Anthony Maes (Waregem, BE) immediately hits hard with a double provincial win

The Anthony Maes pigeons are dominating in 2022 with 2x 1st Provincial from Fontenay and fantastic series on Fontenay and Orleans.

Already putting a mark on the first 2 weekends of the middle distance season. Letting the competition know that it's serieus, and that they are the ones to beat in the coming weeks and months. It has to satisfy the fanciers Anthony Maes and his wife Chantal, who can go into the coming weeks with confidence, in full preparation of the heavy middle distance national classics. 

This success is however not self-evident. Beginning of Januari 2022, Anthony and Chantal sold their complete old bird team of all pigeons from 2019 and older. Their results rely completely on pigeons from 2020 and 2021. The 2022 season is nearly a fresh start, and they had to wait whether this 'new team' could live up to their ambitions. A risk, as if they would not perform there are no experienced pigeons you can fall back on. Further, both Anthony and Chantal have set their minds on defending their title of 1st National Champion Heavy Middle Distance KBDB 2021 Old birds and Yearlings, as new national 'Nr. 1'. If the first results from 2022 any indication, they will not go down without a fight. 

2 x 1st Prov. Fontenay: an immediate success

The first results on the middle distance races show that Anthony and Chantal their pigeons have a great start to the 2022 racing season. On the opening race of the middle distance season, they managed a double, with the provincial victory on both the old birds + yearlings race and the yearlings race.  

07/5 Fontenay (308 Km)  Prov. 8,716 Old birds + Yearlings:

with 31 prizes 1:10 and a total of 42 prizes out of 53 basketed pigeons. 

07/5 Fontenay Prov. 3,411 Yearligns:

with 27 prizes 1:10 and a total of 36 prizes out of 44 basketed yearlings. 

One week prior, the pigeons already gave a preview and showed they were in great condition: 

30/4 Clermont 255 Yearlings: 1-4-7-9-19-20-21-22… (27/44)
30/4 Clermont 496 Old birds: 3-6-7-9-10-13-26-27-28-44… (36/53)

Double provincial victory on account of the hen Jumba

The apple doesn't fall far from the quite legendary tree. This hen - Jumba BE21-3012747 - who took the provincial win from Fontenay in both the general results (old birds + yearlings) as in her own yearling category, has the blood of winners flowing through her veins:

- Jumba BE21-3012747

1st Prov Fontenay ’22 – 8,716 p. – 1st Prov 3,411 yearlings
3rd Clermont 397 p.
10th Clermont 253 p.
12th Clermont 322 p.
18th La Souterraine 759 p…

Father: Fifty SeroSero BE16-3136650

A pigeon with a super pedigree. Son of Anthony Maes icon and stock father of the current generation top pigeons: SeroSero BE13-3079100 (winner 1st Nat. Argenton 9,255 p… etc. and grandson of Superkweker 806/05), paired to the mother of Crack 002/14: het Favorietje BE11-3168823 (also granddaughter of Superkweker 806/05). De Crack 002/14 is father of Bonten Crack 516/17: 1st Nat. Long Distance KBDB 2019.

Mother: Belgium Best BE16-3040271
1st Best Young bird in Belgium across 2 National races 2016 - PIPA-ranking, with 1st Prov. Bourges 3,957 p. and 4th Prov. La Souteraine 3,876 p. and 2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2016. 

After this sensational double victory and the subsequent series, the Anthony Maes pigeons continued where they left off on the provincial race on 14th May from Orleans:

14/5 Orleans Prov. 14,198 Old birds + Yearlings:

with 22 prizes 1:10 and a total of 40 prizes out of 53 basketed pigeons. 

14/5 Orleans Prov. 6,206 Yearlings:

with 36 prizes out of 44 basketed pigeons.

These results take away any doubts about Anthony Maes his racing team and whether they are ready to compete on the provincial and national heavy middle distance classics. If the conditions are right...these power houses have no limits, as seen in the past. 

One of the favorites: Superke 808

When asking Anthony and Chantal about one of their favorite pigeons in the current racing team, they agree on het Superke 808. Not a huge surprise when taking a closer look at her pedigree, as this hen is a combination of all the top genes and golden lines of the Anthony Maes stock. This star of the racing team already keeps her heritage's honor high with the following top results: 

- Superke 808 BE21-3012808

  1st Clermont 255 yearlings ’22  – 3rd Clermont 496 old birds
15th Prov Fontenay 3.411 yearlings ’22 – 25. Prov. Fontenay 8,716 old birds
63rd Prov Orleans 6,206 yearlings ’22 – 207. Prov. Orleans 14,198 old birds
  6th Prov Chateaudun 2,333 p. ‘21
  7th Prov Chateaudun 3,635 p. ’21
57th Prov Brionne 14,856 p. ’21
16th Blois-Montoire 1,000 p. ’21
28th Chateauroux 763 p. ’21…

Father: Mister Perfect BE19-3130705
Son of Bonte Crack BE17-3033516 (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2019…) x ’t Bolleke BE14-3006041 (Granddaughter Rudy – G.Vandenabeele, won a.o. 51st Prov. Tours 4,478 p. etc.…and is mother of 517/17: 4 x 1s Prize and 749/18: 2 x 1st Prize…).

Mother: Blue Wonder BE16-3136653

Super breeder, again from a pair between 2 grandchildren of Superkweker 806/ daughter of stock pigeon SeroSero BE13-3079100 (winner 1st Nat Argenton 9,255 p… etc.) x Beauty 847 BE11-3168847 (mother of super pigeons such as Papillon: 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB ’14, Seven: 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB ’21 etc…).

Anthony Maes pigeons shine on other lofts as well 

Anthony and Chantal their pigeons aren't only off to a great start on their own lofts. On other lofts as well, fellow fanciers manage top results with descendants of Anthony Maes pigeons. 

For instance, in the weekend of 14th May, Koen Crucke from Onkerzele had the fastest pigeon from Orleans and won 1st Interprov. Orleans against 21,807 pigeons (Old birds + Yearlings). He did this with Golden Xiana BE19-4032909, a grandchild of Bonten Provinciaal x Perfect Sero Sero.

Triple One, a grandchild of Bonten Crack (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB) x Perfect Sero Sero wins 2nd Dreis-Brück against 17,478 pigeons and 2nd Allons against 16,263 pigeons at Gerard Koopman within two weeks time!  

Also, Joy Crul wins 1st Orleans against 265 old birds (5th Prov. 14,198 p.) and 98 yearlings (4th Prov. 6,206 YL) with a 50% Anthony Maes pigeon. 

What's still to come...

Winning is built into the genes of Anthony Maes the past this was proven by the colony's leading racers such as Papillon, SeroSero, Bonte Crack, Seven and many more. This continuity is likely to last a little while longer with the first provincial victories in 2022 on their own loft and sensational results on lofts of fellow fanciers. Pigeons which can't be stopped in their will to win, true racers! Will this lead to more fireworks in Waregem in the weeks to come?