Stef Bals (Wouwse Plantage, NL) again performing strong in 2021 in sector Brabant 2000

Stef Bals had once again a great season in 2021
Stef Bals entered the spotlight of sector Brabant 2000 in 2021 with a divine second last race of the season where he put down a 1-2-3 and 4 against 10746 pigeons in the race from Morlincourt, completely dominating the competition.


In 2021 it is clear that the wind has been blowing in the right direction for Stef Bals within the pigeon sport. He found his dream job with Team GPS (Elshout, NL) where he, together with colleague Bernard van Oerle, rules over the young birds whose performance in 2021 defied common sense. Despite the heavy workload, for which he leaves his house in the early morning and gets back in the early evening, he still manages to find time to lead his own colony to greatness. The start of the season begins with a handicap, partly because the pigeons at Stef’ can barely train during the in-between season. Despite this, in 2021 Stef’s pigeons got a running start. At RCC Roosendaal they started strong with a victory at Quiévrain against 1369 pigeons. By the end of May, the pigeons had clearly gotten into shape. On the last four middle distance races and a following long-distance race, they left a mark. The young birds game was skipped by Stef so he could maximally perform on the postseason races. When the time came for the final races of the season, there were no breaks attached. In 2021 Stef achieved six victories at RCC Roosendaal. Three times there was a Rayon (2) victory and two times Stef won at the sector of Brabant 2000. Below you can read the most impressive feats of 2021 (remember when reading that Stef only partook in 18 races);

17-4 Quiévrain 130 km 1369 p. 1-10-11-13-19-etc.(17/55)
29-5 Sens 374 km 688 p. 5-8-10-12-21-28-29-31-etc.(24/33)
6-6 Pont St. Max 275 km 750 p. 1-2-9-10-11-17-27-28-29-etc.(21/27)
Brabant 2000 9829 p. 1-2-etc.
3-7 Issoudun NPO 533 km 3378 p. 8-10-etc.(6/14)
9-7 Melun 339 km 362 p. 1-2-6-7-23-etc.(10/21)
Rayon 2 1529 p. 6-7-etc.
21-8 Niergnies 170 km 1334 p. 1-5-14-16-17-18-22-24-25-etc.(37-69)
Rayon 2 4614 p. 1
28-8 Niergnies 170 km 1301 p. 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-13-17-18-23-24-25-etc.(44/64)
Rayon 2 4583 p. 3-5-7-11-14-15-16-etc.
4-9 Morlincourt 235 km 914 p. 1-2-3-4-7-13-15-17-20-21-25-26-etc.(43/60)
Brabant 2000 10746 p. 1-2-3-4-etc.
11-9 Pont St. Max 275 km 647 p. 1-3-6-9-10-14-16-19-20-21-22-etc.(25/59)

Stef relies on quality

Besides his incredibly strong will and a goof lof, Stef relies on his high quality colony of pigeons for his formidable performances. As a friend of Maarten Huijsmans (Hoogerheide, NL) the foundation was laid with pigeons from the breeding lofts of Maarten. Stef was able to draw upon the regular breeder there. Stef was able to get a good foundation from the stockbreeders of Maarten, such as Miss Universe, Super Cees and Doutzen. Also originating from Maarten Huijsmans is the stockbreeder NPO. Besides that, the acquirement of the NL10-1274744 De 744 of Hans en Evert-Jan Eijerkamp gave another massive boost to the race performances. We would like to showcase several important breeding pigeons and their children that enabled the incredible performances in the sector results of Brabant 2000 in 2021;

New Universe fully lives up to the expectations as the daughter of Miss Universe 

NL15-1800997 New Universe is the mother of a.o. 1st Pont St. Max sec. Brabant 2000 against 9829 pigeons

As the daughter of the NL08-1633110 Miss Universe (stockbreeder at the Huijsmans’ loft) and the NL10-1274744 De 744, expectations of the descendents of NL15-1800997 New Universe were high. De 744 (father of New Universe) had already showcased his quality on both the races and the breeding loft many times over. This cock won a.o. 1st Creil (2225 p.), 1st Orléans (1942 p.) and 1st Moeskroen (1764 p.) and is the (grand)father of a.o. 1st Pont St. Max (13240 p.), 1st Quiévrain (2510 p.), 1st Niergnies (6295 p.) and 1s Pont St. Max (9829 d.). After his racing career, he became a breeder with unlimited potential. New Universe joined the breeding loft just like her parents. Nowadays at both Maarten Huijsmans (1st Morlincourt against 3438 pigeons) as well as Hans Koreman (1st Quiévrain against 1042 pigeons) the grandchildren of New Universe have been making a name of themselves. Direct Children win a.o.;

1st Pont St. Max 13240 p. (Brabant 2000)
1st Pont St. Max 9829 p. (Brabant 2000)
1st Peronne 1029 p.
1st Ace Pigeon Old Birds RCC Roosendaal
3rd Sens 4971 p. (Brabant 2000)
4th Morlincourt 10746 p. (Brabant 2000)
8e NPO Issoudun 3378 p. (Brabant 2000)

Son New Universe wins sector competition Pont St. Maxence

NL20-1574106 Superboy wins 1st Pont St. Maxence sector Brabant 2000 against 9829 pigeons

Among the new talents of 2021 was the NL20-1574106 Superboy. This yearling cock from New Universe won in June 2021 a sector competition of Braband 2000 from Pont St. Maxence against 9829 pigeons. During the first weekend of September, Superboy was very close to repeating the feat with a 4th place in a sector competition from Morlincourt against 10746 pigeons. Three loft mates beat him to the punch. He defeated every other pigeon once again.

James (son New Universe) claims Ace Pigeon Title at RCC Roosendaal in 2021 

NL20-2006960 1e Asduif Oud Roosendaalse Concours Combinatie

Another son of New Universe who drew the spotlight in 2021 is the NL20-2006960 James. This gorgeous blue cock finished as 1st Ace Pigeon Old birds in the Roosendaalse Competition Combination. He collected the most points with a.o. A 5th Sens against 688 p. And a 2nd Issoudun against 286 pigeons. The performance of Issoudun becomes much more impressive when we expand the scale to Rayon 2 (4th against 1043 pigeons) and to the NPO competitions (8e against 3378 pigeons). At Issoudun it became a 10th place against 9963 pigeons on the National (sector 1) level.

Children of Special Blue perform extraordinary once again in 2021

NL16-1617333 Special Blue is a top breedster at the lofts of Stef Bals

A special hen who can match her breeding performances with those of New Universe is the NL16-1617333 Special Blue. She is a daughter of the earlier mentioned De 744. The other of Special Blue was bred from grandchildren of the Rocket and Winner, two pigeons that brought master Rinus van Gastel from Roosendaal great fame. Special Blue is the (grand)mother of a.o.

Mother of a.o.
1st Niergnies 6295 p.*
2nd 20420 p.(Brabant 2000)*
1st Quiévrain 2510 p.*
fastest 11565 p.*
2nd Pont St. Max 9829 p.(Brabant 2000)***
4th Melun 5579 p.(Brabant 2000)**
4th Sens 4971 p.(Brabant 2000)**
5th Pont St. Max 13240 p.(Brabant 2000)**
11th Melun 5016 p.(Brabant 2000)
13th NPO Issoudun 7183 p.
* NL18-1185822 Jody
** NL17-1366883 Blue 883
*** NL20-2006959 Romy
Grandmother of a.o.
NL19-3917301 Qwinty
1st Pont St. Max 2508 p.

Romy (daughter Special Blue) wins in 2021 2nd Pont St. Maxence against 9829 pigeons

NL20-2006959 Romy wins in 2021 a.o. 2nd Pont St. Maxence against 9829 pigeons

The yearling hen NL20-2006959 Romy showcases the breeding value of Special Bue in 2021 with a number of impressive performances. Romy claimed an impressive 2nd place behind loft mate Superboy during the sector competition from Pont St. Maxence against 9829 pigeons. During a middle distance race from Melun she achieved an impressive 2nd place against 362 pigeons at RCC Roosendaal. On the sector level, Romy had to be satisfied this time with 12th place against 4963 pigeons.

Ricardo puts the cherry on top with a sector victory

NL21-2116709 Ricardo wint 1e Morlincourt (Brabant 2000) tegen 10746 duiven

The proverbial cherry on top is provided by the NL21-2116709 Ricardo. This young cock was the very first during a sector competition from Morlincourt against 10746 pigeons. Ricardo can therefore claim the perhaps most impressive feat of the year 2021 with sector Brabant 2000. The pigeons of Stef followed up with 2nd, 3rd and 4th place in the sector competition. In the pedigree of Ricardo, we can find back pigeons of a.o. Bolhoeve & v/d Pasch, Embregts-Theunis and Peter van de Merwe.

Stef pulls it off

Stef proves how far you can go in the pigeon sport with quality. Stef can only make time for his pigeon when other fanciers have already closed down their lofts. Despite this he puts down incredible performances. Both within the Roosendaalse Competition Combination as within sector Brabant 2000 he regularly manages to distinguish himself in incredible ways. Every advantage one could have does not apply to Stef. Let performances of Stef give hope to the young fancier who only has little free time and only a small colony of pigeons.