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Jean-Pierre Palm (Braine l'Alleud, BE): two rankings in the Olympics in a row

This Brabant based loft has continued its way to the top winning an Olympic pigeon for the second edition in a row while winning many top prizes despite a very small number of pigeons engaged in the competitions.

Jean-Pierre Palm is managing a very small team. Running a construction company that he founded himself, his job doesn't allow him to dedicate a lot of time to his pigeons and that's why the size of his loft has never grown all those years. He is racing on all the flying line and goes to the club with a very small basket (most of the times 2, 3 or 4 pigeons max per category). He has achieved many top performances over the last years Jean-Pierre also took the habit to classify his colony in the national championships of the KBDB. Indeed, his hen 'Olympic Bourges' came under the spotlights after the 2018 racing season as she became an Olympic pigeon after two very tough years spent in the racing loft. Born in 2016, this hen was maybe at the time one of the very best pigeons of Belgium until 500 kilometers.

The parents of 'Olympic Bourges'.

After her racing career, it was wisely decided to move her to the breeding loft. That's when Jean-Pierre has been asked by PEC to make a joint breeding with her and her close family. This incredible hen was paired amongst others with 'Porsche 911'. All the birds bred out of these pairings were placed on the breeding lofts at both sides. Jean-Pierre has a lot of hope with these new pigeons bred through this collaboration and we must admit he is definitely right to do so since one of the very first daughters bred from the pair 'Porsche 911' x 'Olympic Bourges' directly showed her talent in the breeding loft. Indeed, she directly bred 'Sindy' who won the 2. prize of the Derby Arona final race in 2021 for the Batenburg-Van de Merwe & PEC team.

- 'Sindy' (NL20-1480691)

What about his own loft ?

The 2021 season was a real successful one for Jean-Pierre who won the following rankings in the KBDB championships:

  8. National Acebird GMD Old birds KBDB
23. National Champion Sprint Old birds & Yls KBDB
29. National Champion GMD Old birds & Yls KBDB

Moreover, the race team has a brand-new star. This pigeon has been christened 'Romain' and was received as an egg from Adrien Mirabelle (Ghlin). This super crack ended his 2021 season winning the 8. National Acebird GMD KBDB 2021 but also 3. Belgian Olympic Ace Cat D.

- 'Romain' (BE19-1064659)

3. Olympic Acebird Belgium Cat D 2022
8. Nat. Acebird Great Middle Distance ob 2021
1. Provincial Acebird Great Middle Distance ob 2021
2. Best old pigeons from BE with 7 prizes (PIPA-ranking)
3. Best old pigeons from BE with 8 prizes (PIPA-ranking)
3. Best old pigeons from BE with 6 prizes (PIPA-ranking)
2. Prov. Bourges 3,060 p. / 86. National 34,311 p.
3. Nat. Zone La Souterraine 1,180 p. / 41. National 8,383 p.
5. Prov. Chateauroux 591 p. / 157. National 7,099 p.
7. Prov. Argenton 1,333 p. / 176. National 14,787 p.
21. Prov. Bourges 1,160 p.
39. Prov. Chateauroux 1,979 p.

16. National Acebird Sprint Yls KBDB
1. Nanteuil reg 695 p.
2. Soissons reg 209 p.
3. Nanteuil reg 235 p.
3. Nanteuil reg 245 p.

3. Provincial Acebird Sprint Ybs KBDB
1. Nanteuil reg 444 p.
2. Soissons reg 918 p. (beatten by a loftmate)
2. Nanteuil reg 552 p. (beatten by loftmates)
5. Soissons reg 540 p. (beatten by loftmates)

It is obvious that with such an amount of stars put in proportion with the (small) size of the loft, this colony is full of quality and we are ready to see its birds rocking again in the coming 2022 season. Good luck JP!