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Lubomir Kubacek: most titled fancier of Czech Republic

When we talk about pigeon sport, we often focus too much on what's happening in Western Europe but we forget that many pigeon fanciers from other countries would be also able to dominate in any place in the world.

Lubomir Kubacek can be considered as such kind of pigeon fancier. He is the big reference in his country as being the most titled fancier of the Czech pigeon sport. He has won numerous national titles, has been qualified for several Olympiads and booked a large number of victories in several thousands of pigeons. In 2021, he proved once again he was the big shot:

1st National Champion Yearlings 2021
1st National Champion Middle Distance old birds 2021

1st National Champion MMKST MSS Sprint/Middle Distance 2021
2nd National Champion old birds 2021
4th National Champion Youngsters 2021

Lubomir has always considered the practice of the pigeon sport as a high-level hobby and it is what pushed him to be involved with a great rigor and determination. He has been always interested about anything that could help him to improve his results and he was also one of the very best from his country to pay a visit to great names of the sport, especially in Belgium & Germany. In fact, it is his will to always improve himself that pushed him to his boundaries and that's why you can find him where he is now.
The most famous pigeon of his loft is called 'Blue Toni', a super voyageur who won the golden medal at the pre-Olympics and the bronze medal at the Olympiads. Later on, he became a real super breeder.

- 'Blue Toni' (CZ0234-10-6504)

He didn't know at the time but it was one of the best decision of his life when he took the decision to move his champion to the breeding loft. Indeed, 'Blue Toni' started to brought in quickly the first breeding references and some of them are really massive... Let's first start with the directs children of 'Blue Toni' because it is with the first generation that the fairy tale as started. The individual performances of each pigeon are listed on their picture.

- 'Cannibal' (CZ18-0234-1060)

- 'Number One' (CZ18-0234-1111)

- 'Blue Power' (CZ19-0234-3344)

- 'Bulck Toni' (CZ20-0234-5859)


'Bulck Toni' is without any doubt the pigeon that deserves a special mention. If the rest of the directs descendants from 'Blue Toni' introduced previously in this report are all pigeons of high quality, 'Bulck Toni' is the one that come closer to his father. He was the big revelation of the 2020 season and ended it winning the title of 1. National Acebird Youngsters 2020 while booking the crazy coefficient of 1.82% for the coming Olympiads in the 2020 youngster category! His mother is a direct hen of Stefaan Lambrecht, already mother of 'Olympic Gregorian'. We must also add that 'Bulck Toni' already bred a super youngster in his first year as a breeder. Indeed, the 'CZ21-0234-2843' won this year the title of 1. Provincial Acebird Youngsters and also ended as 5. National Acebird Youngsters! Absolutely stunning!

But let's get back to 'Blue Toni' as we also need to mention the best of his grandchildren. Let's have a look by yourself:

- 'Kimi' (CZ19-0234-3315)

- 'Magnum' (CZ16-0234-1459)

- 'Carapaz' (CZ20-0234-6031)

Super reference at Jan Filipi

Jan Filipi is an excellent friend of Lubomir and it is quite normal that he also races some pigeons of his friend into his loft. Among them, there is the hen 'Best from Best', direct daughter of 'Dark Toni' from Lubomir (himself full brother 'Blue Toni'). This hen became mother of 'Middle Toni 660' (CZ17-072-660) who is currently the best pigeon of the Filipi loft. This pigeon has been able to get a qualification for the next Olympiads in the I category (3x above 500 km in the same season) but he also ended as 2. National Acebird.


Olympic games 2022 in the target

The next Olympiads will be held in Romania and Lubomir will represent his country once again. Five pigeons were already qualified after the 2020 season and 4 other pigeons from the loft are supposed to join them after their 2021 season, which means a total of 9 pigeons. No less than 5 descendants of 'Blue Toni' are among those pigeons qualified for the Olympiads:

'Blue Power' (19-3344) - son 'Blue Toni'
1st Nat. Super Acebird 2021 - Qualified for the Olympics in Romania 2022
'Bulck Toni' (20-5859) - son 'Blue Toni'

1st Nat. Acebird Youngsters 2020 (lowest coefficient ever achieved)
Qualified for the Olympics in Romania 2022
- 'Carapas (20-6031) - grandson 'Blue Toni'

1st Nat. Acebird Yearling 2021 – Qualified for the Olympics in Romania 2022
- 'Magnum' (16-1459) - grandson 'Blue Toni'

Member of the selection Pre-Olympic Brno 2020 - Qualified for the Olympics in Romania 2022
- 'Kimi' (19-3315) - granddaughter 'Blue Toni'

1st Nat. Acebird hens 2020, 2nd Nat. Acebird hens 2021
Qualified for the Olympics in Romania 2022

With such a generation of top racers, our friend will be one of the big names of the event!