Daan Nijboer - Westerhaar (NL) 1st NPO Peronne Province - against approx 23.000 pigeons.

North East Overijssel, with pigeon villages like Westerhaar, Vriezenveenschewijk, Vriezenveen, Vroomshoop and Sibculo. A region where the pigeon sport is really alive, although they are clearly beginning to feel the test of time here.
Daan Nijboer, Westerhaar together with support and mainstay Rikus Hazelhorst.

In the second NPO race for youngsters from Peronne the what further distances had the better chance, partly due to the south south-westerly wind. The 55 year old Daan Nijboer, who works for the Twenterand concil and his 67  year old companion Rikus Hazelhorst certainly hadn’t expected any pigeons when, at 10h53, according to one of the watchers, a pigeon raced in from the south. Because of the high speed the pigeon fell onto the wrong loft. Yet he didn’t lose much time and the display gave the time he entered the loft as 10h53.32. From a distance of almost 383 kilometres this meant a velocity of 1.880,638 m/m. It took seven minutes before number two and three reported home, but because of a startled wood pigeon these pigeons unfortunately wouldn’t enter the traps, otherwise it would have been three top prizes. When reporting the pigeon, it turned out to be the first in the club ‘Ons Genoegen’ in Westerhaar. Because of a malfunction in the reporting system of Compuclub the report didn’t appear directly in the reporting list and somebody else had already been congratulated with the victory. Everything turned out alright in the end and at half past one Mr. van Dijk and Mr. Wiersma from province 9 confirmed that Daan Nijboer from Westerhaar had easily won ( 55 m/m lead on number two) this NPO competition. Great celebrations in the pigeon village Westerhaar. For the second time in the history of the club they have had an NPO victory. If I name the name Daan Nijboer, I should actually say the name Rikus Hazelhorst in the same breath. He and he alone is the big architect behind this success!

Daan Nijboer and Rikus Hazelhorst
Daan Nijboer, son of the local hairdresser, comes from a real pigeon sport family. He has been involved in the pigeon sport since he was a child. The performances were always creditable with nice highlights so as a provincial victory from Pommeroeul and a 3rd NPO Vierzon. Rikus Hazelhorst is a seasoned and successful pigeon fancier, known both regionally and nationally. Just to refresh the memory: in the NBvZ prov. East and Twente he played the first violin with plenty of great titles in the comb. Eshuis-Hazelhorst, Vriezenveen for years. He repeated that same trick in combination with Mr. van Riemsdijk from Rijssen in province 9, followed by a successful period under his own name in Diffelen in province 10. Birds of prey  necessitated a stop with the active competition sport last year. Daan and Rikus have known each other for 25 years and when Daan asked Rikus’s advice last year, the deal was soon made. ‘Why don’t you come and help me?’ Daan asked Rikus, a pigeon man in heart and soul. Rikus agreed and got started by introducing Gebr. Janssen pigeons ( line ‘Oude Witoger’ and ‘Jonge Merckx’) and Tournier pigeons into Daan’s stock, which mainly consisted of pigeons from Gebr. de Wit via Gebr. Schipper, Vriezenveen – Tinus Deuring, Gasselternijveen and Gebr. Scheele, Terneuzen. There was a lot of cross breeding and a start was made with a team of 143 youngsters. Of these,107 remain. On average almost 45% have raced their prize and the men are absolutely not disappointed. Three rounds of youngsters were housed in three lofts. There is no lack of space in this big garden. The first round was darkened. Not the rest. Two weeks before the start of the season everything was let out together. The youngsters train twice per day. They trained them themselves to a maximum of 40 km. They are lightly fed with Beyers mixtures which are put together by Rikus. They don’t cure. Veterinary Fernand Mariën makes regular check-ups. Rikus believes firmly in the methods of Arie van de Hoek,  and gives them Naturaline, garlic and vegetables once a week. Further linseed and barley every day. The runs in front of the lofts ensure the necessary oxygen.

A beautiful cock…
The winning pigeon certainly is. Beautifully built and nicely muscled. He was raced with five old pens. Prior to Peronne he had won a few prizes, but nothing special. The father is a cock from 2008. This is a son of the famous ‘788’ from Rikus, who has won six first prizes and is of the pedigree Janssen/Klak with a dash Tournier x the ‘559’ out ‘279’ x ‘699’ 2x 1st district and 2 x Ace pigeon ( ras Klak). The mother is the ‘943’ out the old breeding couple of Rikus ‘244’ Gebr. Janssen line ‘Oude Witoger’ and ‘Raket’ x Meulemans hen.

With the formation of the new combination of Daan Nijboer and Rikus Hazelhorst, the pigeon sport in Westerhaar has suddenly gained a new dimension. It began this year with a 1st NPO Peronne and the title Champion youngsters in the strong C.C. North East Overijssel. In 2010 they will have to be reckoned with. I’m certain of that!