A report on the British Barcelona Club race from Guernsey on 28th May 2022

Ricky Turner
76 members sent 955 pigeons to the second British Barcelona Club race from Guernsey. They were liberated at 07.45CEST into a fresh north-east wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

R Turner of Aylesbury was first and fifth open, first and fourth section D. Flying 176 miles Richard's first pigeon was a yearling on 1251ypm. Second was a two year old on 1227ypm. Ricky's winner was bred by Darren May. He had another four pigeons drop which should be high up in the final result. 

Roger Lowe

Roger Lowe of Reading timed two pigeons to take second and sixth open, second and fifth section D. First on the clock was a two year old on 1248ypm over 153 miles. Second to time was a yearling on 1226ypm. Roger timed another pigeons to also take thirteenth open. Roger's first on the clock was once again Double Delight, bred from a son of my Little Diamond when paired to Beauty Harry from Jan Hooymans. The dam is a daughter of the Main Man. 

Don Pembroke

D Pembroke of Reading was third open and third section D with a two year old on 1243ypm over 153 miles. Don's pigeons contains 100% Roger Lowe bloodlines. 

Mark Brown

Mark and Clare Brown of Hungerford were fourth open and first section C with a two year old on 1240ypm over 143 miles. Mark timed a blue hen raced on the widowhood system. It was bred by Shaun Stockley and the sire was a gift from John Angwin from his top breeding son of Kittel. The dam came from Andy Swift of Dragonfly Lofts. 

Dennis Baker

Dennis Baker of Maidenhead timed three pigeons to take seventh, eighth and tenth open, sixth, seventh and eighth section D. First on the clock was a yearling on 1222ypm over 161 miles. Next to time was a three year old on 1215ypm. Dennis' first pigeon is a yearling hen containing Sablon bloodlines when crossed with a daughter of Spartacus, 1st NFC Messac and Car-Che from Carlos Sascha. 

Guernsey Girl

Completing the top ten and in first section E are J and B Oakley of Whitchurch with a two year old on 1211ypm over 241 miles. John and Ben timed Guernsey Girl bred from two of their best racers. 

Around the sections 

Bob Pegler

R Pegler and Son of Downton were the section A winners with a three year old on 1133ypm over 108 miles. Bob and Mark timed a widowhood cock, the sire was bred by Chris Howse and the dam by Geoff Kirkland. 

Nick Wilsons' pigeon

N Wilson of Portsmouth was second section A with a yearling on 1115ypm over 112 miles. Nick timed a pigeon bred from a son of Sagen that he purchased in the NFC auction last season and that was bred by his friend Dave Waterhouse. 

Richard Goodier

Section B was won by R Goodier of Exeter with a two year old on 1177ypm over 93 miles. Richard clocked a chequer white flight cock raced on the roundabout system. The sire is a Ceusters x Vandenabeele and the dam is a daughter of Wittekop Kittel, itself a daughter of Expensive Kittel. This contains the best Van Den Bulck bloodlines from P and D Stud. 

Lanahan & Gerard

Lanahan and Gerard of Poole were second section B on 1124ypm over 91 miles. Danny and John timed a grandson of Louders 1st international St Vincent winner, 16,340 birds, flying 600 miles on the day. 

Dave & John Staddon

David and John Staddon of Shepton Mallett were second section C with a yearling on 1195ypm over 112 miles. David and John timed a cock bred from their champion breeder The Real Miracle, a son of their Miracle Pair. The dam is a new Frans Zwols import from Formula One Lofts. 

Chambers Family

The Chambers Family of Cannock timed two pigeons to take second and third section E. First on the clock was a yearling on 1210ypm over 221 miles. First is a blue hen bred from a Shaun McDonough hen when paired to a cock from brother Richard. The second arrival was another hen bred from the same sire as their previous BBC Countances winner, a cock called Shaun's Choice. 

Kevin Foster's pigeon

Section G was won by Kevin Foster of Longfield Hill with a four year old, widowhood hen  on 1137ypm over 182 miles. The sire is a Koopman from Tim Rodwell and the dam came from Rob Rome and is a direct daughter of Bernie, first Welsh national. 

Mick & Lyn Chaplin

Mr and Mrs Chaplin of Woking were second section G with a yearling on 1120ypm. Mick and Lyn timed w widowhood cock on its seventh race of the season. The previous week it was 24th federation. It is bred from their Burgher Wildermeersch stock pair. 

Trevor & Adrian Wilson

Trevor and Adrian Wilson of Bishops Stortford were the section J winners with a yearling on 1157ypm over 205 miles. Trevor and Adrian timed Skyfall a hen bred from their own family of pigeons. This family has had many national positions in previous seasons. 

John Cowlin

John Cowlin of Hickley was second section J with a three year old on 1135ypm over 202 miles. John's pigeon is a Formula One Lofts Frans Zwols bred in the stock loft from the lines of Tip Top Junior, Queen of Rekkem and D'Artagian. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the second British Barcelona Club race from Guernsey.