Adrien Mirabelle (Ghlin, BE) powers through the 2022 season

A strong season start was a prelude to what was an impressive 2022 racing season for Adrien Mirabelle. Adrien was one of the fanciers to keep an eye out for every week, and confirmed his champion’s status.

His racing team immediately set a high standard in the first weeks of the racing season with several top results and sensational series. 

23/04 St-Soupplets (177 km) – 3,043 p.:
222-234-240-244-256-261-… 32 prizes 1:10 and 51/84

08/05 Toury (291 km) – 2,429 p.:
1-7-14-43-53-63-116-150-151-157-158-168-169-206-226-… 15 prizes 1:10 and 22/31

14/05 Orléans (317 km) – 2,335 p.:
131-132-144-190-196-203-225-226-… 34 prizes 1:10 and 51/73

21/05 Vierzon region (383 km) – 1,430 old birds:
7-12-18-28-40-… 5 prizes 1:10 and 8/8

28/05 Bourges club (396 km) – 712 old birds:
1-2-3-4-13-19-30-35-38-39-40-41-42-53-54-57-62-… 14 prizes 1:10 and 26/31

28/05 Bourges club (396 km) – 232 yearlings:
1-3-4-5-7-9-11-13-14-15-20-22-23-… 13 prizes 1:10 and 23/39

11/06 Limoges region (582 km) – 1,227 old birds:
9-12-20-25-59-… 5 prizes 1:10 and 7/10

02/07 Vierzon club (383 km) – 652 p.:
1-3-4-6-7-8-9-11-12-13-18-24-25-29-31-33-37-39-40-41-50-… 21 prizes 1:10 and 26/37

Adrien Mirabelle has already achieved a lot in pigeon sport at a young age. As eager as he is, he always wants to do even better. Building a pigeon stock made up of winners continues to be a challenge. However, with his bloodline based around Mata Leone, a new breeding line arises which Adrien can build on. 

Revelation Mata Leone bloodline

The mothers of Adrien's best yearling, Angus (BE21-1062585), and his best old bird, Sister Adrien (BE19-4207228), are nest sisters! Moreover, they are half sisters of the Adrien's best hen, Mata Leone. The descendants of Mata Leone perform extremely well on One Loft Races in 2021-2022, even 3 generations later! View the results below: 

3rd Ace Pigeon AS Golden Race 2022
87th Ace Pigeon Pattaya 2022

4th Final Race AS Golden Race 2022 (313 p.– 480 km)
9th Final Algarve Great Derby 2021 (2,026 p.- 494 km)
16th S-Final Algarve Great Derby 2021 (2,371 p.– 291 km)
79th Final Race Pattaya 2022 (4,033 p.– 530 km)
43rd Hot Spot II Al Shaheed OLR 2021 (928 p.– 370 km)
2nd Hot Spot I AS Golden Race 2022 (671 p.– 125 km)
5th Hot Spot IV AS Golden Race 2022 (496 p.– 250 km)
116th Hot Spot II Al Shaheed OLR 2021 (2,048 p.– 370 km)

It is evident that this bloodline is golden, and stand out in various disciplines. 


The best yearling Angus, won the following prizes in 2022: 

1st Vierzon 652 p.– 4. Interprov. 5,486 p.
1st Interprov. Toury 538 p. – 3. Toury 1,257 p.
5th Interprov. Toury 455 p.– 8. Toury 891 p.
45th Orléans 2,335 p.
76th Interprov. Toury 815 p.
78th Noyon 1,156 p.

Angus is bred by crossing the successful purchased pigeons and Adrien's own proven bloodlines. Father is a Gaston Van de Wouwer cock, Gaston 033 (BE20-6188033). Mother is Granddaughter Chipo (BE16-1010443) from a son of Chipo of Steveninck and Adrien's own lines. 

Adrien invested heavily in pigeons from Gaston Van de Wouwer during his total sale and these investments are already paying themselves back. For instance, father of the pigeon that became 28th in the final race of Pattaya OLR is an original Van de Wouwer. 

Sister Adrien

Sister Adrien

The best old bird of this season is Sister Adrien (BE19-4207228). She was bred by Tom Van Gaver, but the mother is a pigeon of Adrien. Interestingly, the mother of Sister Adrien is the nest sister of mother Angus. Moreover, Sister Adrien is a sister to bother Adrien and Adriana, 2 top racers at Tom Van Gaver. 

Adriana won the following prizes: 

10th Nat. Ace Pigeon Allround Young birds KBDB 2020
5th Prov. Vierzon 6,566 p.
3rd Interprov. Sermaises 833 p.
4th Interprov. Sermaises 1,339 p.
108th Nat. Zone Chatearoux II 7,117 p.

Adrien was good for the following prizes: 


5th Prov. Argenton 4,577 p. - 15th Nat. 22,826 p.
6th Prov. Orléans 1,470 p.
1st lokaal Vierzon - 16th Prov. 1,055 p.
114th Nat. Vierzon 11,574 p.
2nd Toury 203 p.
60th Prov. Argenton II 4,986 p.
60th Prov. Argenton III 1,947 p.

Sister Adrien her father is Blue Finn (BE17-4077398) combining the top lines of the Finn Pair with those of Porsche 911 via the PEC and Sam Bostoen. Mother is a sister of mother Angus, namely Granddaughter Chipo, BE16-1010441.  

Derby Moledo

Several weeks ago there were some beautiful successes on One Loft Races as well. In the semi final of the Derby Moledo, Adrien won with his yearling hen 629-21 across 353km against 632 pigeons achieving a speed of 1092 m/min. An impressive victory that doesn't come out the blue, as this hen already showed herself on Hotspot 6 with a 62nd prize against 1,307 p. 

Last year, Adrien won the final race of the Derby Moledo. 

Polish Masters 2022

On the Polish Masters, Adrien currently has a brand new super pigeon. This youngster, BE22-1090110, is a true sensation. She recently won the 2nd Hotspot and this week she came in 4th on Hotspot 3!

  • 1st Hotspot II 1,109 p.
  • 4th Hotspot III 1,023 p.

Father of this young bird is Shogun (BE14-1190495) a fantastic performance pigeon at Adrien with various national ace pigeon classifications on his palmares. Mother is the nest sister of Lucky 7 of Jelle Roziers, the best Belgian yearling with 8 prizes on the national heavy middle distance races. 

References in 2022

As you may have inferred from Sister Adrien her pedigree, Tom Van Gaver and Adrien Mirabelle are keen to co-breed and exchange pigeons with one another. This is a win-win situation which has been successful for both parties, as Tom has managed great results with the Mirabelle pigeons. 

This season, Finn's Magic, BE21-4177064 has been on a roll to say the least. She won the 7th National against 12,936 yearlings at Tom! This hen is a granddaughter of Finn on father's side. The mother is a 100% Adrien Mirabelle. Also on Bourges I this hen was in great shape, winning 375th Nat. Bourges 24,221 p. On the provincial race from Chateauroux she won 79th Prov. 2,118 p. 

Family 3D basketed 2 nest sister on the races, on mother's side they are granddaughters of Supreme of Bart Geerinckx. The mother is a co-breeding product with Adrien. 

The sisters BE20-10850074 and BE20-1085075 perform exceptionally well this season. Lara (074-20) wins 3rd National La Souterraine against 4,907 old birds. She previously also won 30th Nat. Argenton I 20,467 p. and also on Bourges I, Issoudin and Argenton II she showed herself upfront. 

The BE20-10850075 won amongst others the 23rd Zone Argenton 2,985 p., 50th Zone Gueret 796 p., 67th Zone Argenton 1,214 p...

Furthermore, Christophe Nottebaert also performs well with Adrien's pigeons these past years. On Bourges II he clocked two early pigeons taking 10th and 17th National against 7,606 p.! Bother pigeons, BE20-1070883 en BE20-1070941, have Mirabelle blood running through their veins. A week later, the 941-20 wins the 77th Nat. Chateauroux against 4,003 p.!

Nottebaert also won 1st Prov. Gueret 796 p., 1st Nat. Zone 1,091 p. and 25th Nat. 8,375 p. with BE20-107092. This is a grandson of Adrien's Divock (BE13-9010240).

One of Adrien Mirabelle's airy lofts.

Steady force

Adrien grew out to a steady force in Belgian pigeon sport. Having seen it all in the (heavy) middle distance discipline, he is now proving himself on the long distance. With success, as he finished the 2022 season with the title 19th National Champion Long Distance Old birds KBDB.  

Moreover, many other lofts show that the stock that Adrien managed to build in Ghilin has what it takes. Every year many top results are managed with pigeons of the Mirabelle bloodlines. There is no doubt that in the years to come these pigeons will book many new successes in Ghilin as well as on other lofts, as Adrien continues to build on his great stock of super pigeons!