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New auction: Roger Debusschere (BE)

Tuesday the 21st of December the auction of Roger Debusschere (BE) will start.

Roger Debusschere (BE)
Collectors Items and children from super pigeons

The well-known Belgian fancier Roger Debusschere is a breeder and supplier of super pigeons. In recent years, fellow fanciers have managed to book handfuls of 1st Provincial or semi-National victories with pigeons from Roger Debusschere. Damien Baert-Debusschere has already won 2 x 1st National, from Tulle in 2014 (with Mexence) and recently on the very tough and tropical National Bourges II of August 8, 2020 1st Nat Bourges 5,294 old birds was won. It is evident that class and super genes are abundantly present in the Royal Collection of Roger Debusschere. The lines of his own 1st National winners play a major role in his colony, in addition to the descendants of the 1st National winners from Jarnac, Perpignan present on breeding stables of the Royal Collection. They are crossed with pigeons from 1st Nat. Champion KBDB 2021 Bernard Venrenterghem ( from which the 1st Nat. Tulle was bred), the lines of the ace pigeons from Etienne Meirlaen and Erik Limbourg, the cream of the crop from Benny Steveninck, etc… in short, a varied selection of pigeons with one common denominator; only the very best suffices for Roger Debusschere.