Waterhouse
Ninety-eight members sent nine hundred and seventy-six young birds to Guernsey with the Central Southern Classic Flying Club. They were liberated at 08.50CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Dave and Lisa Waterhouse of Bedhampton timed a young hen on 1397ypm over 115 miles to take first open and first SE section. The open winner is bred down from Gripel bloodlines when crossed with Lambrecht blood. It has been raced every week. 

John, Matt & Maisy Drain

J and M Drain of Fareham had six pigeons drop together to take second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and ninth open, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and ninth SE section. First on the clock was a youngster on 1363ypm over 112 miles. The first three youngsters home are all Frans Zwols bred pigeons containing mainly Formula One bloodlines. Fourth on the clock was bred from a Jason Ross hen crossed with a Pit Bull cock purchased from Darren and Josh May. 

Richie Thomas & Ted Harris

Richie Thomas of Portsmouth was seventh open and seventh SE section with a young bird on 1326ypm over a distance of 113 miles. Richie's winning youngster contains M and D Evans bloodlines, 

Dave & Tony Hughes

D and T Hughes of Pailsgrove timed a young bird on 1325ypm over 113 miles to take eighth open and eighth SE section. Dave and Tony timed a Janssen cock bred through birds from D Hayward of Portsmouth. 

Tony Barrett's birds

T Barrett of Portsmouth had two bird drop together to take tenth and eleventh open, tenth and eleventh SE section. First to time was a white flight cock on 1314ypm over 114 miles. This pigeon contained the same bloodlines that were second open from Poitiers for Tony earlier in the season. Eleventh open was a blue bar cock bred from Tony's old ace pigeon, Joey. 

K and S Legg and Son of Portsmouth were twelfth open and twelfth SE section on 1309.8ypm over 113 miles. 

F Drain of Waterlooville timed a youngster on 1309.2ypm over a distance of 117 miles to take thirteenth open and thirteenth SE section. 

Fourteenth open and fourteenth SE section was won by Edwards and Harris from Gosport with a young bird on 1275ypm over a distance of 109 miles. 

Pinhorne and Son of Portsmouth were fifteenth open and fifteenth SE section on 1258ypm over 113 miles. 

M Drackett of Portsmouth timed a young bird on 1238ypm over 114 miles to take sixteenth open and sixteenth SE section. 

Pegler and Son of Salisbury were seventeenth open and seventeenth SE section with a young bird on 1223ypm over 108 miles. 

Owen & Mick Abery

S and D Abery of Reading clocked a young bird on 1221ypm over 148 miles to take eighteenth open and first NE section. The section winner was bred by Mick and Di's grandson, Owen and is bred down from Southfield Supreme bloodlines. 

Roger Lowe

Nineteenth open and second NE section was a young bird on 1212ypm over a distance of 153 miles for Roger Lowe of Reading. Roger timed a hen bred from Fab Boy and containing 100% Harry bloodlines. The sire is Beauty Boy, half-brother to New Harry and the dam is a Rudy Van Reet, bred by Walker. 

R Harbour of Brading on the Isle of Wight was twentieth open and eighteenth SE section with a youngster on 1191ypm over 102 miles. 

Around the sections 

Lanahan & Gerard

The SW section winners were Lanahan and Gerard from Poole with a young bird on 1184ypm over 91 miles. 

Brian Young

B and D Young of Bournemouth timed three pigeons to take second, third and fourth SW section. First on the clock was a young bird on 1181ypm over 90 miles and bred by Roger Lowe, as was the next arrival. Third to time was a Vandenabeele purchased from Louella Pigeon World. 

Geoff Cooper

Geoff and Catherine Cooper of Peasdown St John were first NW section with a young chequer hen on 1179ypm over a distance of 125 miles. The sire is a grandson of Farmer George x Ivy, whilst the dam is a daughter of Wollongong, so full of top bloodlines. 

Clive & Jill Rogers & Neil Sales

Clive and Jill Rogers and Neil Sales of Radstock were second NW section on 1168ypm over 124 miles. This was a middle distance hen gifted to the partners by Mark Gilbert. The partners had a second hen on the clock that was also a gift from Mark. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the Central Southern Classic Flying Club young bird race from Guernsey.