Johan De Belser (Berlaar, BE) wins 1st Nat. Chateauroux 5,720 p. with Sarah

The newest super hen from Berlaar was the fastest of all 9,723 pigeons. A milestone for Johan De Belser and his strong colony!

With a steady Northeasterly wind along the whole route from Chateauroux to Belgium, it was another tough race for the nearly 10,000 old birds and yearlings that were released for the national race from Chateauroux. It was Sarah, a blue white-flight hen of Johan De Belser who was the fastest of all pigeons to reach her loft in Berlaar and bringing home the national victory against 5,720 yearlings. 

Sarah, national winner from Chateauroux

Father of Sarah is a 100% Geert Lambrechts: BE20-6093302. This cock descends from 2 of Geert's top racers, on one side the BE16-6100457 who won Noyon three weeks in a row! On the other side, the mother is BE16-6100449, herself winner of 4th Nat. Chateauroux 14,762 p. and 2nd Prov. 1,406 p. Her granddaughter now does even better by winning National Chateauroux! 

Johan and his son Arne De Belser won the title 3rd National Ace Pigeon Heavy Middle Distance Yearlings KBDB in 2020 with their hen Het 001 (BE19-6035001). The grandmother of the national winner Sarah is the mother of Het 001! This super breeding hen Daughter Torre 491 (BE14-6070491) is a granddaughter of none other than Kaasboer of Gaston van de Wouwer. Johan and Arne have been very successful in the past years by crossing their own stock with that of Gaston. This is also the case with the latest national winner, something which can be seen in her magnificent pedigree...

Mother of Sarah is Liande3 (BE15-6285324), herself a daughter of Super 083/02 (BE02-6183083) who in turn is a son of Goldwin (nest brother of stock pigeon Den 500). Goldwin is grandfather of top pigeons including Amalia, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Heavy Middle Distance KBDB 2011 and of Nicolaas, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Heavy Middle Distance KBDB 2013! Mother of Liande3 is Daughter Torre 491, the mother of Het 001, originally a Gaston van de Wouwer pigeon.

Video Sarah

The lofts of the De Belser family

New highlight 

After the national ace pigeon titles, victories in large competitions and national top results of the past seasons, this national victory is another confirmation of the quality that resides in the De Belser colony. It is a new highlight in the rich career of Johan and Arne, which has gotten a new impulse in the past years. With Arne as the youthful righthand of father Johan and crossing the old stock including Goldwin and Den 500 with Gaston van de Wouwer pigeons has stimulated new success on the lofts in Berlaar. 

We ended last year's article about their strong season in 2020 and 2021 with the following conclusion: "The future is bright for Johan and his son Arne!". These words were spot on, a national victory is something every fancier dreams of. That this dream has come true for Johan and Arne is no coincidence, it was a matter of time. A wonderful achievement, congratulations!