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Liliane Demely (Moorsele, BE) once again present at the top in 2021

The colony Demely has been at the very top of the pigeon sport for some time. 2021 proved no exception. Spectacular results across the boards, especially at the national and provincial classics.

National top results

The family Vanneste-Demely places a high priority on quality, one will not find hordes of pigeons here to fill up the lofts, only birds that are overflowing with talent. In addition, the loft of Liliane Demely Moorsele can be found in the extreme south of the most western province of Belgium, far from ideal if one wants to be at the top, yet on the rare occasion that the possibility to win nationally presents itself (this only happened 2 times in 2021), the aces of house Demely take it with both arms. Last season there was a strong North Eastern wind from Bourges, with an average speed of 1252 m/min Nina (BE20-3108127) set the bar high and scored the 6th National against 25.096 pigeons (9th fastest of the complete race of almost 60.000 p.), at the same time a granddaughter of the famous Mr. Unique achieved a beautiful 37th nat. on this hard-fought race.

Nina : 6° National Bourges in 2021

The second chance to perform on the national level came from Gueret (released at Chateauroux). This classic took place under harsh conditions with a strong headwind that would really allow the aces to distinguish themselves. Mister Souterraine (BE19-3118032) finished as 12th National against 7.099 pigeons with a speed of only 1070 m/min, which shows just how heavy the race was and how only the very top had a chance of performing well. Mister Souterraine lived up to his name with this feat for he had already enjoyed victory from La Souterraine and also has a 2nd Gueret on his honours list. Loftmate Miss Gueret ((BE18-3052885) raced on the same day a 40th National, she too had previously excelled with a.o.: 1st Gueret, 1st Vierzon, … and above all also became the 9th Provincial Ace Pigeon. Miss Gueret is a result of a combination of the Figo-lineage and the famous Tulle0lineage that has been responsible for a long series of victories and success at Demely’s

Mister Souterraine : 12° National Gueret ( Chateauroux) in 2021
Miss Gueret : wonderbird and back in 2021 as 40° Nat. at Gueret

It is safe to say that out of the 2 opportunities that presented themselves last year, both were optimally made use of. Yet naturally, there were also other provincial and local races with strong weekly performances. In 2021 there were no fewer than 25 victories gained for the already not so short honours list. In addition, there were also 29 provincial top-10 results, all with a limited amount of pigeons. Last season chain results and dominating the rankings were again the hallmark of this wonder loft. Something to proud of in this era of increasingly bigger and bigger lofts.

Multiple super birds on the loft

2021 was marked by a lot of bad weather on the races, as a result of this family, Demely decided 4 times to not basket the best pigeons. It speaks for itself that this was not exactly ideal for the rhythm of the pigeons, but before the start of the season son David, father Filip and mother Liliane decided that there would be no risktaking with the greatest stars of the loft. It was already decided that 2021 would be the last year of Mister Hugo, Mister Chateauroux and Miss Pontoise. They would be basketed one last time on the races before making the move to the breeding loft.

For example, Mister Hugo (BE18-3052883) was kept home for two weeks during the important month May, despite this the next week he wins the 1st prize at Clermont the week after that 1st prize at Chateaudun (3rd Prov against 7.268 pigeons). And as if that was not enough yet another week later the 1st at Chateaufdun, as well as numero uno provincial with 1st Provincial 4.767 p. !! After that this fantastic Mister Hugo was kept home another 2 weeks only to make an incredible comeback. This ace has gathered 10 victories over his career, 3 of which were provincial victories.

Mister Hugo : The phemenon at Moorsele

Miss Pontoise (BE18-3052860) stayed home for a stunning 5 weeks during the season and was afterwards safely transferred to the breeding loft, where great things are expected of her. Despite all that this wonder hen did manage quite a few feats in 2021 such as on Clermont 3°/791, 5°/200, 10°/260, 11°/263, ... and from her beloved Pontoise a 4°, 8°, and 14° prize at the Provincial level and a 1° and 2° place at the local level. This lady has won a first prize 11 times over her career, including a.o. 1st Prov. 3.044 p., 2nd Prov. 6.106 p., … She is also the only pigeon of West and Eastern Flanders which qualified for the Olympic Hope 2020 on the sprint.

Miss Pontoise : among others 11 x 1° prize

Mister Chateauroux (BE17-3043801) is the third miracle of the colony Demely who earned their place on the breeding loft in 2021. This happened early in June due to the continuously bad weather expectations. This wonder won in his career 5 times the 1st prize local on his first 6 national races !! There are very few or no other pigeons like that, one time the wind was in his favour and Mister Chateauroux grabbed his chance: 5th National Chateaurouxagainst 13.098 pigeons. In 2020 he became the 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB All-Round and 3rd Prov Ace Pigeon KBDB Greater Middle Distance. Besides his 6 victories, this athlete also won: 2° Prov. Argenton, 2° Prov. Issoudun, 3° Prov. Chateauroux, 4° Prov. Blois, 6° Prov. Montlucon, … and on every single one of these races, there was a great amount of competition within the province. His only daughter has also already won 3 top-5 results, which is very promising for his future breeding career.

Mister Chateauroux: top pigeon at Demely

Another Pigeon that was too valuable to take any risks with is Black Argenton (BE18-3052846). In 2021 he was top of the results week after week (besides the 5 weekends where he was not basketed), this after dominating in the previous seasons with 5 times a provincial top 5 prize on races such as Argenton, Blois, Chateauroux, ... 19° Nat. Argenton against 22.826 p., ...  In the PIPA-Ranking 4° Best Argenton pigeon 2019-2020, 6° Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB Grand Middle Distance, 9° Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB All-Round, … In summary, yet another extraordinary pigeon at family Demely.

An incredibly rich breeding loft

With the listed wonder birds above having been transferred to the breeding loft in the last few months the future of the colony seems secured. Combined with what was already present on the breeding loft, it is a concentration of extremely rare talent. But the true star of the colony is, and naturally remains Mister Unique (BE16-3039664) : 1° National Limoges 7.264 p. and 2° National Brive 9.278 p. Within 14 days time !! Both of these times he finished with a speed of over 1150 m/min which shows that we are dealing with an extraordinarily strong pigeon. He is also the only pigeon within the Belgian history of the pigeon sport to perform this within 2 weeks time on the Long Distance. With a record coefficient of only 0.0353 %, it should be no surprise that he became the Best Belgian Pigeon over 2 races. The honours list of this unique specimen is too long to list here in its entirety, lets just say that Mister Unique is of a calibre that can be compared to a Merckx in the cycling sport or a Messi within the world of soccer. In addition, he is proving his value once again in the incredible breeding loft of Demely because his children and grandchildren have also become familiar with winning 1st prizes…

Mister Unique ; perhaps the best pigeon of Belgium

Within that same breeding loft a certain Mister Gueret (BE17-3043826) can also be found. He too won 2 times top-5 national within harsh conditions, after earlier having achieved a 59th Nat. on an equally harsh Bourges, he achieved a 3rd National at Gueret and a 5th National Limoges. He is a half brother of Den Tulle (3x top-6 Nat.) and thus closely related to Mr. Unique, a family of born winners. The best young pigeon of 2021 is also a product of the lineages of Mister Unique and Mister Gueret. The 173/21 won 2x 1st prize over the 4 Middle Distance races he partook in and is ranked within the provincial KBDB Ace PIgeons.

Mister Gueret : star racer and breeder

The final wonder of the breeding loft that we would like to introduce is the Gilbert (BE16-3039614). This champion got 6x a victory and 2 provincial victories at Tours. Unfortunately, he was forced to move to the breeding loft earlier due to a belly wound he suffered as a yearling, yet he luckily still managed to show his worth to the colony Demely. His first descendent, Miss Fontenay incredibly won 4 times first prize over 5 Middle Distance races and became the 2nd Provincial and 11th National Ace Pigeon KBDB. By now Gilbert is the father of 4 first prize winners and further breeding has proven incredibly successful.

Gilbert : father and grandfather of the wonder birds

An abundance of references

It has become very clear that the pigeons of Liliane have no issue performing equally good on other lofts. Constantly references and thank you’s are received at Moorsele, something that has made Liliane, David and Filip quite happy. It is also the best proof that we are dealing here with a colony that is overflowing in quality and potential. There have been more than 320 victories on other lofts with Demely pigeons over the last 10 years. This includes a.o. 2x 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon, 2x 2nd National Ace Pigeon, 4x 1st National (zone), 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th National Ace Pigeon,... The most recent references are these of Frans & Gert Rondags (1° Nat. zone Chateauroux), Hessel De Kleine from the Netherlands (won 7 out of the 8 championships at his club), Joe Nemelka, USA (from breeding out of a Demely he has already won more than 150.000 dollar), Josefh Strydom from South-Africa, Frank Li from China, Team Herbots, Bram and Wim Moens (2° Nat. zone Bourges), Jochem D'Haeze, Franky Kips, Raf & Kobe Herbots, Henrik Brinkman from Germany, ...