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New auctions: Performance Pigeon Auction, Jeroen & Stijn Rans, Filip & Nicolas Norman, Gebroeders Leideman, Klaas & Rik van Dorp, Hardy Krüger, Jan Hooymans, Alexandre Margris, Pieter Veenstra & Chris Debacker

Monday the 31st of January these new auctions will start: Performance Pigeon Auction, Jeroen & Stijn Rans, Filip & Nicolas Norman, Gebroeders Leideman, Klaas & Rik van Dorp, Hardy Krüger, Jan Hooymans, Alexandre Margris, Pieter Veenstra & Chris Debacker.

Performance Pigeon Auction

Today's winners are tomorrow's breeding stars...this becomes clear when reviewing the pedigrees of super racers. Each year, PIPA organizes an auction of top-class racers from leading lofts...all pigeons with the potential to shine as breeders. This year, the lots include performance pigeons from the following champions; F. & J. Vandenheede, Vermeerbergen-Wilms, Tom Van Gaver, Dehon-Demonseau, Chris Debacker, Laurent Colsoulle en C. Broos.

Jeroen & Stijn Rans (BE)
Youngsters from the best racers & breeders

The victory on International Barcelona in 2019 with Jef, lead to Jeroen and Stijn Rans receiving international recognition. The foundation of their success, however, was laid a long time ago. Stars such as 1st Nat. Perpignan winner Frans...his mother, 1st Int. Barcelona Ace Pigeon 2007-2012...super breeder Ed...and the phenomenal 1st Int. Pau hens Zwarte Weduwe ensure long lasting success on their breeding lofts. In 2021 they had a sensational season, with a.o. 17x Top 100 and 10x Top 50 National. On PIPA, they offer a selection of youngsters from their best pigeons, including Frans, Zwarte Weduwe, mother Jef, Chanti (2nd Nat. Valence) and from children, brother and sisters of Jef.

Filip & Nicolas Norman (BE)
Youngsters from the best breeders

The Norman family is well respected in both Belgium and abroad. Four generations, and more than 120 years of pigeon sport; this is what this family stands for...receiving fame for the impact the Norman colony has on International pigeon sport. Super breeder Zorro is an icon...his wonder son Abraham bred the 1st Million Dollar race winner 2008...a grandchild Magic Florian was the foundation to the current generation of winners. In auction are a.o. children to the best sons (Legendary Florian, 9th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance) and daughters to Magic Florian, but also from 12th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Miss Universe and her father Goorus...from sister Elzas (Elzas won 3x 1st Prize)...and from 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB Magic Yvan. 

Gebroeders Leideman (NL)
Goed Grijs Special

No other loft has evolved like that of Bert and André Leideman. After decades of searching for the best pigeons, the brothers have built a breeding team that is a guarantee for success. The wondrous Goed Grijs has a pivotal position within this colony. Winning 7x 1st Prize herself, including 1st NPO Laon against 6,371 pigeons she is now the leading figure in a line of phenomenal descendants around the world. On PIPA, Bert and André offer a select group of youngsters primarily from Goed Grijs lines...these include a child from Goed Grijs paired to icon Olympic Wolfgang (Olympiad pigeon)...but also from Vader Goed Grijs and many super children of Goed Grijs. 

Klaas & Rik Van Dorp (NL)
All old and young racers

Van Dorp is synonymous for pigeon sport at the highest level. Their old stock from Jan Ouwekerk was enriched with pigeons from Bart Geerinckx and formed the foundation to many 1st prize winners, National ace and even Olympiad pigeons. In the past years, pigeons of the Best Kittel dynasty from PIPA Breeding ensured the latest quality injection. After Klaas passed away in 2019, it was on Rik and grandson Sten to take care of their family heritage. After a super season in 2021, they decided to sell the old and young birds team on PIPA as they are moving to Dordrecht. In 2022, they will restart with youngsters from their new adres. A magnificent racing team is on offer during this auction, with many 1st prize winners and ace pigeons!

Hardy Krüger (DE)
OLR special

The breeders of Hardy Krüger deliver pigeons that shine not only at the lofts of the German champion himself, but especially on one loft races around the world! Whether these are in Thailand or America, South-Africa or Portugal, oftentimes Krüger pigeons are found in the pedigrees of final winners and ace pigeons. In a wonderful auction on PIPA, Hardy offers a selection of youngsters from his best One Loft Race breeders. Amongst them are youngsters from the parents of 1st Prize FCI Nong Chok race in Thailand … from Blue Pearl of which descendants have won across the globe … from the parents of 2nd Ace Pigeon Sofia OLR … from the parents of Kioto, star in the Victoria Falls OLR … and inbred to Harry’s Game, 8th Final Million Dollar race.

Jan Hooymans (NL)
OLR Special

The potential of the Harry dynasty has no limits. Jan Hooymans' own lofts and his satellite lofts in Belgium, England and The Netherlands are all world-class...but in the past decade, the Hooymans pigeons have showed themselves at One Loft Races as well. Jan invested in super Million Dollar race pigeons such as Birdy, Rubellos, Hali and mix these OLR genes with that of his own stock, with success. This auction is a true OLR special, including children from a.o. Harry Birdy 62 (father 3rd Final Victoria Falls) … from New Harry Birdy 51 (super daughter New Harry with OLR wonder Birdy) … and from Hali (3rd Final Million Dollar race) … 

Alexandre Margris (FR)
Best racers & breeders born before & incl. 2018

Alexandre Margris is without doubt one of the biggest stars in French pigeon sport...his collection of National ace pigeons and Olympiad pigeons is unmatched. Between 2015 and 2019, Alexandre had 16 Olympiad participants, since 2015 he won 130x 1st Provincial, 71x 1st National Zone and since 2010 a staggering 22x 1st National were won against an average of 5,116 pigeons. All his best racers and breeders older than 2018 are on offer in this unique auction; a multitude of National and International Ace pigeons and their parents. A unique chance for fanciers to obtain absolute top quality pigeons. 

Pieter Veenstra (NL)
Youngsters from the best breeders

After Pieter Veenstra sold his pigeons in the total auction of 2018, he built a new super team in which Return Flojo plays a leading role. She became 1st Grand Average Ace SA Million Dollar race 2018 and close to all successes of the past seasons can be traced back to Return Flojo and her family. This dynasty was crossed with the old Dolce Vita lines, but also new stars such as Olympiad pigeons and National ace pigeons including Olympic Bonifac, Aristo, New Hurricane, Olympic Pipa, De Bourges, Musetta and the 1st Final Victoria Falls winnaar All In One. In this auction, a wonderful selection of youngsters from the pigeons mentioned above are on offer, exclusively on PIPA. 

Chris Debacker (BE)
Youngsters from the best racers & breeders

School principal Chris Debacker had another super season in 2021...amongst others he had the 1st, 5th, 7th and 19th National KBDB Ace pigeon middle distance young birds and became 2nd National Champion Middle Distance KBDB. No surprise for those who follow Chris his results and know the breeders that make up the foundation to his stock. Super breeders such as Nick, Zanine, Soene, Mieke, Camilo and Salomez are almost a guarantee of success. In a wonderful auction on PIPA, Chris offers youngsters from his best pigeons.