The combination Depasse-Lardenoye (Wagnelée, BE), one of the best specialists on the Queen of the races: Barcelona

Throughout the years, this belgian-dutch combination has come to the fore to become one of the best western European loft on the international marathon races.

How it started

In the '80's, the young Stephane Depasse catched a racing pigeon next to the football field where he was playing. With the help of this father, he wanted to know how to get in touch with its owner in order to tell him he rescued his pigeon. At the time, he was impressed by the ability of these birds to find their home while being released at more than 1000 km away. He was so attracted that he went later on to the bell tower of his village to catch the racers who get lost there. Among them, he found a pigeon of a man known as Jo Lardenoye… We were then in 1984 when they first got in touch together. The second time they talked together was in 1993. A sale of the late Jac Van der Wegen was held and while browsing the pedigrees, Stephane saw again the name of Lardenoye. That's how he learnt that this fancier won the 1st national de Marseille in 1991 and he was keeping at the time several Van der Wegen pigeons, especially from the line of 'Parel', 'Beer' and 'Turbo' via Antoon et Lucy Van der Wegen. He decided to get in touch again with this Dutch champion and they quickly made an appointment. Stephane visited Jo and came home with seven pigeons. Among them, there was a pigeon that would become his basic breeder, the 'Frazette' (father of ao. 13. National Montauban, 19. National Jarnac, 83. National Cahors, 86. National Barcelona, etc…).
Jo Lardenoye then kept on his winning path and in 1995, his pigeon 'Glenn' won the national victory on Barcelona in The Netherlands.
In 2000, Jo Lardenoye decided to call it quits with the pigeon sport. Both men, who were now close friends, took the decision to found a partnership in Belgium under the name Depasse-Lardenoye. Stephane is young and full of ambition and he was very happy to welcome in his loft several brothers & sisters of 'Glenn'. By the way, the father of 'Di Stefano', 1. National Acebird Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2006 was a full brother of 'Glenn'. The apple never falls far from the tree.
We had to wait until 2001 to see this new combination achieving a brilliant result on Pau. At the time, there was still a limitation of 5 pigeons to be entered by each fancier and they booked a wonderful result winning the 3rd and the 23th international.

Performances on Barcelona

In the meantime, the race of Barcelona has become the most important race of this colony. This race is prepared all year long and they always basket their best pigeons, mostly on a nest. Before that, they got enough time to mature and gain experience on shorter international races. Stephane has been able to build his own strain with the pigeons of Jo but recently, he introduced some pigeons of Saarloos and Jellema.

National top 15 positions won on Barcelona:
4. National Barcelona 11802 p. 2006
7. National Barcelona 7301 p. 2019
9. National Barcelona 12312 p. 2007
9. National Barcelona 7874 p. 2017
11. National Barcelona 13503 p. 2009

Results in 2020 & 2021 :
Barcelona National ’20 6178 p.: 31, 82, 96, 148, 157, 297, 360, 444, 446, 489, 597 & 20/29
Barcelona International ’20 12315 p.: 108, 211, 251, 383, 405, 955, 1073 & 18/29
Barcelona National ’21 6913 p.: 75, 93, 342, 500, 526, 558, 587, 645, 657, 672 & 24/38
Barcelona International ’21 16485 p.: 230, 271, 909, 1302, 1377, 1464, 1511 & 24/38

Depasse-Lardenoye's pigeons in other lofts

Since several years, the references keep coming. For this report, we only took into account the references gained over the last two years. In 2020, Patrick Lhoest won the 2. National Barcelona with a hen born out of an egg given by Stephane. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know who are the exact parents of this pigeon since he lost the notes where all the informations were written.

Guy & Michael Regnier have been also very successful with their pigeons, especially with 'Petite Camie' (BE15-1064864) who is mother of 4 different national top 10 winners: 2. National Marseille ’21, 6. National Montélimar Yearlings ’18, 6. National Montelimar ’19, 8. National Marseille ’20.
'Petite Camie' was bought directly at Stephane and she is a granddaughter of 'Camie' who won the 11. National Barcelona and the 81 National Perpignan the same year, so that she ended as 7. National Acebird Extreme Long Distance KBDB. She also became mother of ao. 15. National Perpignan, 23. et 27. National Marseille, etc.

Marc Gielen (The Netherlands) is mostly racing with pigeons from Depasse-Lardenoye. In 2020, he won the 1. & 9. National Agen Yearlings but also of the 1. & 2. Acebird Fondvrienden Brabant-Limbourg. 'Steffie', the hen who won the national victory on Agen, was bred from a hen of Depasse-Lardenoye, herself being the daughter of a half-brother 'Di Stefano', 1. National Acebird Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2006, when paired to a daughter 'Frazette'.

Ludovic Sempos won the 28. National Barcelona 2021 with a 100% Depasse-Lardenoye pigeon. In its pedigree, we can find the best breeding lines: ’Adrien' (4. National Barcelona), 'Di Stefano' (1. National Acebird Extreme Long Distance KBDB ‘06), 'Espoir' (9. National Barcelona), 'Camie' (11. national Barcelona), etc.

Some of the best pigeons…

- 'Dark Barca' (BE09-9031867)

Half-brother 'Adrien' 4. National Barcelona
Half-brother 'Espoir' 9. National Barcelona

His father is the BE98-9180951, winner of the 23. National Pau in 2001 and also father of 'Espoir', 9. National Barcelona and grand-father of Amby, 9. National Barcelona. He is a son of the NL93-2862921, grandson 'Parel' & 'Lichtoger' from Van der Wegen, when mated to the BE94-9239566, daughter 'Frazette'.
His mother is the BE00-914534, mother of ’Adrien' 4. National Barcelona. She is a daughter of the NL93-1538779 'Frazette', first pigeon bought by Stephane at Jo Lardenoye and basic breeder, when mated to the NL93-2862983, a Van der Wegen hen, granddaughter of 'Jonge Parel' & 'Benjamin'.

- 'Francine' (BE15-1064823)

7. National Barcelona ‘19
216. National Barcelona ‘18

Her father is the BE03-9052584, already father of the 23. & 27. National Marseille, 86. National Agen, etc. It's a son of a half-brother 'Glenn', 1st National Barcelona NL 95, the NL96-1215630, a pure Van der Wegen pigeon (line of 'Turbo', 'Schoon Licht' & 'Oud Doffertje') paired to a hen of JP Badoux (BE01-9170616) daughter of the 4. National Pau & also from the Van der Wegen x Kuypers origin.
Her mother is the BE13-9027865, she is a daughter of 'Camie', 11. National Barcelona 09 (BE06-9056009), a super breeding hen already mother & grandmother of some super pigeons for Stephane but also for Regnier. 'Camie' was then paired to the BE06-8013160, a son of 'Adrien' (4. National Barcelona) and of the 'Pau hen' (12. National Pau).

- 'Amby' (BE14-1016829)

9. National Barcelona ‘17

Her father is the Dark Barca (BE09-9031867 - see above).
Her mother is Zoé (BE08-9061236), winner of the 1. International Tarbes hens and bred from a crossing Van der Wegen x Kuypers.

- 'Miss Perpignan' (BE13-9027802)

4. National Perpignan ‘16
7. International Perpignan ‘16

Her father is the BE08-9061318, half-brother 'Adrien' (4. National Barcelona) and grandson 'Di Stefano' when mated to a daughter 'Frazette'.
Her mother is the BE10-1012371, 'Ballmann hen' daughter of the 78. National Montauban from Dieter Ballmann and paired to a daughter 'Beau Noir' from Y. Deneufbourg.

- 'Luchi' (BE18-1010230)

2. National Aurillac

His father is the BE06-9056128, son 'Di Stefano', 1. National Acebird Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2006 when paired to a daughter 'St-Vincent' (from the line of 'Glenn', 1. National Barcelona ’95 for Jo Lardenoye).
His mother is the BE12-9070845, granddaughter 3. National Barcelona NL ‘08 for Wil Pieters, himself a pure Depasse-Lardenoye pigeon from the line of the 'Frazette'. This cock was paired at the time to a granddaughter 'Frazette'.

We would like to end this report while wishing already to Stephane and Jo an excellent season in 2022. But seeing what they have in stock, we have no doubt it will happen again.