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A report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from St Philbert on 2nd July 2022

151 members sent 2,046 pigeons to St Philbert with the British International Championship Club. They were liberated at 08.30CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
The national winner

First open and first ES section was a two year old on 1640mpm over 290 miles for J House from Basildon. Joe timed a chequer hen containing his long distance bloodlines going back to his original Brian Denny birds and to a Pau pigeon raced by the Estuary club secretary Tony Coker. 

John & Teresa Gladwin

Gladwin, Jarvis and Family timed a yearling on 1621mpm over a distance of 291 miles to take second open and second ES section. John and Teresa clocked a Frans Zwols cock that as a youngster was fifth open from Guernsey. Now called Sophie's Boy after the partner's daughter, this cock contains the bloodlines of D'Artagian and Tip Top Tora.

David Fisher

Third open and first NE section was a three year old on 1620mpm over 327 miles for D Fisher of Ipswich. David timed a blue hen bred by his good friends Eddie and Clayton Oxborough and containing Mike Ganus bloodlines. David timed a second pigeon, a three year old bred from a son of the Vandenabeele, Shadow and a Creehan and O'Connor hen. 

D Heywood & Son

D Heywood and Son of Laindon clocked a two year old on 1606mpm over 290 miles to take fourth open and third ES section. Gary's hen was raced on the celibate system and on the sire's side it is a great-grand-daughter of Harry. On the dam's side it is a great-grand-daughter of Tip Top Junior. 

Fifth open and fourth ES section was a yearling on 1605mpm over 279 miles clocked by Sparks and Dallas of Gravesend. 

R and P Thomas of South Benfleet were sixth open and fifth ES section with a yearling on 1600mpm over a distance of 290 miles. 

D Hunt and Sons of Great Hallingbury clocked a yearling on 1599mpm over 308 miles to take seventh open and sixth ES section. 

Chapman & Eastoe

Chapman and Eastoe of Great Yarmouth were eighth open and second NE section with a five year old on 1594mpm over 372 miles. Glen clocked a mealy hen, raced on the roundabout system. 

D & E Ball

Ninth open and third NE section was a four year old on 1591mpm over a distance of 333 miles for D and E Ball of Eyke. Dennis and Elaine clocked a Vandenabeele cock sent sitting five days. 

Completing the top ten and in seventh ES section are Mr and Mrs Hume of Rochford with a two year old on 1589mpm over 293 miles. 

Around the sections 

Mr & Mrs Carrick

Mrs and Mrs Carrick and Son of Chesham were the CS section winners and thirteenth open with a two year old on 1565mpm over 300 miles. The partners timed a cock bird, sent sitting ten day eggs and containing the bloodlines of their Bordeaux national winner when paired to a hen bred by Jimmy Whitehead. It contains the best of Syndicate loft's blood including Wardrum x Jean Genie and Mario x Sunday Girl. 

Damian Szpak

Damian Szpak of Deptford timed a yearling on 1562mpm over 279 miles to take second CS section. Damian's hen was bred from a Jan Thellen hen when paired to a son of his foundation bird, Queen 85. It was 108th open Guernsey earlier in the season. 

Mr and Mrs Burczak of Hounslow were third CS section with a six year old on 1547mpm over 282 miles. 

Graham Glaze

Graham Glaze of Shaftesbury was first WS section and sixty-second open with a three year old on 1427mpm over 268 miles. Graham's hen was raced on his version of the chaos widowhood system. His family of pigeons originates from eight Gerhard Schlepphorst pigeons he purchased from Mr and Mrs Clare back in 2010.

Mel & Sue King

Mel and Sue King of Blandford Forum timed a two year old on 1417mpm over 256 miles to take second WS section. Mel and Sue timed a Vandenabeele widowhood cock that was line bred back to their original M and D Gabys. 

Philip Boden of Frome was third WS section with a yearling on 1347mpm over 284 miles. Philip's pigeon was bred by D Atkin of Lincolnshire and the sire was called Dave's Choice, sire and grandsire to winners up to 413 miles. It was sent to Hexham on the north road prior to St Philbert. 

R and P Montila of Everton were the NC section winners and sixteenth open with a five year old on 1551mpm over 328 miles. 

Josh Gruzelier

Dominic Gruzelier of Houghton Colliery was second NC section with a yearling on 1457mpm over 323 miles. Dominic clocked a hen raced on the widowhood system, the dam of which is his 63 hen. The sire is bred down from the best Kittle lines obtained from Pieter Oberholster and PIPA breeding. 

Dean Coleman

Dean Coleman of Barrow upon Humber was third NC section with a four year old on 1448mpm over a distance of 435 miles. Dean's timer was a widowhood cock containing his middle distance bloodlines and that was flown on the north road last season. 

Chambers Family & Heart Breaker

The Chambers Family of Cannock timed a yearling on 1402mpm over 376 miles to take first NW section and seventy-second open. The partners timed Heart Breaker, a hen so named, as when she arrived she took what seemed like forever to trap. Heart Breaker is bred from their middle distance family with a Brian Dearn hen crossed in. 

Williams Bros' pigeon

The Williams Brothers of Oldbury were second NW section with a two year old on 1388mpm over a distance of 362 miles. The partners clocked a widowhood cock, the sire of which contained Busschaert bloodlines. The dam came from John Bradley and has bred many winners. 

Mr & Mrs Shaw's pigeon

Mr and Mrs Shaw of Crewe were third NW section with a yearling on 1349mpm over 406 miles. Nigel timed a grandson of Jef, 1st international Barcelona. It is also a grandchild of Iron Lady and Padfield Invincible bred by Steve Wright. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from St Philbert.