Herman Hendrix (Broekhuizenvorst, NL) takes a large step to his ultimate goal in 2021 with a 2nd national Pau

Herman Hendrix (Broekhuizenvorst, NL) achived 2nd national Pau in 2021 against 4614 pigeons
When Herman Hendrix started the great adventure 3 years ago on the extremely long-distance races, no one could suspect that he would have a 2nd National Pau ZLU by 2021.

Steady climb to the top of the extremely long distance races

Together with his father, Herman was able to enjoy the spotlight at a young age at the race of the greatest distance. After transitioning to the middle and long-distance they once again were able to put down phenomenal results of which the tops were a 1st NPO Argenton, 1st NPO Chateauroux, 1st NPO Orléans and a 3rd NPO Limoges. Three years ago Herman decided to fully focus on the extremely long distance once again. Herman has more than proven that he fully understands the pigeon sport into the finest of details. This certainly has contributed to the fact that it did not take him long to be able to get results that most can only dream of. In 2019, Herman, with wonder hen, Anouk claimed a 12th national Agen in sector I against 7245 pigeons. One year later the sequel followed and how. 15th National against 4477 pigeons from the Catalonian capital of Barcelona. In 2021 Herman continued his climb on the ladder of glory. At the ZLU classic Pau, an amazing 2nd National against 4.614 pigeons was put down by Paulien. This translated to 8th place against 14435 pigeons internationally. We would like to introduce the wonderful birds that gave Herman his first victories on the extremely long distance below.

Anouk wins 12th national Agen 2019 and 15th national Barcelona 2020

NL18-1274999 Anouk, 12th nat. Agen 2019/15th nat. Barcelona 2020

The first pigeon to put Herman on the map when it comes to the Extremely Long Distance is beyond a shadow of a doubt the three-year-old hen NL18-1274999 Anouk. As a yearling, she first entered the spotlight with a 12th national Agen. A year later she once again delivered with a 15h national Barcelona. This was enough to convince Herman that give her a permanent spot on the breeding loft in Broekhuizenvorst. The full honours list of Anouk is as follows;

2019 1st North Limburg Union Agen against 389 p.
4th sector 4 Limburg against 2866 p.
12th national sector 1 against 7245 p.
15th national Barcelona ZLU 4477 p.
22nd international Barcelona 12315 p.

You need to have good material to work with

Herman was well aware that to realize his goals, he would have to bring quite the quality pigeon to the starting line. That he decided to go with children of (inter)national Barcelona victors to create this miracle bird, put his rise to the top into overdrive. The father of Anouk, NL17-1860780 Son Sumerian Fighter, is a son of the NL10-3025405 Sumerian Fighter who earned Leon Roks in 2017 a 1st international Barcelona against 17026 pigeons. The mother of Anouk NL17-1732725 Dochter Silke, is a daughter of the NL15-1320979 Silke who followed in the footsteps of Sumerian fighter in 2020 and earned a national victory at Barcelona against 4477 pigeons.

NL17-1860780 Son Sumerian Fighter is a son of Sumerian Fighter, 1est int. Barcelona 2017
NL17-1732725 Daughter Silke, daughter 1st nat. Barcelona 2020

Jesse, daughter Son Sumerian Fighter, wins 47th nat. Agen yearlings

NL19-1079071 Jesse wins a.o. 47th national Agen yearlings ZLU

The NL19-1079071 Jesse is, as the daughter of Son Sumerian Fighter, a halfsister of Anouk. Jesse has been showing what she is made off on the extremely long distance. As a yearling, she won a 47th national Agen ZLU against 5480 p. At the international level, Jesse finished at 190th against 14799 pigeons. The mother of Jesse is the NL17-1392529 Blauwke, an inbred granddaughter of son Miss Gijsje 430 (father 1st national Barcelona 2020) x daughter Orion/Mirna

2nd national Pau ZLU is the sensation of 2021

After the top results of Anouk and her halfsister Jesse, it was the turn of one of her loft mates to earn that podium spot. The pigeon to rise to the occasion was the NL18-1286933 Paulien. She was the cause of celebration by earning 2nd place on the national Pau ZLU against 4614 pigeons International her performance was good enough for 8th place against 14435 pigeons. Paulien came to Herman’s loft via Paul Clauwers. She is a granddaughter of the famous Sietske of Brothers Frenken (Weert, NL), who earned 5 top results at Barcelona and in time became the 2nd international Barcelona pigeon over the years 2015 to 2018. Mother of Paulien is a sister of the 1st Agen FCL Fiante 2017 of J. Grootonk

Herman sets his sights on the heavyweights of the extremely long distance

Herman has been intensively searching for the pigeons that have to make the dream happen on the grand stage of the extremely long distance. Naturally, it did not escape him that besides Silke (1st nat. Barcelona 2020 and great-grandmother of Anounk) there was more than one pigeon that earned a 1st (inter)national Barcelona at the lofts of Jelle Jellema. With NL19-1328232 Son Joyce, Herman got his hands on a grandson of NL11-1292679 Kleine Jade who in 2014 became a legend by seizing the 1st international Barcelona against 20669 pigeons over a distance of 1258 km. Son Joyce is also grandson, both from his mother’s side as well as his father’s side, of NL12-1108430 zoon Miss Gijsje 430 (father of Silke 1st national Barcelona 2020).

NL19-1328232 Son Joyce, grandson Kleine Jade 1st international Barcelona 2014

Daughter Lady Richelle

The NL20-1323567 Daughter Lady Richelle shows the very best from the Barcelona specialist Frans Bungeneers. The father of Daughter Lady Richelle is a grandson of BE05-6449086 Icarus with a 4th national/9th international Barcelona 2009 and BE08-6163417 halfsister Queen Tonny (Queen Tonny won 1st national Barcelona 2005). The mother (Lady Richelle) of Daughter Lady Richelle, is the daughter of the same halfsister, Queen Tonny. Lady Richelle is the mother of a grand number of Barcelona winners.

NL20-1323567 Daughter Lady Richelle is a daughter of super breeder Lady Richelle

Will Herman reach the apex

Within a small time span, Herman Hendrix has climbed high on the ladder of the extremely long distance. If he could just take one more step on that great ladder he would reach his ultimate goal. He already earned a 2nd national with Pau. It is clear that Herman is serious and not holding back on his search to find the pigeon that shall earn him that strongly desired 1st place. Whether he shall be able to already do this in 2022 is something we are looking forward to finding out.