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Ganus Family Lofts most recent wins in major International One Loft Races

Mike Ganus (US) performed outstanding at the Pattaya International Pigeon Race. In that way, Mike Ganus, once again, lived up to the expectations. Being a real cannibal at the one loft races.

Mike Ganus is proud of all the big wins the last 10 years in OLR


What a great edition of the Pattaya International Pigeon Race 2021-2022 for the Ganus Family loft. Winning both early pigeons in the Final Race as well as Ace Pigeons, this edition will not easy be forgotten! What to think about these results:

3rd Place – 1 second out of 1st - Pattaya International one loft Final race 330 miles
6th Place – 2 seconds out of 1st – Pattaya International one loft Final race 330 miles
9th + 41st + 55th + 81st Ace Pigeon Pattaya International one loft races 8,747 pigeons
4th Champion Loft – Big Competition Pattaya International One Loft race with 8,747 pigeons

Let's start with the 3rd Place in the Pattaya International one loft Final race from 330 miles against 4,033 pigeons: AU2021-GFL-964. Only 1 second out of the first pigeon of Khaled Al Twaem. AU2021-GFL-964 is a child of Wrangler and Kate. Wrangler is a full brother to Thomas 6 (1th place Golden Algarve Race). Kate is a daughter of the icons Wolverine and Mike has a very good one.


The other top performance in the PIPR Final Race was the 6th Place of AU2021-GFL-621 against 4,033 pigeons. Just 2 seconds out of 1st pigeon. AU2021-GFL-621 is a child of Raven and Night Jewel, both top breeders at Ganus Family Lofts.


Mike also won the 9th, 41th, 55th and 81th Ace Pigeon PIPR! Let's take a look at the 9th Ace Pigeon: AU21-GFL-948. This fresh ace pigeon of Mike is a child of Tucker and Dionne. Dionne is (again) a daughter of Wolverine and Mike has a very good one.


Mike Ganus was not only successful in the most recent edition of the Pattaya OLR, he also made his mark in the 2021 Hoosier Classic International OLR. At Hoosier Mike won 2nd Place (only 2 seconds out of 1st) on a 360 Miles race against 1,202 pigeons in 2021.

All these results mentioned above, are just the top of a huge ammount of top results and references with performances of other fanciers on OLR with the Ganus bloodlines. In the list below, you can find all top 10 Final Race and Ace Pigeons won by Ganus Family Lofts in the last OLR seasons. You can also find an overview of the most important top 10 places won by other fanciers around the world with pigeons bred of the Ganus strain.