Sakis Minovgioudis (Alblasserdam, NL) experiences another incredible season with, among many other fine moments, his Nat. victory at Chateauroux

Sakis has been at the top of the long-distance races in the Netherlands for years. Due to his super-strong breed of Ludo Claessons with Meeuwke '12 Blue Talent, White Talent etc. These wonderbirds prove themselves again with their successes on the OLR and the 1st Nat. Chateauroux

One of Sakis’ goals was to take a small racing crew in 2021 and take the fight to the Sector 5 titans of the long distances races in South Holland and see what they were made of. With only a few seasoned pigeons in this racing crew he can be more than satisfied with the end results… because it turned to be a super year !! The cherry on top of this amazing season was of course the beautiful victory in sector 5 on the race from Chateauroux over a distance of 600km against 6.068 pigeons. With the 2nd and 3rd place having been claimed by the great A de Bruijn and G. & S. Verkerk, it is a victory that could not be sweeter for Sakis. Bas Verkerk called this rae (no clouds, NE weak 2, 18 degrees) perhaps the most beautiful race of the year with a winning speed of 1.070mpm. Even in Sector II against no less than 7.962 pigeons, Sakis achieved the top prize with his Nationaal Meeuwke.

That this victory was not an isolated event is proven by the championships listed below

2nd Assigned Long Distance Sector 5
1st Assigned Long Distance Rayon East
1st Emperor Champion Long Distance Grand Competition Drechtsteden
2nd, 7th and 8th Pigeon Champion Long Distance Grand Competition Drechtsteden

NL14-1050791, Superbreeder Blue Talent

A large part of the success of recent years is the Superbreeder Blue Talent (NL14-1050791). He picks up the mantel from his mother Meeuwke 12. Meeuwke 12 is a daughter of the world-famous Supercrack `69 X Golden White. Countless wonder birds were born from this union. For example, direct children alone achieved fifteen first prizes. Blue Talent himself is also the father of a series of top birds such as Nationaal Meeuwke, Super 10, Talent 430 etc…

NL19-1658821 Nationaal Meeuwke, 1st National Chateauroux SII (7.962 pigeons)

At one of the most beautiful long-distance races of 2021 namely Chateauroux, the Nationaal Meeuwke claimed the 1st National SII against no less than 7.982 pigeons. As a late born of 2019 she was not trained in her birth year. Her education started in 2020 with the one-day middle distance race Pontoise which resulted in a respectable achievement straight of the bat (39th out of 1.234 pigeons). In 2021 she claimed a 56th out of 7.429 pigeons at Vierzon (546 km) and then 1st National SII at Chateauroux (600km). The father of Nationaal Meeuwke is Blue Talent who was coupled to the NL16-1526397. This hen was purchased in 2017 by Sakis from G.&.S. Verkerk for Fahad Alwatri Abu Mashal from Kuwait. This hen could first show her value at the breeding loft of Sakis before moving to Kuwait. (Through a truly regrettable accident Sakis good friend Fahad Alwatri Abu Mahal has left us in November last year). This hen is a daughter of Harley (1st Nat Ace Pigeon Topwings in 2015, 1st Nat Ace Pigeon ONe day race with 4 prizes and 3rd Ace Pigeon PIPA rankings with 3 prizes). Her mother is Euphoria (Daughter of Bulldozer x Olympic Solange)

Sakis with his departed friend Fahad Alwatri Abu Mahal

NL18-1092610 Super 10

This super 10 is a son of the earlier named top breeders NL14-1050791 (Blue Talent) x NL16-1526397 (Verkerk-hen) and is thus a full brother of Nationaal Meeuwke. As a yearling the Super 10 became 1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance. He won the 1st prizes of among others, Duffel, Nanteuil, Fontenay and a whole series of top prizes such as:

1st Fontenay 447 km 1.791 pigeons
1st Nanteuil 331 km 1.784 pigeons
1st Duffel 86 km 1.114 pigeons (equal with loftmate)
8th Melun 389 km 1.341 pigeons
8th Pontoise 358 km 1.239 pigeons
10th Salbris 528 km 1.470 pigeons
11th Peronne 247 km 1.512 pigeons
16th Issoudun 579 km 1.173 pigeons
18th Peronne 247 km 1.254 pigeons
20th Quievrain 175 km 2.330 pigeons
24th Duffel 86 km 1.904 pigeons
24th Pontoise 358 km 1.234 pigeons
27th Quievrain 175 km 1.186 pigeons
43rd Melun 389 km 1.191 pigeons

The cocks NL20-1487430 (Talent 430) and NL20-1487404 (Jiannis), both sons of Blue Talent and halfbrothers of Nationaal Meeuwke and Super 10, proved to be cut out of the right material as yearlings:

NL20-1487430 (Talent 430) wins a.o.:
34th Issoudun 579 km 10.850 p.
28th Vierzon 546 km 7.419 p.
103rd Chateauroux 600 km 6.068 p.
NL20-1487404 (Jiannis) wins a.o.:
3rd Pontoise 358 km 1.234 p.
6th Peronne 247 km 1.235 p.

NL19-1658696, Miss Thessaloniki Extra

Miss Thessaloniki Extra knows all there is to know about flying ahead. No less than 3x did she finish first at a long-distance race. Father is a cock of G. & S. Verkerk and she is a granddaughter of a.o. Flinstone, Olympic Fire Eyes and Olympic Valerie. Mother is Miss Thessaloniki II. Her most impressive racing results are:

1st Vierzon 549 km 1.090 p.
4th Fontenay 447 km 1.791 p.
10th Blois 523 km 867 p.
15th Quievrain 175 km 2.095 p.
25th Pontoise 358 km 1.234 p.
26th Peronne 247 km 2.122 p.

NL14-1050916, White Talent

Another superbreeder at Sakis’ lofts that should not be forgotten is the White Talent. He is a direct son of Meeuwke 12 x Supercracks Talent and thus a full brother of Blue talent but also Saki Moon. Successful halfbrothers/sisters of White Talent are a.o. Greek God, Pure Gold, Talents Rookie and Miss Thessaloniki II. White Talent himself is a.o. The father of 1st Pontoise (571 p.) and 1st Pontoise (2.223 p.).

NL17-1269872, White Extra Extra

A new star in the making at the breeding loft of Sakis is the White Extra Extra. He is inbred after superbird Meeuwke 12 and is thus a half brother of Blue Talent, White Talent, Greek God, Pure Gold and Saki Moon. He is a.o. The father of the NL21-919. This young talent raced in 3 weeks 11th Nanteuil (1.914 p.), 11th Pont.St.Max (1.474 p,) and 40th Fontenay (1.254 p.).

Another great year at the OLR 

Sakis has been a regular sight with his colony of wonderbirds at the International OLR. This year is no exception. Ummbirka Loft from Qatar performed admirably at the Victoria Falls One Loft Race with a grandchild (Golden Grizzle) of White Talent x Dochter Meeuwke . As you can see below:

Sakis his good friend John Georgopoulos, playing under the name Greek Connection has been successful for years with grandchildren of Meeuwke 12 at the OLR. This year a grandchild of Super Crack 135 (daughter Saki Moon) once again drew the spotlight at the OLR Crooked River Challenge as of 1st Overall Average Speed Winner:

Finally, you will see here a reference from a fancier from China (the name of the writer is sadly unknown to us) who has been very successful with a grandchild of White Strong.